Man Candy Monday: Alex Pettyfer

Man Candy Monday: Alex Pettyfer (source:

Who is Alex Pettyfer? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Alexander Richard Pettyfer
  • Nicknames: Alex
  • Height: 5’11″
  • Age: 21
  • Born: April 10, 1990 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
  • Profession: Actor, Model
  • Status: Unknown at time of publication.
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

2005: Tom Brown’s School Days (Tom Brown) – made for TV movie
2006: Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (Alex Rider) – feature film
2008: Wild Child (Freddie) – feature film
2009: Tormented (Bradley) – feature film
2011: I Am Number Four (John Smith) – feature film
2011: Beastly (Kyle) – feature film
2011: In Time (Fortis) – feature film
2012: Magic Mike (The Kid) – feature film


Man Candy Monday is back and I couldn’t be happier to be returning with the deliciousness that is Alex Pettyfer. At only 21 years old, Alex is the youngest Man Candy we’ve featured so far but he’s also one of my favorites. Raised in Windsor, England, Alex starred in his very first commercial when he was only six years old. A year later, after meeting legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren in New York, he launched his modeling career. His modeling career saw him working for the likes of Gap and Burberry but Alex’s passion was for acting and it didn’t take long for him to pursue that passion full time.


Alex performed in a number of school plays before auditioning for, and landing, his first starring role in Tom Brown’s Schooldays when he was just thirteen years old. That was followed up with one of his biggest roles to date in Alex Rider: Stormbreaker which saw him sharing the screen with Stephen Fry, Ewan McGregor, Alicia Silverstone, Andy Serkis and Mickey Rourke. Praised for her performance and winning both an Empire Award and a Young Artist Award, Alex seemed poised to be the next teen heartthrob, but that wasn’t necessarily where young Alex wanted to go with his career. Enter Beastly.


Some actors are content to let their looks carry them through their career but Alex is not one of those actors, a point he proved with Beastly. This was definitely a risky move on Alex’s part as he really had two roles to play – Kyle before the spell and Kyle after. I think he handled both incredibly well. In honesty, I didn’t love the movie as much as I thought I would. It all felt a little forced but that was hardly the fault of the actors. I really don’t think they were given the best material to work with. I might’ve enjoyed it a bit more had Mary Kate Olsen played Vanessa Hudgens’ role but I suppose that’s beside the point. Alex did a wonderful job and was about the only thing (aside from Mary Kate and Neil Patrick Harris) I really enjoyed about the film.

source: GQ Magazine
source: GQ Magazine

If there’s one thing I love about Alex Pettyfer more than anything else, it’s his complete refusal to watch his mouth. Alex speaks his mind, sometimes stirring up controversy with his outspoken opinions. While I often don’t agree with his opinions and while some may object to his use of particular words, it’s hard not to feel a little warmth in my cold heart when I hear someone like Alex speaking like human beings speak instead of speaking in carefully chosen soundbytes. Alex isn’t a politician. He’s an actor. He speaks his mind and says what he feels and that to me, ladies in gentleman, is incredibly attractive.


Alex Pettyfer isn’t hung up on being famous. He’s just a guy that loves acting. He was sort of born into it, following in the footsteps of his father, actor Richard Pettyfer. While I have been known to be wrong on occasion, I would have to say this is a kid of only twenty-one years old who has been fairly successful in the business yet hasn’t let it go to his head. While he isn’t necessarily as well known as Robert Pattinson he has the same sort of “I just don’t care” vibe about him. I can honestly see a long career ahead of Alex. Should he continue to make wise career decisions, I think we may see him standing on the Academy Award stage one day accepting a little gold man for Best Actor. He has the talent and the drive to be someone incredibly special. And for the record – I cannot wait to see him in Magic Mike.

Before we get to the pictures, I want to take a moment to talk about the voting this week. I want to try something a little different. I fear some of the candidates aren’t getting their due because some voters just don’t recognize the name. To solve this little problem, I’ve come up with a plan. Introducing, “Man Candy Monday: Meet the Candidates”. Hosted on my personal blog, Meet the Candidates offers the information I would normally post here about last week’s vote and the names of the nominees but it also includes a picture of each nominee as well as a brief description of how what they’re famous for. Each contestant’s name links to their profile on either IMDB or Wikipedia allowing you to get a better idea of who you’re voting for. At the end, there’s a handy little interactive poll where you can vote for your favorite Man Candy or nominate someone else. Of course, if you prefer the old way, you can still vote by going directly to the poll. Okay, enough talk. It’s time for the pictures.

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