150+ Queen Bey Inspired Lemonade Braids For All Age Grades

Once upon a time, lemonade braids were referred to as side braids. The name was changed recently but this just made them more popular than ever.

You are probably wondering why a hairstyle is named after a drink, lemonade. There are probably several reasons for this. One that strikes the mind first is the association of these braids with the music and fashion icon, Beyonce.

These braids are sweet, tasty, tart, and thirst-quenching, though not literally. The bottom line to this is that, if you want to look cool these days, you should try wearing lemonade braids.

It is funny how these braids were losing popularity until Queen Bey brought them back in 2016. Since then, their popularity has soared reaching amazing heights of popularity.

We believe that you are in search of more knowledge about these braids as well as design ideas. That is probably why you are reading this post in the first place. Don’t worry, we’ve got you on this one. In this post, you will learn about lemonade braids, how to maintain them, and see lots of design ideas.

What brought about lemonade braids?

Most people wonder about the name of these braids and ask where they came from. If you had this question on your mind before reading this post, this is the answer to your question. Beyonce was one of the most popular celebrities in the world in 2016. By the way, she still is today and would be for a long time.

She sported a special hairstyle for her music video for the song “Formation” on her “Lemonade” album. This hairstyle had existed for a long time before this period but they got a new name. They were renamed lemonade braids and the name stuck.

From then on, women trooped to salons asking their stylists to install these beautiful braids on their hair. This hairstyle has a great future and might never go out of fashion.

Beyonce’s hair was styled by the amazing Kim Kimble. The long braids that resembled cornrows cascaded over one shoulder because of the deep part on one side. Though the diva had her braids done in blonde, many variations have come on the scene in different colors.

There are a million and one tutorials on how to install and maintain lemonade braids online. This is not strange considering the high demand for these braids.

Best ideas for lemonade braids

Mixed small and medium lemonade braids

This mixed lemonade braids style is one that will make you look the part to any event. You should try this hairstyle out if you wish to look glam and trendy. The alternating braid sizes create a totally different look that will stand you out of the crowd. What say you?

Black mini side braids

Beginning your braids from one side and taking them over the head to the other is so attractive. It is not regular which is why it is so attractive. See how she gels her baby hair? It creates a perfect contrast with the braids, adding some style to it. It is simple yet sophisticated and very trendy.

Black long braids with sparse accessories

Her hair and her nails blend perfectly to give her a chic look. The long braids are pretty simple and regular but she adds some unique style with the sparse use of accessories. This is a great hairstyle for the beach or regular college parties. Try adding a few more accessories to make the hair look more attractive. You may also consider using different colors of hair extensions.

Star girl purple curly lemonade braids

The first thing you will notice about this hairstyle is the conspicuous purple color. However, when you come close, you will notice the star that bears the only black braid. What a contrast that is made more obvious with the white bead right at the base of the black braid. Back to the curls. Aren’t they so lovely? She’s sure going to attract a lot of attention on the red carpet or anywhere she goes.

Mixed color long lemonade braids

Look closely and you’ll see a blend of different colors of hair extension. That’s the selling point of this hairstyle. She picks a set of colors that match her skin tone perfectly and puts them together to create this cute hairstyle. This is the true definition of simple and sophisticated. Since the braids are long, she has a variety of styling options she can pick from to keep her looking unique.

Cool black wooly braids

This is so unique as you will hardly find ladies using wool on their hair these days. She is definitely who loves to stand out even though she has a cool personality. This hairstyle works well for the summer because there’s a lot of space for the scalp to receive air. However, you need to moisturize it frequently to prevent flaking.

Peach blonde lemonade braids

How about a mix of peach and blonde? Still wondering how she thought of this blend of colors but the truth is she looks so fab. Some of the braids begin from the top of the head and the others from the side, going around the head. Everything seems distinct but in the end, comes together to create one beautiful hairstyle. Did we mention that the braids are very long too?

