93 Short Layered Hairstyle ideas to Transform Your Look

When a long-haired girl walks into a salon and leaves with short layered hair, typical thoughts of onlookers is heartbreak. Well, sometimes that is actually true. Breakup, divorce, rejection, and betrayal usually brings a girl to a hairstylist to change her image for the better. We’ve all been there, and we also know that is not always the case. Most of the time, we simply need a boost of confidence and gorgeous short hair is the best option to look more beautiful.


Indeed, layered hair that is short is a popular trend among celebrities and public figures. We all have our idols, and we normally mimic their hairstyle. But we don’t have to wait for our favorite star to cut their hair before we do so. Any female on this earth deserves to look absolutely stunning. And the surefire way to do it is to have a short layered hair.

messy short layered hairWhat is short layered hair?

There are hundreds of hairstyles that you can choose from, but layered haircut for your short hair is the perfect way to go. Layering your hair gives an illusion that you have high volume in your locks.

A layered hair is achieved by cutting the hair closer to the crown shorter than the layers underneath. This process makes it possible for the top layers to create a perfect blend with the bottom layers, making your hair look voluminous.

very short layered hair

Techniques to cut short layered hair

blonde short layered hair

Technically, the process of layering hair is to pull portions of hair perpendicularly through your head and cut straight. There are two techniques to achieve a layered cut, and they are sliding haircut and blended elevation. With the help of a huge mirror, you can definitely succeed in making the cuts yourself.

wavy short layered hair

Sliding haircut

highlighted short layered hair

Create four sections of your short hair, and start cutting the back area in an angle of 20 degrees. Use the transition line at the top of your ear to cut through the hair at the front sections. This process makes it possible to cause soft ends on your layers, and creates a one-length appearance. The sliding haircut is perfect for medium hair with wavy textures.

black short layered hair

Blended elevation

dark roots short layered hair

The bob section or top portion of the hair is shortened at 90 degrees. And then using the length bob hair section, measure around 180 degrees and cut the side sections. Once done, move on to the nape and occipital sections and cut the hair at 90 degrees.

The blended elevation technique is all about creating layers of hair that blends well together from the top to the bottom sections. It is perfect for straight and a bit wavy hair, but this layering style is not good for curly or wavy hair.

Face shapes for short layered hair

If you are finally tired of your long traditional hair, then it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Set an appointment with your favorite hair salon for a hair make-over. But before you go, examine the shape of your face first and figure out the best hairstyle for your face.

dark short layered hair

Remember that the hairstyle that looks absolutely heavenly on a famous celebrity may not look good on you. And that is mainly because you have different face shapes.

blonde short layered hair

  • Heart shape – a pixie haircut is perfect for you if you have a heart shape face. The layers add volume to your hair, but refrain from creating extensive volume at the top layer. Pixie hair is also great for square and oval shaped faces.

  • Oval shape – the best part about the oval face is it’s perfect for any style of layered short locks. So you are very lucky since you can choose any hairstyle with layers, and you will look absolutely beautiful.

  • Square shape – your square face can use a little softening up with a bob layered hair with bangs. This haircut will make your face a bit rounder. This short hairstyle is especially great if you have straight hair. It also works with curly mane, but with extra care and maintenance.

  • Long shape – treat yourself to a short, layered, and shaggy lob if you have a long face shape. This coiffure creates a rounder look of your face, plus the layers add significant volume to your locks.

  • Round shape – your round face will look a bit longer with a layered and angle bob haircut. Throw in a side-swept bangs as well to make your appearance more gorgeous.

light short layered hair

It is vital to cut your hair in layer style in accordance to the shape of your face. Because no matter how expensive your makeover is, the new hairstyle doesn’t look best if it contradicts your face shape.

black and wavy short layered hair

Of course, you can always ask a recommendation from your hairstylist. It is their job to know what kind of short hair with layers complements your face. So it serves you best to listen to the expert. But do your research as well, so you can make an informative decision. After all, you are the one wearing your new hairstyle every second of the day.

twisted short layered hair

Styling tips for short layered hair

side bangs short layered hair

Hairstylists always give solicited or unsolicited advice to their clients after a haircut. And for your new short layers, you can definitely use these styling tips:

bangs with short layered hair

  • Do not let your fringe to air-dry, since that could lead to uncontrolled strand moving in all direction. Instead, use a blow dryer set on low, and train your bangs to your preferred direction.

