Bedroom Personality: 27 Wicked Bedroom Design Ideas For Alpha Women

There are a ton of bedroom ideas for alpha women. Design choices are a definition of a person’s character or temperament. For practical women, it’s a question that hardly crosses our minds. What matters is it echoes your alpha persona and makes you feel at home.

Perhaps while reading this, you will discover that you’re one of the alpha women who share a particular taste. What matters is it echoes your alpha persona and makes you feel at home. Perhaps while reading this, you will discover that you’re one of the alpha women who share a particular taste.

Many Alpha women march off in a pair of towering four-inch stilettos, striking crimson red lipstick, sharp eye makeup, and tightly pulled back hairstyle. But, not all of them have the same sense of style in interior design. Check out some of the best hand picks designs to inspire you to redo your bedroom!

Natural Materials: The Power Of Earthy Neutrals

There’s this ongoing misconception regarding the bedroom ideas for alpha women. You might think that they have a fascination over everything bold, dark, and heavy. Natural materials allow for variation in decor ideas, showcasing interesting styles. Well, their fashion sense doesn’t always resemble their interior design taste.

image source: homefashiontrend

Any woman loves to have the luxury of creating a bedroom that’s a real dream. A bedroom that attends to your needs should not shortchange with stressful surroundings. This loft with a big window on the side is exactly that, —very comfy-looking. The oak plank-wrapped wall makes the room look spacious. Modern sconces on each side stand out against the mocha-colored oak plank wall. The bed itself has both warm and cool hues together.

image source: modsy

Sometimes, the best view in the bedroom is when you look up. With its natural texture and charming characteristic, no other earthy material or shade can provide richness to any ceiling than wood. Make it exposed beams or any pattern of any ceiling panels of wood. It can be barn sideboards, stained planks, or as simple and preppy as driftwood. Knotty wood plank ceilings in medium-dark hard maple color bring warmth to cold walls.

image source: designideasguide

Who wouldn’t want something unique? A boudoir that brings out the artist in you and creates an elevated aesthetic using natural materials. What’s incredibly cool about natural materials is it’s versatile. It’s just like the mindset of most alpha women, always delighted to take on a challenge. And constantly develops new ideas to transform something old into something fresh and spirited! Even as simple as using old wood planks as a staircase.

Play with Shape! Futuristic Geometric Patterns

In any field of art, geometric design is among the most visually appealing. Shapes that often combine to form beautifully intricate patterns, is among the decor concepts that will always remain a hit! The playful shapes are all about flexibility in style and character. It can be retro, boho, and futuristic. It coordinates well with different colors, as well as two tones, such as black and white.

image source: Pinterest

If you’re a creative alpha lady who loves solid colors and geometric motifs, this look could be yours. The gray walls are all the rage these days. But in the same vein, a color scheme such as this provokes your imaginative side. Skipping the standard look over a colorful bedroom allows mastering your interior design skills using crafty, inexpensive decor. To sum it up, you can be wild at colors without being too crazy about it.

image source: digsdigs

Platinum gray walls adorned with white and darker shades of gray. Additionally, a Tuscan-inspired geometric rug with a unique shape and a few wooden furniture brings a touch of warmth. From the small lamp, the vanity mirror, to the equally unique wall art. All it takes is a good selection of items to usher a fine edge into the room. A layout similar to this bedroom, you can play with any matching decor that follows the corresponding shade.

image source: Pinterest

Whether dark and dramatic tones are your thing or you’re more about the charms of feminine colors. In all realms of design like this bedroom, it shows poise. An entire wall of perfectly arranged wood planks in odd shapes exudes modern artistry to the overall display. Natural materials and industrial accents dominate the theme, such as the lighting fixture. Feminine touches further soften the bedroom’s masculine features.


Two-tone Grays & Metallic Mash-up

Sparkling pieces fit rather well on bedroom ideas for alpha women. Gray and silver together seem hard to imagine without worrying if it even looks like a “cool type” of “out-of-the-ordinary.” Two-tone grays may sound boring, but it doesn’t. Gray is a conservative sibling of glamorous silver and platinum. It’s elegant and precise when done the right way.

image source: archiwum.allegro

An alpha woman knows the power of nonpartisanship. Hence, such an established set of attitudes displays the kind of space that allows them to serve as a relaxing haven. Just like this cloud & smoke gray combo, when combined with pieces in soft black and metallic, it looks lux! Final touches that adhere to the concept are necessary. Contemporary or modern, this color scheme, along with the proper adornments matches sassy women.

image source: 88designbox

It’s about diversifying neutrals that are presented to be bold as well. It updates from monochromatic gray to the more diversified textures that transcend the trends. The trick to this concept is playing with textures and choosing a few pieces enough to stand out. Like this room, the fur bedding set, feathered chandelier, and dusty gray wall paint help even out the overcasting vibe of any polished furniture. Even the carpet’s color is not too loud!

image source: miamidirectfurniture

The polished metallic trims from the headboard to the footboard. As well as the small nightstand, the dresser, and the mirrored nightstand. The decorative pieces are also in the tune of the color scheme, a style that exudes a perfect mix of glamour and functionality. — Perfect for the alpha women with a luxurious taste. And let’s not skip the gorgeous cobalt blue rug that stands out between the illuminated furniture for an added hint of sparkle.


