62 Gorgeous Lavender Hair Ideas for Modern Women

They say that the hair is a woman’s glory. And it does make a lot of sense. From centuries ago until now, and likely towards the future, hairstyle was, is, and will always be a huge concern. Every year, hairstylists showcase new haircuts that are the trend of the season. As the world becomes modernized, different hair colors are fashionably modeled by celebrities and popular individuals. You can see women donning on brightly red hair, blue shade, golden hue, and other shocking hair colors. And one of the most popular and celebrated hair color is lavender.

lavender hair

Why choose lavender hair color?

wavy lavender hair

The time for brunettes and blondes has faded, and there is a new player in town. Lavender colored hair is a rapidly growing craze that plagues women of all ages. Though lavender shade was popular in the 90s, the new generation takes lavender shade by storm and perfected the lavender colored hair design.

Two toned lavender hair

Though lavender is a strong shade, it represents serenity, calmness, devotion, and grace. This shade is also associated with royalty, wealth, passion, and spirituality. Though lavender colored-hair oozes a badass look and believed to be a rebellious and shocking hair color, the foundation of this shade originates from anything but.

curly lavender hair

Sporting the lavender shaded-mane signifies your confidence in yourself, the sureness of your character, and your advocacy to be strong. Opinionated and willful women often don the lavender color to make a statement about their unwavering beliefs. Women in power also patronize this hair color due to what the shade represents.

lavender hair highlights

There are so many unfounded beliefs regarding the lavender hue, but one fact remains. The lavender hair color is only sported by women and men, who are not timid. This hue is only worn by those who have strong personalities and values. Those people who hold their chin high and can look anybody in the eyes without faltering.

lightly colored lavender hair

And if you believe that you are a woman of taste and high self-esteem, try out the lavender color for your crown of glory. Make a statement, and stand your ground in this sometimes unfair world.

very light lavender hair and highlights

How to dye your hair with lavender color

slightly wavy lavender hair

A lavender colored-locks is absolutely gorgeous, and many women, as well as men love this shade. But if you’re like others who are afraid to dye their hair, then you can benefit from a little push. You just need to remember that nothing great can come without taking a risk. Mostly, the fear of DIY coloring hair with lavender stems from the fact that people does not have background with hair dyeing process.  And that is what we will remedy in this post. A simple, matter of fact, and practical method of dyeing hair with lavender is what you will learn here.

slightly dark lavender hair

  • Choose the lavender hue or lavender color combo that you want.

highlighted lavender hair

  • Do not complicate things. Purchase a ready-made lavender color dye product that is complete with instructions on what to do.

light and shiny lavender hair

  • Prepare your dyeing materials:


  • Lavender dye formula
  • Cape or towel
  • Comb
  • Mixing bowl
  • Large brush
  • Bleach (optional)
  • Plastic gloves

subtle lavendair hair

  • You need to take note that you may need to bleach your hair in order to achieve the perfect lavender color. This is especially true if you are aiming for a light lavender shade.

long and thick lavender hair

  • Once your hair is bleached or ready for the dyeing process, read the instructions properly and prepare your lavender dye.

big waves lavender hair

  • Apply the dye formulation evenly to your hair, and it is best to do that by using your gloved hands.

very messy lavender hair

  • Use a brush to cover all your hair with the lavender dye.

straight and curly lavender hair

  • After 30 minutes or as instructed, wash your hair with running water. And then complete the washing by rinsing your newly dyed hair with cold water.

shoulder-length lavender hair

  • Dry your hair with a towel or blow dryer, and then you’re done.

short lavender hair

You see? Coloring your own hair with lavender is not a hard task. You just need to believe in yourself and know how to follow instructions to the letter.

bright and light lavender hair

Relationship between lavender hair color and purple hair color

short lavender hair with highlights

The lavender color is often interchangeably denoted as the purple color. The fact is, the lavender and purple colors looks the same due to the blending of red and blue colors. But, despite their obvious similarity, there is a thin line that separates the two shades. The lavender shade has a richer hue of blue. And purple color is more diverse, since it can be dominated by either blue or red hue. To make things simple to understand, lavender is a slightly lighter shade of purple. And in a general sense, the naked eye can barely differentiate the two colors from each other.

curly and long lavender hair

Lavender hair color ideas

very thick lavender hair

There are so many hair combo ideas using lavender color, and we have gathered two styles. Try one or all at some point and see which one works best for you.

very long lavender hair

  • Go ombre. Dye your hair roots up to the middle with gray, and color the rest with lavender. You can also shade the tips with bright lilac for a more feminine and outgoing appearance.

braided lavender hair

  • Dusted effect. Try the fading lavender color down to the ends of your hair. Blend in copper highlights to achieve a dusted look.

light and long lavender hair

  • Pixie lavender. If pixie hairstyle is your thing, then opt for a bright lavender color. Maintain the vibrant shade by mixing dark purple shade with your shampoo.

highlighted lavender hair

  • Vintage style. A retro style can be achieved by using two-toned shades for your hair. Create a perfect blend of lavender and violet and set up some subtle curls.

