Looking for Interesting Wedding Bands? Check Out These 3 Unique Ring Styles

Weddings are so often some of the most elaborate events of an individual’s life. The aesthetic, the food, the gown, who will be there – these are just some of the vital questions that people getting married must take into account.

Among these questions remains: What will the wedding bands look like? While tradition is still alive and well, there is a very large variety of wedding band designs thanks to the accessibility and originality that the internet facilitates. There are rings that vary in color, materials, shape, and more.

Here are just some of the unique ring styles you can consider when trying to make the best decision for you and your fiancé:

  1. Exterior Designs

Traditionally, wedding bands are very simple and monochromatic. With the development of the internet, however, there are more designs available for purchase than ever.

Some ring designers have ventured out into putting different kinds of colors and pictures on the exterior of wedding bands, which has resulted in some of the most intricately designs of recent history.

For instance, wedding bands such as the ones crafted by The Artisan Rings are very popular because they have such a wide spectrum of available rings to choose from. Various patterns and colors are available that maintain the simplistic style of a traditional wedding band but with an additional, unique flair. Artisanal bands are redefining how wedding rings should look.

  1. Form and Shape Designs

Typically, wedding bands have a uniform rounded edge without much design beyond that. However, there are plenty of rings out there now that are experimenting with the shape of wedding bands, through adding grooves, indents on the sides, or infinity bands that have become very popular and look like an “X” on either side of one’s finger.

Many designs have swapped out the old-fashioned, thick band look for a thin band, and some look like weaved gold to create an ultra-thin but classically inspired band. Many rings have adopted the idea of the indentation and incorporated initials to full-blown pictures.

These designs still come in a range of colors and materials, but they are not afraid to push the envelope in challenging what wedding rings “should look like,” as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. 

  1. Mismatching Designs

One of the most unique designs for wedding bands that has come out as of recent is to have the two appear very different.  This has perhaps been considered one of the most controversial unique wedding band designs to come out in recent years. This is  because traditionally, bands are typically thought to be the tangible piece of the marriage that binds the couple for their future to come, and for some people, mismatching rings can seem like a bad omen.

That belief, however, fails to consider 1) that the future of the couple depends solely on the work they put into the marriage and 2) how cool some of these rings look.

A lot of the rings differ in color, in shape, and even everything that covers each band. They all look very unique and well-designed, and they are the perfect solution to a couple that has different ideas on how they would like their wedding bands to look. 

Last Considerations 

Weddings are an extremely valuable time. It is an event that celebrates the love of two people, as they are surrounded by their closest friends and family to share an unforgettable moment. Everything within a wedding is well thought out and expertly considered as it is usually understood to be a reflection of the people getting married.

You should feel comfortable and excited on your wedding day, and that means going about things the way you want to do them. Regardless of how much or how little of your wedding falls into “tradition,” make sure that it is what you want because more than anything else, it is your day, and you deserve it.