Sassy But Chill Shades Of Pink

When it comes to bedroom ideas for alpha women, pink is present! Those who can’t spot a true alpha believes that these women are not hardwired to like pink. Hitting every part of the pink color spectrum is fun, and alpha women ain’t afraid to explore its gorgeous bedroom design potentials. But, check these cozy bedrooms with touches of warm pink!

image source: behance

Regardless of how opposite the neutral and pastel hues are in the spectrum, they’re relatives that can accomplish a beautiful bedroom together. Just check out this bedroom’s pink sky ceiling, rendering a dreamy slumber as it reflects down to the Aztec design carpet below. It’s feminine, but not too girly. And again, how well-coordinated the different textures and patterns are laid out. It looks luxurious!

Image source: architecturaldigest

Putting art in people’s homes has always been a plus, regardless of the color scheme. In this case, a bedroom, except it’s with art that stretches from one end of the wall to the other end. A moody peachy bright abstract with soothing watercolors just lit up the whole space. While it remains feminine, fun looking, and the kind of mural that is all grown up. It’s a great addition to other dawn-tinted shades.

image source: home-designing

As a kid, rich colors, especially pink, has always been a favorite bedroom color preference. But as an adult, putting contrasting colors can be, otherwise. However, this retro-inspired bedroom is an exemption. The teal on the pink resulted in a playful combo. It looks fun with all the shapes and patterns that go harmoniously with the rest of the decor. Not to mention, neutral hue like gray keeps everything balanced.


Go Under-Board with Full-on Gray

Okay, it’s an overused trend. And everyone eagerly jumped on the bandwagon of the stone color palette. However, regardless if it’s a complete overhaul or a quick refresh, full-on grays are definitely for creating a statement. It’s the third most versatile colors. It’s going to stick around much longer because it’s more personal, versatile, and attractive! Its neutral shade is very much playful!

image source: projetoquarto

Are you rocking a city life? You might like this offbeat, Urban-inspired bedroom. The selection of elements echoes to an alpha female’s adventurous character. The crisp, playful combo of full-on gray walls with blue undertones. What makes it edgy is the industrial-design deco infused with the warm taupey-grays and rich, saturated greens. See how the chain lantern, the carpet, and the rug adds some contrast. It gives out that inviting vibe.

image source: home-designing

Gray is in harmony with grayish-green tones, which makes it perfect for both single women and couples. The locus of this predominantly gray room is on clean lines. There’s a stripe for every style. Even a simple striped wood floor flatter a concrete wall. While gray wavers between murk and brightness. The result is a dramatic and artistic effect. This room is just a sample of a smart layout, but it needs more adornment to give it more life!

image source: designideasguide

You must be questioning what’s up with all the dark gray domination on this list. Of course, when committing on a full-on gray theme, the variation is not limited to dark grays. There are lighter shades of gray to choose from, just like this gorgeous bedroom oozing with “vacation” vibes. The design is a smart combo of textures and patterns incorporating harmoniously. The hardwood floor, the Wallpaper, the rug, and the paintings simply work!

image source: homedepot

Sure, gray is neutral. Yet, painting your walls gray or adding bold touches in a deeper dusky shade brings an intriguing moodiness, especially if paired with white or any light colors. Check this bedroom’s gorgeous accent wall! The cracked gray and white pattern is in harmony with the bedroom’s minimalistic interior. The gray headboard, gray carpet, the pillows in varying patterns, textures, and color is bursting some fun energy into the room.

Off White Is Not Going Off AT ALL

Muted whites and grays are on the cool side of the spectrum. Above all, it brings a serene feel to the aesthetics. As far as neutrals are concerned, a shift back to white happens now and then. It stays totally yay, kind-of nay because any white incorporates a wide range of combinations and styles. Moreover, the white can make any stronger colors pop while effortlessly adjusts on bold and vibrant colors.

image source: decorpad

If you’re not anywhere near a beach coast, why not create a cheery and colorful beach retreat right in your bedroom? Hues to remind you of Mykonos, Greece, or vacation villas in Florida. It’s a perfect concept that feels like a holiday boudoir. If you’re a fan of white, yet, you like textures, make it subtle by opting out the usual solid whites. Moreover, pick items that echo your imagination. Play with patterns that stand out against the bright walls.

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image source: Pinterest

Modern designs are opposition to its florid ascendants, —usually marked by a minimalistic approach. The practicality of materials and function heavily influenced aesthetics. Notice how the layout enhances the circulation of the room without looking dull? Many alpha women in the corporate world find the idea of clean lines and efficient use of space pleasing features. This bedroom presents the ideals of cutting excess without compromising the art.

image source: hearstapps

Look at this nice snuggie boudoir! Any shade of white, whether it’s off white or somewhat more illustrious. It all holds one identical hallmark. It’s serene. It’s soothing to the eyes, comfy, and you only need ample light without the bulk. You have flexibility in choosing the deco that stands out in a white background. This layout also fits small rooms with high ceilings, which works with a homemade single-bulb pendant or petite lamps.


