How to Layer Necklaces

With all of the beautiful pieces of jewelry out there these days, it’s hard to stop buying! From contemporary silver jewelry designs to vintage pieces to cute and quirky kitsch designs, they’re each as beautiful as the next. The problem comes when you decide to wear separate pieces together.  We’ve all been there- you envision an outfit topped off with three beautiful necklaces. You put them on to discover all they do is look ugly and tangle up together, leaving you frustrated and wearing one huge messy knot.

With a few tips and tricks, we’ll help you make tangled necklaces will be a thing of the past!

Invest in Some Necklace Extenders

Sometimes the problem with wearing a few necklaces is that their length means that they will naturally tangle (hair too!). Luckily, there are many necklace extenders available; they are easy to buy online and at local jewellers. Extenders are available in a range of colours, meaning that they can easily blend in with gold, rose gold, black and contemporary silver jewelry designs. Strand Align has a new way of keeping necklaces from tangling when wearing. Not only do they sell extenders, they also have designed a new product designed to keep even the daintiest of necklaces from tangling! Their shop is well worth taking a look at.

Be Daring and Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Mixing colours, textures and metals helps the necklaces to look great and fall nicely on the wearer. Wearing a leather choker with a longer sliver necklace or a brightly coloured ribbon with a chunky metal piece works really well. Mix it up and have fun!

This piece by Eddie Borgo shows how different textures work beautifully together.

Contemporary and Vintage

Mixing old and new is also something to play around with. Merging contemporary and vintage style creates an edgy fashionable look. Hit the latest shops for modern pieces and then ask your grandma if you can borrow her old necklaces (pearls always work well). Put them together to create a unique look that is both personal to you and as trendy as the latest catwalk look!

Keep your Jewelry Well Organized

How many times have you opened your jewelry box to find your earrings, necklaces and anklets intertwined? A good idea to prevent this from happening would be to hang each chain on an individual hook. This way, the jewelry stays knot free and the wearer is able to have a good look at how the pieces look before wearing. A simple over the door style set of hooks is economical, looks great and works in even the smallest homes.

Wear Pendants on the Back of Your Neck

Who says that necklaces have to be worn on the front? Marie Claire shows how to rock the ‘backlace’ and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for the rest of us. There is nothing stopping layering up necklaces with a simple open back dress. This will create a really elegant and stunning overall look.

Think About Your Outfit

Your outfit may interfere with your jewelry. Whether it is clashes, or more knots, it’s important to think about how the outfit works together as a whole. If you’re wearing a frilly blouse, wearing a long thin piece that may get lost in the material may not be the best idea, instead, opt for a choker and a shorter delicate chain. If you’re wearing a plain t-shirt with no buttons, it’s the right time to wear the longer necklaces with a splash of colour.

Make Your Jewelry Travel Well

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that your necklaces are tangling when wearing, but rather they tangle when transported. There are two very simple and effective ways to get around this irritating issue. The first is by using straws and works well with delicate and thin necklaces. Simply open your necklace, slip through the straw and fasten. Lifehacker demonstrates how to do this perfectly and shows how thicker straws are also useful (bigger necklaces may fit nicely in these). If your necklace is a little bit too big for this, simply place the untangled and fastened necklace into a piece of cling wrap.


It may seem like a great idea to layer up multiple necklaces with textures and colours, but at the end of the day, it may just not be suitable. Some necklaces are too delicate to risk getting broken from rubbing with the other necklaces, and at other times the look just doesn’t seem to work. The best answer to this? Cheat. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone! Shops like ASOS offer hundreds upon hundreds of necklaces that are designed to look like layered necklaces, but they’re really just one.

No matter how you decide to wear your necklaces, it is always important to look after your jewelry, to not listen to the ‘rules’ and do your own thing! Have fun layering up those pieces!