  • Refrain from using a curling iron for your bangs to avoid super tight curls that are not good to look at. Use a flat iron instead to create a soft, whimsical waves. But of course you can use curling iron if you want curly ends to your short locks.

  • With a bob haircut, do not use a rectangular brush, but choose a rounded brush instead. The latter brings shiny strands on your layers, and boosts the voluminous look.

  • If you want to get rid of rebellious hair strands, apply a drop of organic and all-natural essential hair oil. Avoid using harsh styling products, and use oil to give your hair a natural look and feel.

very short layered hair

  • Your pixie hairstyle can use extra prominence by applying a bit of hair wax. Toss your hair a bit and you look chic and fashionable.

dark blonde short layered hair

  • In managing your lob, create a side-swept style to avoid making your face look longer.

How to enhance short layered hair?

Short hair looks good on you, especially since you added layers to your style. But you can still do better, by adding a few tricks:

  • Hair color – add color to your hair to make it more gorgeous. Plus, it would be a complete makeover if you change your natural hair color.

  • Hair highlights – short layers are so much fun with highlights. Your hair simply shines with vibrant aura with carefully-placed highlights.

  • Hair accessories – bring out a more feminine you by wearing hair accessories. You can choose to use a headband, hair clip, hair pin, or even flowery hair accessories to enhance your charming short hair look.

Choosing the right hair color for short layered hair

Cutting your hair short and adding layers is already a huge decision that can often be scary. And the thought of changing your natural born hair color can add to your fear, naturally. But, if it’s change that you’re after, you have got to get out of your shell and explore new exciting options.

Choose a hair color that you have always dreamed of having but never had the guts to pursue. This is the time to start making your desires come true, so go for it.

You can also advice from your reliable hairstylist on what color suits you best. Of course, you can opt for the most shocking color and your hairstylist will still apply if for you. But try not to disregard the expert opinion of a professional.

wavy short layered hair

You also need to know that applying new color to your hair could mean that you need to bleach your hair first. Decide if this is something that you want push forward with. Don’t worry, no one can sincerely judge you if you back out.

curly ends short layered hair

To avoid any regrets, do your research about hair colors. Learn about the process and know your options. Gather as much information as you can, and decide from there.

Benefits of short layered hair

brunette short layered hair

Cutting your short with layers is not only practical, but it also makes you look and feel more beautiful. Let us look at a couple benefits of sporting a short layered hair.

longer short layered hair

Shampoo and conditioner savings

blue highlighted short layered hair

You can definitely save a large amount of shampoo and conditioner, since you need a small quantity only to wash your hair. That is definitely the primary and most basic benefit of having short hair.

blonde very short layered hair

Less amount of hair color formulation needed

black short layered hair

If you decide to apply color to your locks, you can save some dollars in the hair salon since shorter hair has lesser fee compared to long hair.

messy short layered hair

Get away without a comb

curly black short layered hair

When you have short locks, you can get away with not using a comb. Sometimes in the outdoors the wind blows your hair away, and you can simply brush your layered locks with your hand, and you’re good to go.

blonde and curly short layered hair

More volume

highlighted and very short layered hair

Your short hair can gain volume by layering. Even if you have thin hair, your locks can appear to have volume, unlike long hair that is difficult to maneuver to look full.

wispy bangs with short layered hair


Your short layers can definitely be styled in various ways. The possibilities are endless, and you can have so much fun with your layered crown of glory.

bangs with short layered hair

Tips for caring for your short layered hair

longer short layered hair

Short hair requires less maintenance, but that does not mean you should care less. Let us explore some important tips on how to take care of your short layered locks.

side bangs and short layered hair

Yes to fingers, less to comb

shoulder length short layered hair

Your short hair can use brushing up, but not with your comb. Use your fingers to smooth down you locks, because doing so creates natural volume boost for your mane. A comb can slightly dampen the voluminous look, though of course at least one a day you should comb your short hair properly.

head-framing short layered hairAlso See: 116 Gorgeous Wispy Bangs Perfect For Any Hairstyle

Use a bristle brush

If you are aiming for a smooth finish for your short locks, use a bristle brush to create a sleek and tamed hair. You can start by blow drying your hair, and use the bristle brush while put your layers in place.

light blonde short blonde hair

Lessen usage of heated tools

The heated curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer can eventually damage your hair in prolonged use. Try to avoid their use in a daily basis. Limit your usage to once a week, even twice a week if you can help it. This is especially vital if you have colors applied to your layers.