darker tone lavender hair

  • Lavender highlights. Sport a highlighted hair with lavender. Depending on your taste and preference, mix lavender color with the following hues:
  • Lavender pastel and muted tones
  • Purple electric color
  • Bright purple shade

long and twisted lavender hair

Tips for dyeing your hair with lavender

long and light lavender hair

As a beginner in the hair dyeing world, you can surely use some tips on the process.

curly and long lavender hair

Dye brand

ombre lavender hair

There are dozens of lavender dye brand in the market, and it is crucial to choose one that is highly trusted by hairstylists. Remember that coloring your hair poses some threats to the health of your hair. And so you need to use a product that takes care of the quality of your hair.

long and half-curly lavender hair

DIY or hair salon

It is commendable if you can dye your hair on your own. But if you know within yourself that you will probably mess it up, then don’t do it. Visit a hair salon and seek the help of a professional hairstylist to color your hair with lavender. Don’t force yourself, since that only make things ugly.

Combine color with hairstyle

Don’t just go for a lavender shade of hair. Match your fresh hair color with a chic haircut to complement your chosen shade. Look for a hairstyle you like best, or ask a trained eye to suggest what hairstyle is best for your facial features and personality. Hairstylists are well-trained to find the best look for their clients.

How to take care of lavender hair

Your lavender hair needs extra care, compared to natural hair. Knowing how to maintain the lushness and beauty of your hairstyle is very important. Remember that you went through a lot in dyeing your hair, and so you need to make the temporary color last. Besides, taking care of your lavender colored-locks can save you a couple of bucks in hair maintenance. Let us check out a couple of ways to care for your dyed hair.

No daily washing

You may be used to daily washing of your hair, but that is something that you need to sacrifice to preserve your hair color. Wash your lavender shaded-mane every other day at the most. But the recommended timeframe is only twice a week.

Sun protection

The UV rays sun of the sun can cause hair damage to natural hair, and it causes more trouble for lavender-dyed mane of hair. When you go out under the sun, always cover your head with a dark umbrella or wear a hat that covers your hair. You can also apply sunblock hair products, but keep your shade all the time.

UV protection hair products

Buy shampoo and conditioner that includes UV protection. Even if you avoid the sun, you still need to go out every day, and so you can get exposed to the UV light. Protect your hair by using UV protection shampoo and conditioner, ad use them every time you have a hair washing schedule.

Pool cap

Under no circumstances should you dive in the pool with your lavender colored-hair. There is no faster way to damage your dyed hair than dipping into a pool filled with chlorine and other substances. If you cannot help yourself and you really want to swim in the pool, wear a pool cap. Same thing goes for swimming in the sea. Protect your hair with a swimming cap so your hair stays lush and gorgeous.

Minimize hot styling

Hot styling is a typical activity that you are used to doing. But, with a lavender dyed hair, minimize using hot styling tools. Better yet, consider stop using this kind of tool while you sport your lavender shade. Hot styling your hair can lead to hastily fading color, and that is a colossal mess. It can also ruin your dyed hair, so avoid it as much as you can.

Organic hair oil

Ask your hairstylist for the best hair oil compatible with lavender shade. Choose a product that is organic and natural so your locks are properly protected from the environmental hazards like dirt, air particles, and pollution. Remember that exposing your hair to outside pollutants can damage your hair and cause your locks to feel and look dry.

Touch up

In a week or two, your hair grows a bit. And though it is sometimes good to show your natural roots, it is still better to head to the hair salon and do a touch up. By covering your roots with the same lavender hue, you can maintain the beautiful quality of your hair.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let us address a couple of questions that many lavender hair enthusiasts are asking about.

How many times can I wash my lavender hair?

Any hairstylist will tell you never to wash your lavender colored hair daily, because that makes the shade fade faster. And you absolutely don’t want that to happen. It is ideal to wash your hair at two or three times a week only, but you can always wash your body whenever you like.

Is it true that lavender color can damage my hair?

You need to have a healthy hair before you can apply the lavender hue. This is true not only for lavender, but for other hair colors. If your hair is on the brink of ruin, then it is best to get treatment first prior to the lavender color transition.

Do I really need to bleach my hair before dyeing lavender?

Yes and no. You would need to bleach your hair if you want perfection in your lavender shade. This is especially true with a dark hair. But, if you want to skip the bleaching process, that is a choice you can make. You need to change the lavender hue and use your natural color to complement your look. And this is better done in a hair salon, since you need expert opinion on the blending of colors.

What can lavender oil do for my hair?

Applying lavender oil to your dyed hair can help your locks stay healthy and strong. It is no secret that bleaching and coloring your hair can cause damage to your crown of glory, but you can avoid it through essential oils. And since you have a lavender colored hair, it only follows that lavender oil is best for you.

Does purple shampoo and conditioner really work?

The purple shampoo contains substances that help in retaining the lavender color of your hair. It works by toning your locks, and of course cleaning your head without causing damage to your hair. And after the toning process, the purple conditioner is ideal for application. The reason is to nourish your lavender locks, as well as aid in the preservation of your lavender shade.

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Lavender hair color ideas


It is time to get out of your comfort zone and be bold with your hair color choice. Opt for a lovely and daring lavender shade and start seeing the world in a more positive view. Remember that your hair can speak volumes of who you truly are inside.