Black star braids with gel

Black is one color associated with class and she shows her class with this full black braids. They begin right at the crown of the head forming a star and then extend downward on every side. In front, she adds gentle gel to hold her baby hair in place. This hairstyle is not so bulky and within a week, you should forget the pains caused by tension. Add a few mild colors if you please to make it more attractive.

Side cornrows with accessories

Cornrows are classy but when they begin from the side, they just leave us stunned in awe. Everything about this hairstyle is cool, calm, and collected. She finishes it up by adding different accessories at different spots. See how she protects her baby hair with gel? She even adds some design to it, cool.

Mini alternating braids

We can’t really say where the braids are beginning from. They are alternating, while some begin from the top, other’s begin from the side, and some from behind the head. One thing that strikes you at first glance is the neat arrangement. Definitely worth trying.

Zigzag wine braids

Wine blends so well with her skin, she should probably not try another color. The zigzag design is something else and see how the braids blend into each other, classy. She still maintains her black hair as the base creating a smooth blend of black and wine hair.


Curly hair with uni braid

If you are not open to the idea of sitting 7 to 8 hours for your braids to be done, this should work for you. The uni braid acts as the dividing line between two sides of the hair packed with curls. She adds some strong gel and oil spray to keep the hair in place.

Kiddies lemonade braids

Your pretty daughter will sure look prettier wearing this hairstyle. Add some beads to the short braids and she could wear the hair to school or anywhere else.

Other Lemonade Braids Styles

Who wears lemonade braids?

Considering the fact that the search information is so high online, you tend to ask who wears this hairstyle anyway. The population of women with this hairstyle seems to tilt towards black women.

From celebrities to music stars and runway models, everyone seems to have their fair share. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, two of the most famous lady rappers, seem to love this hairstyle a lot. They have been seen in a couple of videos and at events with lemonade braids.

Pros and cons of lemonade braids

Nothing in this life exists without pros and cons. In this section, we will take a look at the pros and cons of wearing lemonade braids. After reading this section, you can weigh your options and decide whether or not you want them.


  • Options galore. We cannot deny the fact that there are numerous styling for braids in general. Since lemonade braids are long most of the time, the styling options are glamorous. You can choose crazy, simple, loud, classy, or chic. It all depends on your style and personality. There’s also the option of choosing any of the numerous colors available.
  • Low maintenance. Don’t you feel great when you wake up in the morning and go without worrying about your hair? Of course, you do. Though they are expensive initially, maintenance is very cheap. Now you don’t have to worry about making your hair every week. This doesn’t mean there are no maintenance costs, it is just low compared to other hairstyles.
  • Long-lasting. When you consider the time spent getting these braids installed, you don’t want to do it frequently. Well, you don’t have to since they last very long. This factor also contributes to why they are cost-effective. You can have them on for eight to ten weeks, as long as they are well maintained, you are good.
  • Protect the hair and facilitate growth. These braids are the first option if you want to protect your hair. They also help you grow your hair fast. Since most of them offer closure for the natural hair, it maintains the moisture that is required for growth.


  • Hair breakage. Most women who have had lemonade braids in the past will agree with this. It is about the major problem caused by these braids, especially for the hair at the edges. This is because of the tension caused by the weight of the braids. Sometimes, these braids are twisted too tight too, this can also cause hair breakage.
  • Long hours. Do you fancy spending ages making your hair? Definitely not, most people don’t. To complete your lemonade braids, you may need between six to eight hours. You have to be seated for this period or more. That’s going to be really boring, don’t you think?
  • Pricing. So we told you that they are not costly to maintain earlier. That’s true, however, they are costly when paying for the braids initially. You can spend between $100 and $400 or more. It all depends on what you want to achieve. That’s a lot to pay for hair, well, what do we know?

How to get your hair ready for lemonade braids

Whenever you want to get a new hairstyle you get excited and anxious at the same. This is not strange and you’re not the only one in those shoes. As you approach the holidays, it becomes more imminent that you need a new hairstyle.