The Romantic And Rustic Charm

The following ideas below are all about homey accents with super comfortable pieces. Rustic design is the inspiration that started the Bohemian and Vintage retro styles. That raw and rugged vibe that feels like you are in a time capsule with some modern twist. Why rustic interior design fits the Alpha women? Just like the old elements that materialize the style, it’s beautiful, it’s strong, and it signifies YOU.

image source: pinterest

When it comes to espousing a rustic interior style, it’s not only limited to the traditional country vibe like a farmhouse. The rustic design comes in various layouts with different elements. It can be coastal, tribal, modern chic, and boho. The tribal decor idea above demonstrates how easy to transform your personal space into a strongly expressive look. It evokes a specific natural ambiance. As well as embracing a creative mix of cultures.

image source: Pinterest

The absence of bright colors makes this sexy bedroom design idea for alpha women look like a man’s bedroom. It has minimalistic details with layers of dark that look sleek and stylish. Yet, masculine. Isn’t “borrowed from the boys” concept a thing nowadays? As not all women love the bright, pastel, or candy tones that are common in women’s bedrooms. Many alpha women’s styles are also rustic and slightly industrial-inspired.

image source: samranros

You can’t go wrong with this artistic approach to the rustic design. Among all the bedroom ideas for alpha women, aesthetic-wise. With a centrally built bespoke feature wall followed by the introduction of the Aztec pattern through textures found in nature. It looks energetic without being overwhelming. The overall result is so alpha with the white and blue color scheme. You don’t even need more decor on this bedroom decor idea.



Bring In The Mammoth-Sized Wild ART!

Firstly, If you’re not a fan of propping framed art on your wall or having too many decorative pieces, slapping a wicked mural on one of your walls can do the trick. It can be anything. From animated, abstract, to realistic images of nature, sky, or the Galaxy. Murals can aid the need to remodel an entire room. The burst of realistic and dreamy images is a great way to have something to get your aspirations and visualization going.

image sources: pictorem

Natural materials are versatile in styling. However, it can be too simple. Therefore, boring. If you’re a minimalist, the less busy it looks, the better. A cool option is to focus on one section of the room to use as a focal point. A mural of anything catchy is a fabulous accessory to add to any space. Regardless of the paint color, a giant art slapped on your boring, plain wall is a fun aspect. It can doll-up your bedroom without unnecessary frills.

Image source: Pinterest

Watercolor Universe murals look wild on its own. Yet, the overlapping hues of this mural art are soft, making it not overwhelming. Murals are creative boosters. It’s a considerable advantage for the creative spirits, especially the alpha women who are in the fashion enthusiasts or designers alike. The artistic wall looks great and is blended perfectly with the rosy pink bedcover and pillows.

image source: Pinterest

Alpha women are bold, goal-oriented, and fierce. Therefore, some have home decor choices that showcase those traits. The bedroom design above is painted a soothing, winter-inspired shade of white with a hint of blue. And right in the middle is an incredibly beautiful abstract face of a girl filling an entire wall. The bedroom with simple decorative items and furniture transformed into a space that you’re going to be instantly drawn to.


A Retro Throwback with A Twist!

It’s been two decades since the return of the popularity of Vintage retro fashion. Consequently, that should match the abode of the people who have such appreciation of the retro era. Bedroom ideas for alpha women who love the funky vibe! We all deserve a slumber that brings out the excitement, don’t we? How do we do that? Transform your bedroom into something easy to manage without compromising style.

image source: decorasium

Talk about retro bedroom ideas for alpha women. Let’s dive into delicate tones, shall we? Retro is fun. Yet, it tends to be extremely flashy. The style above draws in warmth, unlike the usual Retro color palette. Using pastel hues, peach, coral alike. Nothing kindergarten-kind-of-pink. Just the right amount of playful, delicate but ironically fierce pink shade. Incorporating the right pink shade into your color palette may be the acme of both.

image source: ringlogie

As dauntless and confident as Alpha females are, the muddier, and moodier, —the better! Choosing a color scheme is capable of making layers of various textures stand out. Using rich colors that promote playfulness and can lift the mood. You can pick to incorporate cold hues such as shades of gray and blue with warm hues. Like how the cream-colored hardwood floors and candy-colored furniture help the room from slipping into the cold side.

image source: redonline

The bedroom above is an all-out vintage sassy girl’s bedroom with pieces that express finesse, class, and boldness. The quirky mix of solid colors and patterns such as forest green with zebra prints. The modern-retro combo is a major 1930s throwback with unusual modern-day touches. The green art-deco mirror and the green lamp pops against the streamlined upholstered bed, neutral bedding, classic floral slipper chair.


Final Thoughts:

There are myriads of bedroom ideas for alpha women to choose from. All of which are inspired by numerous sources. Loud or low-key, understated, or dramatic, Alpha is a language that expresses rich and subtle meanings. Needless to say, there isn’t any specific ‘thing’ that identifies an alpha female. But, each alpha female has a common ground, they know what they want. Therefore, that sense of innate superiority manifests in their style.