Man Candy Monday: Garrett Hedlund

Man Candy Monday: Garrett Hedlund (source:

Who is Garrett Hedlund? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Garrett John Hedlund
  • Nicknames: None
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Age: 26
  • Born: September 3, 1984 in Roseau, Minnesota
  • Profession: Actor
  • Status: Single
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

2004: Troy (Patroclus) – feature film
2004: Friday Night Lights (Don Billingsly) – feature film
2005: Four Brothers (Jack Mercer) – feature film
2006: Eragon (Murtagh) – feature film
2007: Georgia Rule (Harlan) – feature film
2007: Death Sentence (Billy Darley) – feature film
2010: Tron: Legacy (Sam Flynn) – feature film
2010: Country Strong (Beau Hutton) – feature film
2011: When I Was 17 (himself) – television series, episode 45 of season 2
2012 (completed): On the Road (Dean Moriarty) – feature film

source: Davis Factor Photography

I could not have been more excited to see Garrett Hedlund come out on top of last week’s Man Candy Monday poll. He is, by far, my favorite man candy since Charlie Hunnam all the way back in week one. He’s absolutely gorgeous but he’s also incredibly talented. Instead of wasting a lot of time blah, blah, blahing about why I love him, I’ll just give you a little bit of background about Garrett, share a video and then we’ll get on to the pictures.

source: Da Man Magazine

Garrett grew up on a farm in Minnesota before his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when he was nine. He began taking acting lessons shortly after the move but stayed in Scottsdale to graduate high school. He graduated a semester early and then packed his bags and headed to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. It paid off immediately. He landed his first role in a feature film only one month after arriving in Los Angeles. That movie happened to be Troy – a film that saw him on screen with the likes of Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom and Peter O’Toole. Not bad bad company to keep for his first time on the big screen.

source: still from Country Strong

Shortly after getting the role in Troy, Garrett was cast in 2004’s high school football drama Friday Night Lights alongside Billy Bob Thorton. In that film, Tim McGraw was cast as Charles Billingsley and Garrett as Charles’ son, Don. Years later, Tim and Garrett reunited on screen in Country Strong but their dynamic was very different the second time around. Tim was playing James Canter, husband/manager of Gwyneth Paltrow’s troubled country songbird, Kelly Canter. Garrett played Beau Hutton; a rising country star/rehab facility employee who has an affair with Kelly.

Although I’d enjoyed Garrett’s work since Troy, it was really Country Strong that sealed the deal for me and cemented Garrett’s place on my list of most promising up and coming young actors. While Garrett doesn’t have a lot on his resume as of yet, I sincerely doubt it’s due to a lack of offers. He chooses his roles wisely instead of just taking whatever comes along and in an industry where heartthrobs are soon forgotten making those smart choices is the best way to enjoy a long career. My only complaint about Garrett is that it doesn’t appear he has any plans to release a full length album. That’s not cool with me. The songs he did for the Country Strong soundtrack (like the one in the video above) just aren’t enough. I want to hear more.

Alright – that’s enough talk. Let’s get to the pictures. There are a lot this time so make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom to for some exciting news about next week’s Man Candy and the Garrett Hedlund related giveaway I’ll be holding if we get 100 votes in the poll. Make sure you vote!

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