Ideas for Passionate Travellers to Save and Have a Honeymoon For a Lifetime

While planning a wedding too many things drive the attention of the couples. From buying an engagement ring to the post-wedding getaway, every couple dream to make the best out of each moment and occasion. A honeymoon is the best idea to spend quality time and strengthen the bond two people hold for each other.

For passionate travellers, honeymoon getaways hold special meaning. Just imagine exploring the beauty of the world holding the beloved hands. Well, this is undoubtedly a very special and meaningful idea every traveller would love to keep. As going on a honeymoon to the selective destination is a matter of affordability and pre-planning, newlywed couples can opt for an affordable options while planning the wedding and save huge amount of money.

10 Saving Hacks for Newlywed Couples for a great Honeymoon Experience

  1. It is no strange for couples to buy an exquisite engagement ring and surprise the partner but ditching the traditional diamond ring, engagement ring made of moissanite is the latest trend and the best apt choice for saving money.
  2. A destination wedding i.e. choosing place outside the country is surely a brilliant idea but instead of choosing a lavish place, couples can choose a more entertaining means of making their wedding a memorable one. This way you can save big money for your honeymoon budget.
  3. Planning honeymoon destination prior and making bookings can save huge money. A pre-planned trip is more convenient and affordable both.
  4. Trust the people words. Yes, it is very necessary for couples to share their plans with family and friends and ask for their recommendations. The more you spread the plans people with the similar experience will offer their opinions and it will help the couples in making no mistakes.
  5. Take help from the travel agents. Yes, agents do cater your needs and help you in finding a place that fits your budget and choice both. Their planning and advice is a great means of saving in your planned trip.
  6. One way to have a budgeted honeymoon is to choose place with weak currencies. Currency calculating gives you immense chance to save on hotels, sight-scenes, foods and shopping. Also, adventure sports are very reasonable at places where currency is weak.
  7. Checking on calendar and avoiding the festival and holiday season for honeymoon is a better affordable option. During National festivals and holidays i.e. during peak holiday season the travel package raises and couples would have to pay more. But if they choose off-season hotels and other entertaining options will be available on low-cost and they may get the best out of it.
  8. Make yourself aware of any hidden costs like traveling to and fro from the airport or the conveyance to reach the hotel and other small miscellaneous expenses that can fall heavy on budget.
  9. Always share with the people that you are on a HONEYMOON. The reason is so obvious you may have the chance to win complimentary champagne or breakfast gift and this way you will enjoy an affordable honeymoon.
  10. A wise shopping can help you in saving lots of money. Many times couples out of excitement make unnecessary shopping for their honeymoon and waste huge amount of money. Remember you are on honeymoon to strengthen the bond between two hearts. Carrying too much luggage and items have no meaning.

Who does not want to have a special and beautiful honeymoon and these saving tips are the best options to make it more budgeted and affordable for both.

Honeymoon Destination Ideas for Passionate Travellers who Love Adventure

Now as we are done with the saving tips having a glance on few destinations where affordable honeymoon can be enjoyed to the extreme is a must.

Every couple is different and their choice of honeymoon destination is going to vary a lot. While maximum couples love to enjoy the beach sides and the romantic nights on the beach adventure lover’s dream to go on a hard and right and tough honeymoon planning. When lying on the beach is not your cup of tea and you want to indulge in a honeymoon planning full of adventures and exploration, then surely you need a little guide on the top destinations that can fulfil the demands of perfect honeymoon getaway and incredible adventure too.

The archipelago of Galapagos is a brilliant adventure destination for honeymoon couples. Experience a good quality time on a cruise while having fun with kayaks, scuba diving, wildlife watching like sea lions and tipped sharks.

Mozambique can be on your travel radar if paragliding, hiking, snorkelling, surfing are a few of the adventures that you want to have as a couple. From wildlife encounters to water animals experience the best of the Mother Nature Gifts at this place.

Tanzania, Borneo, Costa Rica, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka are the few top destinations that offer natural beauty and adventure for the couples to indulge and make their honeymoon for a lifetime.

Travelling is the bliss of life and with the life partner every travelling moments feel like heaven. So wise is the fact that couples should look for affordable options and make their honeymoon most beautiful.

For an extra-ordinary honeymoon planning, couples have to be very alert and plan everything wisely. From doing shopping of wedding dress or jewellery or other items to making guest list and wedding venue all needs to be planned little wisely. For wedding dress one may look for online options and local stores both and then make purchases. Similarly for the jewellery looking for local Jewellers in Sydney gives them the chance to explore and then make the final decision.