We have already established the fact that lemonade braids are popular. They are among the hairstyles that most ladies think of first when planning a new hairstyle. Though you are really excited about this new hairstyle, you need to get your hair ready to avoid any issues.

You may be wondering why you need to prepare your hair. There are a few reasons, one of which is the length of time required to install these braids. You will spend hours getting your hair done and if it is not sufficiently prepared for the stress, it just might break.

The question is this, how do you get your hair ready for lemonade braids? Three things are very important and must be done with high-quality materials. These include washing, conditioning, and shampooing, in no particular order.

The preparation is not just to prepare the hair, it is also important to care for your scalp too. Find materials that are compatible with your hair. Using the wrong materials can cause more harm than good, nobody wants that.

What next after getting the braids?

Caring for your hair doesn’t end with getting the braids. In fact, you just started a new phase which you must handle properly else you’ll be losing your braids sooner than you expected. One thing you need to avoid is flaking of your scalp. This could result from dehydration and accumulation of dirt.

The best way to moisturize your scalp is the use of natural oils. Examples of these oils include coconut oils, almond oils, olive oil, etc. Wearing protective hairstyles is not a bad idea but when you care less about them, they could be your worst enemy.

One of the dangers of wearing braids on short natural hair is that it could cause you to lose hair. This is because braids are naturally weighty. Don’t wear braids for long periods when you plan on growing your hair.

Another thing you should consider is that you should leave your hair fallow for a period after removing your braids. This will help it ease from the tension of the braids. You also don’t want to cause damage to your scalp. Do all that you can to keep your hair and scalp safe and healthy.

Keeping your braids healthy

A woman’s major priority is looking good and most times the main focus is the hair. Women will do all that they can to look good including spending lots of money. With lemonade braids, you really don’t need to spend so much on maintenance.

Wearing lemonade braids in the tropics means that the hairstyle might not last as long as in the temperate regions. The tropics are hotter and your hair is likely to get itchy under such weather. Despite this fact, you can still wear this hair for long periods if they are maintained properly.

Some of the measures to take of your braids by yourself include:

  1. Tension calming spray. Braids cause a lot of tension between the hair and the scalp. To calm this tension, make use of tension calming spray. It will not only calm the tension but keep the scalp hydrated and prevent itching.
  2. Edge control. You should do this to keep the hair at edges properly lined and neat. There is a tendency for braids to cause the hair in this region to pull off and becomes messy.
  3. Butter and castor oil moisturizer. This moisturizer is very potent for keeping the hair conditioned prior to installation of lemonade braids. With this gesture, you are able to manage your braids effectively.
  4. Water sprays. You must have seen people spray water over their braids and natural hair. If you have, you may have wondered why they do that. It is simple, the hair gets loads of nutrients from the water. These nutrients positively influence the growth of your natural hair.
  5. Natural oil spray. There are several natural oils to use for your hair. You can pour some into a spray bottle and spray it daily over your hair. Asides adding luster to your hair, it will also provide nutrients too.
  6. Conditioning gel. One way to keep your hair in place is by using conditioning gel. This material is safe for your hair as it is alcohol and grease-free.
  7. Hair restoration balm. This balm ensures that your scalp and underneath your hair is healthy. It helps to eliminate dandruff and other infections that may affect your scalp and hair.
  8. Silk pillowcase. With this, you are able to ease tension and combat friction. By doing this, your hair is safe from damage and breakage.

Be confident in your style

Let’s not lie to you, the first few days after you install your braids are going to be really painful. The pain is a result of the tension between the braids and the scalp. Braids are heavy and twisted with a firm grip. This implies that they are likely to pull the hair from the scalp.

At this point, you don’t want to add any embellishments or adorning accessories. They will add to your ordeal and make you more uncomfortable. Of course, you don’t want that, so it is best to wait for at least a week.

