Important Things You Need To Know About Grinders

If you are really a big vaping fan then you most likely have had to use a grinder at some point to give you a more wholesome vaping experience. This is especially true if you are into dry herb vaping.

According to Loto Labs, “…a grinder is an important part of your vaping kit if you intend on enjoying dry herbs like tobacco or medical marijuana…”

The typical grinder is designed to be convenient and easy to use. They are portable which means you can easily carry one around and use it whenever and wherever you’d like to. But the importance of a grinder goes far beyond the amount of convenience it provides you. It actually also helps to boost the quality of your vaping experience.

Because grinders are in such a high demand these days, several varieties have hit the market and some of them come with some interesting features. If you don’t already own a grinder, let’s take a quick look at why having one is essential for a dry herb vaping enthusiast.

Importance of owning a Grinder

When you own a grinder, you can use it to smoothen out your dry herbs and thus create a larger surface area. Such grinded up herbs will be much more effectively heated up by the heating process of your vaping device. This leads to you getting a stronger vapour and a much more satisfying draw when you inhale from your dry herb vaporizer.

A standard good quality grinder will make it possible for you to easily maximize the consumption of your dry herbs even when the dry herbs are consumed in small quantities. With only a few draws, finely ground up herbs will help you smoothly attain the pleasure you seek.

Because ground dry herbs are more potent even in small quantities, it greatly reduces how much you need to spend on purchasing more product. Expect to enjoy spending less on the amount of dry herbs you consume in a month as well as how many batteries your run through. You also get to spend less time on vaping sessions to hit your desired pleasure.

Importance of Grinder Teeth

When purchasing a grinder, what you need to focus on are its design specifications. Factors such as its brand and price aren’t quite as important. A grinder with the perfect set of teeth is very key and something you need to keep an eye out for when buying your grinder.

Unlike the human mouth, it’s the more the merrier when it comes to grinder teeth because it can deliver the best finished product for your vaping experience. Regular sized grinders often come with about 50 teeth, but there are others on the market that come with a less number of teeth.

Shape of the grinder’s teeth is also important and you can find it in three distinct shapes – diamond shape, blade shape, and shark shape. The common consensus is that the diamond shaped teeth grinders made from the aluminium offer the best grind.

Grinder Material types you can pick from

The material used to design a grinder is very important as it influences the grinder’s effectiveness as well as its durability. Grinder material types that are easily accessible include;

  • Acrylic

This is a good and cost effective option. Although they are easily affordable, they have the downside of not being very durable.

  • Metal

Typical metal grinders are made from aluminium. They are safe, effective and very durable.

  • Wood

Wood grinders are gorgeous, come at a good price, and are effective. But some are painted with dangerous chemicals that might taint your herb, so choose carefully.