How to Successfully Manage Type 2 Diabetes with Natural and Safe Methods

Diabetes is one of the most crippling chronic diseases that plague our society right now. According to the American Diabetes Association, around 193,000 Americans under 20 have been positively diagnosed with diabetes up until now.

Across the globe, up to 450 million people are currently living with diabetes. These staggering figures are only expected to rise in the coming years. Many experts believe that by 2040, 642 million people will be diagnosed with diabetes.

With such alarming statistics in front of us, there is no doubt that treatment for diabetes is certainly one of the most sought after treatments. Normally, patients are given a pill (Metformin) that is meant to control their blood sugar levels. In other cases, an insulin shot is prescribed that directly regulates high sugar levels in the bloodstream.

While both the treatments are equally effective, they do come with their share of side effects. It’s worrying that most people aren’t even aware of the damage these medical treatments are doing to their bodies. Medication is certainly not the only component of healthy blood sugar levels.

Herbal medicine to manage diabetes

The Dangers of Diabetic Medication

While the research is limited, there is no doubt that the perpetual intake of Metformin is severely harmful in the long-term. Type-2 diabetes usually develops once the body stops responding to insulin. A disease that mostly hits during middle age, diabetes is far more complex than just swallowing a pill.

Insulin and incretins run the risk of causing blood sugar levels to drop dramatically. This is one reason why patients are advised to consume a meal immediately after the shot. A condition known as Hypoderma can occur that can lead to fainting and disorientation in patients.

It affects every single organ and muscle of the sufferer. For a diabetic, consuming even a single meal can drastically throw off blood sugar levels. It messes up the internal balance that digests their food and ultimately keeps them alive. This is why the intake of medicine or insulin is necessary.

However, contrary to popular belief, that is not the sole solution to the successful management of diabetes. This disease requires one to regulate and become mindful of their entire lifestyle. Eating healthy, sticking to safe and natural treatments, and incorporating lots of physical activity is how one can manage diabetes successfully.

There are numerous toxins that are immediately released in the body once Metformin starts working. These can lead to weight gain, itchy skin, diarrhea, and complications in the kidney. Although the side effects are believed to be mild, they can be debilitating in the long-term.

What the Experts Have to Say

According to John Crouse M.D, the diet of a diabetes patient is nothing less than a total lifestyle change. Diabetes isn’t something that can be curbed with routine medication. It requires mindful choices and healthy eating.

Dr. Rita Kalyani, another diabetes expert, claims that type-2 diabetes can be successfully warded off with weight loss alone. Since heart health is one of the most important factors ensuring that diabetes stays under control, maintaining a healthy weight can quickly achieve that. She also advises her patients to stick to a healthy diet and do lots of exercises.

According to the International Journal of PharmTech Research, herbal medicine, along with a healthy lifestyle is one of the safest ways to treat diabetes. Natural therapeutic treatments like plants and herbs have a tendency to bring down blood sugar levels significantly.

Alternative Medicine – The Newest Insight on Diabetes

Diabetes can be easily managed with holistic lifestyle changes. Even when medications curb high blood sugar levels, they can take a toll on the patient’s body in other life-changing ways. This is why more and more people are seeking natural and more holistic treatments to manage their diabetes.

The Power of Nature

It’s incredible how the treatment we often seek in medicines is readily present in healthy, wholesome foods given to us by nature. There are many fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that can help the patient regulate their blood sugar without the need for a pill.

Natural foods are much safer and have zero side effects on the human body. They are a type of integrative holistic medicine that not only targets diabetes but also improves the overall quality of life. Natural methods can significantly empower patients to take control of their health and choose their treatment consciously.

1.      Bitter Foods

Bitter foods like bitter melon have shown surprising effects in bringing down blood sugar. The fruit contains powerful anti-diabetic compounds that are believed to have a blood-glucose lowering effect – quite similar to how insulin reacts in the body. It’s natural bitterness and acidity can do wonders to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

2.      Turmeric

When it comes to suppressing diabetic symptoms, nothing can beat the queen of all spices – turmeric. It consists of an anti-inflammatory compound known as curcumin that has a powerful effect on our bodies’ beta cells. By protecting these cells, it protects the hormone Amylin, which is primarily responsible for bringing down blood sugar levels.

3.      Indian Gooseberry

Many clinical studies prove Indian gooseberry to possess powerful anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant properties. It can reduce hyperglycemia and destroy the free radicals in the body that may be worsening diabetic symptoms.

4.      Picrorhiza Kurroa

Also known as Kutki – a perennial herb and a liver tonic – it has amazing compounds that suppress hyperglycemia. When consumed in adequate amounts, it cleanses the gut and improves pancreatic health.

The Verdict

There is plenty of evidence that proves the healing and anti-diabetic effects of natural herbs, plants, and foods. While only a few are mentioned above, many more herbs and plants, if taken together, can do wonders to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Pro is one supplement that is extremely safe and natural to consume. Comprising a host of natural herbs, plants, and bitter melon extract, it has proven to speed up metabolic rates, control weight gain, and improve pancreatic health.

It helps increase metabolic rate and curb sweet cravings in the body. Anyone who is looking to ditch conventional treatments will find this to be nothing short of miraculous. In the current heat of events, where medications can cause organ-damaging effects, revisiting natural therapies and herbal treatments is the best solution.