Love Beauty? 3 Great Career Choices

Some people are just born to work in fashion and beauty. If you like to work with different clothes, facial products, and beauty treatments, then a career in this industry is ideal for you. There are quite a few options out there; you just have to find the one that suits your personality the most. Each of the following three great career choices opens many other doors, and you could become successful and well-known in your niche. Let’s take a look.

Make-Up Artist

Not only can you make someone look better with make-up, but as a make-up artist, you can also create just about any look. Think about scary movie characters, or when a character in a film ages. How do those gory scenes look so real and how do they make a young actor look 80 years old? This is all done with make-up and special effects.

Although this profession isn’t the easiest to get into, once you do, you are set for life. The salary is highly desirable and you can work on movie sets or even with the biggest fashion designers in the world. It’s an exciting career to work towards and you can truly showcase your talent if you are good at painting and drawing.


At the basics, a beautician just helps people to look, well, beautiful. It’s about learning different body types, facial features, and more to accentuate a person’s image and style. Most beauticians attend a beauty college for about three years to qualify because there are a lot of different functions of a beautician. You will be required to offer eyelash extensions, wax any part of the body, give facials, and even tanning.

If you don’t want to attend such a long course, then look into studying for just one of those things, such as eyes and brows. For example, an online brow lamination course will only take a few hours, is inexpensive, and you will get an internationally recognized certificate.

Medical Aesthetics

This career option is more suited to those that want to be challenged a bit more. Medical aesthetics is when a person’s physical appearance is improved using minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. You will need a three-year diploma to start working in this field but, once you are qualified, there are many more career opportunities.

You can choose to branch out into dermatology or work as a plastic surgeon if you study a little bit further after your diploma. If you want to help people to reduce wrinkles, remove scars or improve their physical appearance then this is a great career to work towards.

Working in the beauty industry is not just about knowing what colors look good together and how to style different people. Beauty is a lucrative and diverse industry that has hundreds of career choices depending on where you want to work. The best career advice is not to wait for an opportunity to present itself, but rather to go out into the world and make those doorways open for you.