How to Recover from a Breakup Quickly

After a bad breakup, you might feel hopeless and down on yourself. You might find yourself no longer interested in things you used to enjoy, and you might even be drifting away from your friends. Breakups are painful, but the hurt doesn’t have to last forever.

If you’ve recently experienced a bad heartbreak, you can’t expect to feel better if you wallow in pity. Sometimes it’s best to move on quickly and here are the ways how.

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Embrace Grief

If you don’t allow yourself to accept the end of your relationship, you’ll struggle to move on in a positive way. Ignoring the pain won’t make it go away. Rather, come to terms with it and recognize it for what it is. It’s okay to feel sad and to miss your ex.

If you need to cry, you can cry. If you want to spend the weekend watching sappy movies, you can do that too. The sooner you allow yourself to feel the full extent of your grief, the sooner you can move on from a breakup.

Distance Yourself from your Ex

It’s normal to want to check up on your ex after a breakup. How else will you know if they’ve moved on? According to Ex Back Permanently, however, trying to contact your ex isn’t a good approach. You need to avoid all communication if possible.

Relationship experts recommend you stop all contact with your ex after a breakup to help distance yourself from feelings of loss. This includes staying away from their social media profiles where it can be especially tempting to see how your ex is doing. The best way to move forward is to stop looking backwards.

Be Honest About the Breakup

After a breakup, it’s easy to think back on all the best parts of the relationship. This can leave you feeling worse, like you lost something irreplaceable. Take a long, hard look at the reality of your relationship. Odds are, you broke up for a reason. You might have loved your ex, but you were ultimately incompatible. This is completely okay, and it doesn’t mean you won’t have any luck finding a better match in the future.

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Try New Things

The fastest way to get your mind off a bad breakup is to try new things. Maybe it’s time you took that vacation you’ve been planning with your friend for years. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a class at the art college downtown. Whatever it is you want to try, just be sure you’re giving it your all.


Surround yourself with friends and family and encourage them to try new things with you. Before you know it, you’ll be back to normal. You might even feel ready to try dating again after some much-needed personal time!

Don’t Live in the Past

The most important thing after a breakup is that you don’t dwell on the past. If you get sucked into the mindset of what could have been, you’ll forget to look towards the future. It’s easy to get lost thinking about whether or not you would still be together if you hadn’t said  or done the wrong thing. This kind of thinking is unhealthy, and it won’t help you move on from your relationship.


Remind yourself that the breakup happened for a reason. It might not seem positive now, but you will have plenty of chances in the future to build a new relationship with a new perspective and understanding.

Recovering From a Breakup

Breakups can be challenging. It’s easy to fall into negative mindsets and self-pity. You committed so much to one person only to have it fail. Just because this partner didn’t work out doesn’t mean the next one won’t! Focus on yourself and the rest will fall into place!