Utilize cotton balls

When you had a beautiful dream and woke up with a nightmare due to fly away strands, don’t panic. There is a trick that you can use to get rid of stubborn fly away ends. If you are not allowed to wash your hair yet due to hair color, use cotton balls. Simply damp the cotton balls and gently dab the wet moisture to your fly away strands. This sneaky trick eliminates the use of flattening iron, and it works all the time.

blonde-ish short layered hair

All naturals hair product

straight short layered hair

I choosing the best hair products in the market, choose items that have all natural ingredients. It is imperative that you stay with organic products for your short layered hair, particularly if you applied hair dye. Using chemically induced hair products can cause unnecessary damage to your locks, so avoid them.

wavy short layered hair

Exfoliating scalp treatment

Caring for your short name is not enough. You also need to care for you scalp. That is because leaving your scalp to deal with dirt and particles from the air can jeopardize hair growth. If your scalp is dry, your hair will eventually follow, and your short locks will look awful. Invest in an exfoliating scalp treatment in order to create balance in your head, literally.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

blonde short layered hair

Here are some questions that many ladies want answers for regarding short layered hair.

side bangs short layered hair

What is the difference between razor cut and scissor cut?

Hairstylist prefer different methods of layering, and they use either a razor or a scissor, though many can utilize both when needed. A razor cut layer provides a more free appearance of your short locks. While the scissor cut layer offers a smoother finish.

curly ends short layered hair

Is thin hair better with short layers?

The answer is a big fat “yes” . Your thin layers does not look on you with long hair. This is because your head looks flat, regardless if you have straight, curly, or wavy hair. But with short locks, you can add layers to your hairstyle and those layers can add significant volume to your hair.

How often should I trim my short layered hair?

Visit your hairstylist at least every three week to get a trim. You need to understand that the human hair grows every month by half an inch. And so to maintain the lushness of your short locks, get a trim every three weeks. Or you can wait up to six weeks, depending on your hair growth.

Do I need to wash my short locks every day?

Absolutely yes. In fact, short hair requires more washing compared to their long hair counterparts. It is because short hair acquires grease often, and they are more prone to getting dirty. Wash your hair at least once a day, but only if you have natural hair color.

But if you had hair color treatment, then you must not wash daily. Ask your hairstylist for the recommended washing frequency. Typically, you should wash at least twice a week, but not more than three times to maintain short, colored, and layered locks.

Is dry shampoo good to use?

An all-organic dry shampoo is certainly what you need to keep your short lock well-maintained in between water washing. Using this type of product removes unwanted grease form your hair, and boosts the texture and volume of your layered locks.

What can cold water do for my short hair with layers?

Cold water can add extra shine to your short layers. After washing, rinse off your hair again using cold water. This process helps treat the damage from heat, and as a result cold rinsing gives a boost of shine to your locks.

If you don’t wish to shiver in cold, you can bend down and let the cold water touch your head only. Plus, you don’t have to spend minutes in this procedure. Even as short as five seconds of cold rinsing will go a long way.

Is short hair good for all ages?

No matter what age you are, short layered locks is definitely good for you. Just make sure that you consider your face shape when you choose your hairstyle.

Is DIY cutting better than a hair salon?

There is no rule that says you cannot cut your own hair. Of course you can, as long as you know exactly what you’re doing.

But if you want a professional haircut, you should visit a hairstylist to get a haircut. Either way, you must make a definite decision that is good.


Choosing to have a short layered hair is a choice hat you need to do wholeheartedly. There should be no regrets in the near future, since growing your hair again can take months to accomplish. Think about your decision a million times before you take the plunge, though sometimes you just need to get out there and do it.

Whatever you decide upon, it is best to consult a professional hairstylist regarding your hairstyle. Remember that many factors come into play with a short layered haircut, including the shape of your face. Most importantly, you should make this huge change because you want to. It must be your choice, and you live with it.