Daith Piercing Jewelry for Your Beauty

If you haven’t heard of daith piercing jewelry yet, it’s high time you discovered all the beauty and uniqueness of this piercing type as well as found out the daith meaning altogether.

The popularity of daith piercings has risen in recent years, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, they definitely look like out of this world, so unusual and authentic – yep, punching that fold of cartilage just above the opening of the ear canal has never been widely-spread.

Secondly, it’s said that daith piercing is placed right at that point, responsible for curing migraines, which is undoubtedly a cool bonus.

Also, daith piercings heal relatively fast and offer multiple variants of designs: ordinary metal barbells, circular silver barbells, luxury gold earrings with different patterns, diamond daith jewelry… The list goes on and on.

It’s better once to see than hundred times to hear, right? So, scroll down – there’s something really stylish and awesome for you!

Rose Gold Moon Daith

An amazing daith piercing idea for pure dreamers and aesthetes. It looks great as an individual piece of jewelry and in combination with a couple of traditional star-shaped earrings.



Petrified Wood Daith Jewelry

An intricate silver ring with a magnificent petrified wood bead, which carries an ancient wisdom and is believed to be a natural healer – beautiful and meaningful.

Bright Gold Daith Piercing

This pierce is not for old-fashioned girls or classics lovers – it’s bright, outstanding, and definitely attracts a lot of attention.

Daith Floral Piercing Jewelry

This cute daith piercing with stylized petals will be a catchy addition to your feminine spring image. Light, delicate, and pretty. 

White Stone Silver Pierce

This cute silver daith piercing with a white stone is a good option for ladies with both warm and cool skin undertones, and together with several other white bead piercings, makes a very unusual composition.

Rocking Daith Piercing Jewelry

Wanna create a rock princess image? Consider such studded ring, which looks rather rebellious yet girly.

Classic Blue Daith Ring

If you want something not average but still simple and classic, opt for an ordinary shape but experiment with the color of the jewelry.

Double Daith Piercing

Well, this double daith piercing looks really impressive! It’s nothing like the majority of the kind. However, there’s one problem with it – not every ear has enough space on that little fold of cartilage, so in some cases, this amazing piercing is anatomically impossible.

Daith Piercing in Grey

Steel cold ring with a little diamond will work great for a girl with cool blond hair. Add some more jewelry in the same style to create an unforgettable ear pierce project.

Cute Kitty Daith Piercing

How adorable and cute this little daith piercing looks! So unique, so pretty, and so shiny – this earring is an awesome accessory for a Catwoman.

Ocean Blue Daith Piercing Jewelry

Cool mermaid resolution for ladies with deep blue eyes. Such ear piercing ensemble will highlight your natural beauty and add notes of mystery and magnificence.

Black & Turquoise Daith Jewelry

For green-eyed women, we’ve got a stylish daith piercing idea with green marble stones, made of black-colored metal. Looks really fresh and innovative – why not to try it this spring?

Royal Daith Jewelry

Feel like a queen? Demonstrate your royal status through small details of your image. Here are two ideas of fashionable daith piercing jewelry that will definitely make a difference!

Beautiful Flower Daith Jewelry

Flourish and blossom with such a tiny ear jewelry, which will arrange accents of your light windy outfit for summer and spring.

Circular Barbell Daith Piercing

How about this turquoise combo? Looks really on point, trendy, and out of the ordinary. All you need is a circular barbell, a big straight barbell, and several smaller push back posts.

Of course, you’re free to experiment with multiple bead colors…

…as well as with their shapes! For, example, such bullet-cut white opals:

Fresh Daith Piercing

This chick and glamourous daith ring will refresh any look, updating it with freedom, shine, and the impeccable style.

Tiny Heart Daith Piercing

These super cute tiny daith piercings are gonna steal all the hearts around! Small yet meaningful, rocking yet elegant – the heart is probably one of the most popular shapes for daith piercing. Try a simple smooth design, a rainbow heart, or a black earring with little rhinestones.


Unusual Circular Barbell Pierce

If a typical circular barbell is not your cup of tea, add a twist by means of a colored stone placed right between the arches of your barbell.

Diamond Daith Jewelry

Diamonds never fade, right? So, why don’t you beautify your daith with a truly priceless jewelry? Luxurious and stylish, it will look incredible as an individual ear piercing, with no need for any complementary details.

Barbell Daith Piercing Idea

Surprisingly, straight and curved barbells are not as popular for daith piercing as ball closure rings and circular barbells, So, with these stiletto or even ordinary barbell, you’ll look not like everyone else.

Wide Gold Daith Ring

This usual daith ring is unusually wide, which makes it more outstanding. Such jewelry will emphasize your uniqueness and go well with jeans and skirts, dresses and smart suits.

Rainbow Triangle Daith Pierce

Just like the heart rings, this triangle looks rather cute and catchy. Able to complement thousands of outfits, this daith jewelry is a definite must-have for a sophisticated piercing-lover.

Eastern Daith Jewelry Style

To make your piercing not only a catchy detail of your image, but also a spiritual symbol, you can mix a custom daith pierce design with meaningful eastern accessories, which are believed to bring health, well-being, and success.

Star Daith Piercing

Here’s another variation of simple but thoughtful daith jewelry design. There are no shining stones or other bright decorations; it’s not big or super colorful. The only thing, which makes this accessory so different, is its starry shape. A wise move, isn’t it?

Rose Gold Dragonfly Piercing

Pretty gold dragonfly is the key detail that makes this shiny black Niobium ring so much not your average bear. Cute details are always a win-win choice, especially when it comes to daith piercing jewelry.