After this waiting period, it is time to make your braids look more chic and attractive. There are several kinds of accessories to use but the most common are beads. Whatever kind of accessory you choose, be confident in your style.

It is yours so own it. You can gain identity with your braids as long as you are confident and creative with them. It is not a necessity to fit in with your friends or the crowd. Rather than fit, stand out with your braids. The only way you can enjoy this is by doing it right and being confident.

Most of the famous hairstyles we have today are results of some lady’s confidence. So instead of sticking with the norm, be creative and confident and you’ll surely stand out. You may even become a fashion icon in your own right, who knows?

Beyonce, the woman who made lemonade braids popular

There’s no way we will mention lemonade braids without mentioning Mrs. Jay Z, Beyonce. Of course, she didn’t invent them, but she was instrumental in making them popular. At least, the hairstyle gained a new name by her influence.

Beyonce has been a fan of these braids and in 2016, she wore one inspired by the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti. The songstress has worn so many variations of this hairstyle that she has practically owned them.

According to Queen Bey, lemonade braids are one of the key ways she has been able to identify her roots. Which is why she pays homage to the hairstyle as much as she can.

What do you do when the braids are off?

It is dangerous for your hair to wear lemonade braids for extended periods. Experts advise that you wear the hairstyles between 8 to 10 weeks straight. After this, you should allow your natural hair to lay fallow for about 2 weeks before getting a new hairstyle.

Many women do not obey these rules and would have these braids on for 4 to 5 months. They do this just because the hairstyle hardly gets rough and it is easy to maintain. Don’t succumb to this temptation.

We have already discussed a few things to do when the braids are on. Now the question to ask is, what should you do when they are off? Check out the answer to this question in the next few paragraphs:

  1. Spray some conditioning oil over your braids before taking them out. The essence of this is to keep them from kinking. The oil moisturizes your braids sufficiently to make it easy for you to take them off yourself.
  2. Gently take off the braids by untangling them towards the roots. Your fingers are the best tools for this activity.
  3. Using a comb in taking off lemonade braids might destroy your natural hair. This is why combs are not advised. Use your fingers instead, they give better results though they are more time-consuming.
  4. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and clean water after the braids are removed. Clean up your scalp and hair tracks deliberately when doing this.
  5. A deep conditioner should be applied to the hair after washing. Leave this on for half an hour before washing off. For best results, wear a shower cap over the hair while the conditioner is still in it.
  6. Carefully trim the tips of your hair when it is dry. This is important to renew the hair and make it grow better and faster.

Care for your hair as much as you can because no one else can do that for you.

Adding beads to your braids

Adding accessories to your braids make them look chic and attractive. The most famous accessories to add are beads. Most ladies dream of having beads adorn their braids. The problem is they don’t know how to make this dream a reality.

What materials do you need for this?

  • Rubber bands
  • Crotchet lemonade braids
  • Beads for your hair.
  • Beader tool

What should you do?

We have helped you by outlining the steps below:

  • Insert the beads into the beader tool. This should be done after you have planned what design you want. Naturally, the bead at the tail of the hair will be the one that was first put into the beader tool.
  • Put your braids into the beader tool.
  • By pulling the braids through the tool you would be tugging them through the beads.
  • When you have successfully inserted the braids into the beads, secure the beads by tying the braids in a knot.
  • You have just successfully beaded your braids.

If you don’t have access to a beader tool, you can still put beads on your braids. How? Check out the steps below:

  • Get an aluminum foil first.
  • Smoothen your braids to do away any knots.
  • Wrap the aluminum foil around the end of each braid and pass them into the beads gently. You may not have beads on all your braids because it will make the heavy braids heavier.
  • Roll up the foil neatly at the base of ease braid to secure the beads from falling out.


Lemonade braids are beautiful and attractive and can be styled in a variety of ways. It is one hairstyle you should try considering the many advantages. We want to read from you so share your comments with us.