How to Stay Warm When Camping During the Winter?

Photo by Aditya Gidh: Pexels

Before settling in a tent during the winter season, you should consider the option of using a tent stove to stay warm as well as the advantages and disadvantages of tents with a stove.

A lot of people believe that the main advantage of heating in a tent is a comfortable time with friends on a long winter night. The second advantage is that you do not need to bring extra heavy tools for tent insulation and bulky sleeping bags.

However, an experienced traveler is always characterized by practicality, so temporary heating might also have some cons related to choosing the camping and source of heat.

For example, if you intend to use wood burning stoves for tents, you should choose a campsite adjacent to the forest area in advance.

If it is difficult to find dry firewood in the forest, you might consider a gas appliance. Although the heating of the tent on solid fuel provides comfort for field housing, it requires a lot of time and effort. It is necessary to be constantly on duty near the stove, even at night, as well as to collect enough wood for heating, in which case a gas stove can help. Many models run on diesel, which is enough for the whole night.

Winter tent

Like any other equipment, a tent is selected according to two main criteria – the purpose of the tent and its volume. You would need a much more powerful heater for camping tents 8 person than for a smaller 2-person tent. Thus, the usual tourist tent which is designed for outdoor activities only in the spring and summer most likely does not have a special valve to install a heating stove. Winter tents are characterized not only by the presence of such a window, but also by the presence of a special insert made of non-combustible fabric with a hole for the chimney, and the mountaineering tent is characterized by low silhouette, so only equipment with minimal risk of carbon monoxide emissions is used.

A stove, a burner, a heater: you name it

It goes without saying that staying warm during winter camping is highly appreciated by people.

In general, a heater is selected according to power and by the type of fuel utilized for such a device.

Nowadays, there are various stoves available on the market. The most popular of them are:

  • Wood burning stoves;
  • Kerosene stoves;
  • Car fuel stoves;
  • Gas burners;
  • Electric heaters;
  • Option of heating from an external heat source.

And although all these devices are designed to heat the volume of the tent in the natural environment, safety requirements for them are very strict. Just three breaths lead to severe poisoning, loss of consciousness, and death! Don’t neglect common sense for instant comfort.

Depending on the location of the furnace, the tent can be heated internally and externally.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

External heating is the transfer of temperature from the combustion source to the tent without the addition of carbon monoxide. pass a pipe into a fire or a smoldering coal pit. This method is only gaining popularity but beats others with its simplicity, efficiency, safety, and portability.

Internal heating requires the removal of combustion products, as well as placing the furnace in a tight space.

A thin-walled steel stove is suitable for short-term winter camping.

It consists of a furnace and a chimney, the doors of the furnace must regulate the intensity of combustion, the whole structure must be airtight.

The body of the oven is very hot, on the one hand, plus, it is used as a camping stove for heating a kettle or pan. Its main disadvantage is the risk of fire. The wall of the tent near the stove should be lined with foil, while theĀ  valve at the chimney outlet should better be made of heat-resistant fabric such as fire hose.

Installation and heating of such a stove are simple. You should install sliding legs, through the valve on the roof, pass the chimney, and stack firewood.

Its key disadvantage is related to its operation. This stove might work with back smoke when laying wood and strong winds, sparks from a pipe with a strong flame. Additionally, this stove is relatively heavyweight so if you want to use it for backpacking, you should take this into account.