How to Officially Become Superwoman

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At some point, you’ll have noticed that life is getting busier than ever – unless you’re just getting swept up in the tide, that is. Any woman seeking to keep all the different aspects of her day chug along nicely has her work cut out for her – every magazine and post is clamoring to offer advice on how to make life run smoothly. But the woman who both meets and surpasses her challenges is on the path to becoming a real-life super-heroine, a multi-faceted, multi-talented woman who can host a dinner party to shame a Stepford wife and still party like it’s 1999; scoop up the Employee of the Year Award and truly be liked by every colleague; enjoy down-time make-up free and be capable of presenting herself professionally and expertly whenever is necessary.

Sounds great, but what does it take to get there?

Excelling in formal social situations

Whether it’s hosting a dinner party, meeting career-changing clients, or participating in a friend’s wedding, the superwoman knows how to thrive in any formal social situation. The first part of the formula is of course confidence. Shoulders back, head up, and benevolent eye contact is the best and simplest way to go. Confidence can gloss over any number of missteps almost seamlessly — but you need to be genuinely and calmly confident, not brash, loud, or obnoxious.

How to make it genuine? Do your homework: take just a few minutes during a lunch break to read up on what various experts say in the fields of fine dining, wedding preparation, or business socials to get pointers on how to function on a higher level. Since knowledge is power, it’s going to help your confidence along, too.

Cutting Loose

Opposite the strains of a labor-intensive life, you really need to be able to laugh with the best of them to receive your official Wonder Woman credentials. After all, someone who excels in all situations but never cuts loose isn’t really a superwoman — she’s a robot. Put yourself in situations where you’re bound to have a lot of fun: find games, hobbies, party tricks that you can really enjoy and thrive doing.

Especially with hobbies, you can take them much further that might appear at first glance. For example, if you like cooking and have a sleight of hand, why not amuse yourself by learning the simple by impressive tricks you see at fancy bars and on cooking shows? Stock up on eggs to pull off something as jaw-dropping as the omelet challenge that we saw on the website of the #raiseit challenge that has taken social media by storm recently – a friendly game of online one-upmanship kickstarted by football pros Neymar Jr. and Ronaldo Nazário de Lima. And you wouldn’t be wasting your time, either – science shows that learning tricks or routines involving hand-eye coordination triggers neuron development, making demanding but more mundane activities much easier.

Professional Success

You don’t have to put the rest of your life on hold to excel in your career — you just need to make the most of the time you put in. Don’t work hard, work smart – and the key here is to automate. It will initially be time-consuming putting all the pieces in place to have tasks run themselves, but little by little, your workload will start to abate.woman-315006_960_720[1]

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Knowledge and technique only gets you halfway there, of course. The way you consistently interact with peers, superiors, subordinates, and clients will greatly impact your success at work in both the short and long-term. Learn to be fair and patient without being a pushover. Help people fix their own mistakes, but don’t shoulder the burden entirely. And start practicing everything you’ve learned.

Eating and Sleeping Right

Even if you have everything else on this list nailed, if you’re too tired to save the day, you can’t be a superwoman. Socializing, growing in your career, and having fun are almost impossible if you’re tired all the time. Make sure you figure out a nutritionally complete diet that works for your goals and stick to it — the more time you’re willing to invest in cooking for yourself, the cheaper and more delicious you can make your meals. If you have the funds at hand, it’s also a problem you can throw money at. Strike a balance you’re willing to live with.

For sleep, it’s crucial you get about eight hours of solid sleep each night. Experiment with room temperatures, blanket weights and pre-sleep routines to figure out what lets you drift off consistently and deeply. If you’re using electronic devices at night, set them up with apps designed to adjust the color of your screen as it gets late — they help your brain recognize that it’s getting later and make the right preparations for sleep.

Staying Fit

With eight hours of the day committed to sleep and another eight committed to a career, squeezing fitness into the mix can feel like a real headache. That’s why it’s important that you figure out what kind of routine works for you. Even better, overlap your exercise with other tasks; plan projects on the treadmill, jog with your friends, or do a quick exercise routine during your break to refresh your mind.

If you can’t multitask, then it’s time to go full utility: cut out the distractions, ramp up the intensity, and use those boring, efficient exercise plans. Rewarding yourself handsomely comes into play here – if you’ve spent all week running around, your post work-out afternoon should feature something you love and can look forward to. By treating yourself sparingly, but generously, you can motivate yourself far beyond what you think is possible.


 Source: Pixabay

Saving The Day?

Perhaps the single thing that sets a woman out as a true superhero among mere mortals is her ability to save the day. But take that to mean, save your day. Even comic book heroes look out for themselves from time to time – Superwoman may save a lot of people, but she doesn’t save everyone. It’s a lesson you need to keep in mind, because every day is a challenge not to run yourself ragged.

Figure out what matters, who matters, and what you can do to help the most without them being to your mental and physical detriment. Learn to say no when you have to. Help out because you want to and know how to contribute, not because you feel guilty sitting back. The woman who isn’t there for every challenge minor or major, but is always there 100% when it counts is on the path to being a superwoman to herself.
If there’s any single secret to the modern superwoman, it’s realizing that success breeds more success. The planning skills that make you excel at work will help you keep up with the rest of your life. Doing your research, sleeping right and keeping fit will give you the energy you need to tackle work, challenge hobbies, and look your best. Once you see how it all fits together, you’re well on the path to becoming an awe-inspiring figure, conquering anything and everything you set your mind to.