Level up the Fun…Host a Fancy Dress Party

Live life flamboyantly because you only live once…and the time to do it is now! Are you the kind of person who lives to work or one that works to live? If you have a rather staid personality wouldn’t it be ideal if you can get your hair down once in a while…to cast the troubles aside and be someone else even for only one night? Fancy costumes and masks can lend anonymity so that people would lose their inhibitions. The formal get together where men wear monkey suits or black ties and the women are all dolled up in their designer gowns and stiletto heels is not the be all and an all of having fun. These kinds of parties can be so booooring after a while.

You may want to change your image and one good way of veering away from your norm is by hosting a FUN party. You can surprise your friends and the people you work with by throwing a fancy dress party. This kind of party would be out of character but if you can pull it off and make every one enjoy, your event would be the talk of your guests for days to come.

Everybody has a secret longing to be someone else. A person may want to be a super hero, to dress like a movie star or to be a princess. Naturally these desires would be hidden at the back of the mind as dressing the part can result to covert glances from other people. If you go to the office dressed like Elvis Presley your officemates will look at your absurd get up and think that you are a little loose in the head.

Parties where guests are asked to wear fancy dress costumes have become a rage. These kinds of parties are usually done during Halloween or Christmas. A ghost, a skeleton and other scary costumes are commonly seen during Halloween. The scarier the costume the better! Santa Claus costumes and his and hers elves dresses are most in demand during Christmas. However, these days, a fancy costume party can be held for any reason.

Throwing a costume party can be a challenging task especially for one that has not yet hosted this kind of party. Don’t be daunted by all the arrangements that have to be done. With proper planning you can wow your friends and guests with your ability to organize a fun event. First off is to make sure that the invites are sent weeks before the occasion. This will give your guests the chance to prepare a costume given that not all your guest can rustle up fancy dress costumes at a moment’s notice. You can choose to have a theme for your party. Since the wedding of Prince William and Kate has received much publicity, a royalty themed party would be a good idea. See which of your guest would come up with the most elaborate costume. You can also choose not have a theme for your party. This will give your guests the chance to choose a costume they are most comfortable with. Don’t be surprised if a guest would come dressed as Obama complete with a realistic high powered toy gun and an ammo belt.

Since you are the host, you have to be in a fancy costume as well. With all the party organizing that has to be done, choosing a costume would be another chore. If you don’t have the time to go from one shop to another, online shopping would be the best option. Choosing your fancy costumes is as easy as clicking the mouse. Here’s an important tip: Because you are the host you will have to do a lot of mingling around thus you need to choose a costume where you will be most comfortable. This does not mean that you would let your guests “bury” your overall appearance. Wear wigs if you have to and remember, the right accessories can make the most simple costume standout.

What would be a costume party like without the right decorations? The ambience will dictate the mood for the evening. Party supplies will certainly be necessary! What would be a Halloween costume party without cobwebs, skeletons, tombstones or witches flying overhead? What would be birthday costume party without balloons, multicoloured buntings and party wares? Oh and don’t forget…music for dancing and games will enhance the fun. Who says you can’t host a memorable and fun event because you have a shy personality? With these tips your party will be a big success.