75 Loose Maxi Skirt Outfit For Girls

Wearing some loose and long apparel are not actually the trend of being conservative and modest. The fashion statements do not only rely on fit and mini clothing but also to maxi garments. The unique pairing up of contemporary, fabulous and boho chic style can be addressed by trying cut loose maxi skirt. Use your own amazing clothing skills and make your friends jealous of your outfit. The loose maxi skirt will definitely lead your way to style.

Striped Maxi Skirt Partnered with Crochet Tops

maxi skirt outfit (1)
Looking for a lower garment that will complement with your knitted tops? You can actually wear this striped loose skirt to reduce the simplicity of the style. The outfit is like a boho chic inspired fashion.

Boho Chic Style loose Skirt and Blouse

maxi skirt outfit (2)
This boho chic outfit in long loose skirt is great for a summer look. The outfit is light, fashionable, and comfortable. It will not make you feel sweaty and hot especially during summer seasons.

Pleated Yellow Skirt with Ribbon

maxi skirt outfit (3)
Feel sassy, young, and girly with the combination of the loose yellow skirt with ribbon and polka dotted long sleeves. This outfit makes you look hype up and upstyle.

Beautiful Tailored Long Skirt and Aztec Blouse

Try this conservative outfit in Aztec designed long sleeves and long pleated skirt with brown leather belt. Partner it with a stylish pair of shoes to make it more fashionable and casual.

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

“Once you have chosen a maxi skirt that fits your shape, you should know what it is combined with, to create the right look for a romantic evening or a more business-style outfit for the office, unless of course, you’ve got a dress code there.

According to homecarechoices.org, maxi skirts blend perfectly with a modest blouse and jacket that will help to create a stylish classic look. A pair of maxi skirts and a lightweight summer jacket will make you look romantic and casual.

In cold weather, you can wear the skirt with a leather jacket or knitted cardigan. Narrow and straight skirts can be worn with a lush and voluminous top, and more spacious skirts should be worn with a tight top. Printed skirts should be worn with a monochrome top, and vice versa, monotonous skirts – with a colored top. Maxi skirts are not recommended to be worn with long cardigans and blazers, as they will distort your figure.

Accessories such as a wide hat, large rings and bracelets will help bring your look to life. Pay attention to ethnic jewelry, as it draws stares of others.

Gray Long Sleeves and Black Long Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (5)
Running out of ideas to wear for a casual apparel? You can actually try the combination of gray long sleeves and black straight cut skirt and consider this as a fashionable outfit.

Nicole’s Inspired Sexy Crank Top and Aztec Long Skirt

Be inspired with a celebrity summer style and adopt this fashion. You may try this long sleeve crank top and Aztec design loose skirt for a bohemian style.

Crank Top and Floral Maxi Skirt for Tall Women

maxi skirt outfit (7)
Emphasize your tallness and sexiness with this white crank top and long loose maxi skirt. The design of the skirt is appropriate for summer beach vacation. The color of the floral patterns are lovely and fancy.

Civilian Denim Jacket, White Skirt, and Orange Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (8)
Try this civilian apparel in denim jacket, white shirt, and orange maxi skirt. The outfit is just simple yet fashionable to wear. You may pair it up with a brown shoulder bag to complement with the look.

Black Fitted Sleeves, Red Scarf and Aztec Long Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (9)
Discover a new fashion trend in boho chic by wearing a black shirt, Aztec designed skirt, red scarf, and a duffel bag to enhance the look even more.

Denim Style Tops and Pleated Neutral long Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (10)
If you’re on a vacation, you may try this countryside inspired style in denim shirt, thick leather belt, and brown loose skirt to feel the vacation trip.

Sassy White Crank Top and Double-Layered Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (11)
Manage your style in this white crank top and multi layered floral skirt. This is a great outfit especially when you’re taking pictures and selfies in every tourist spots.

Elegant Knitted Long Sleeves and Flouncy Pink Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (12)
Spice up your dress code in gray shirt and flouncy pink loose skirt. You will surely look feminine, decent, and confident as you wear this amazing casual outfit.

Sophisticated Black Tops and Vertical Striped Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (13)
Reveal the edgy and sleek side of you with this black fitted long sleeve and striped loose skirt with slits. It is great to wear with a thick black belt to emphasize the curves and figure.

Boho Chic Style Spaghetti Strap, Cardigan, and Crochet Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (14)
Try this boho chic inspired dress code in light and neutral colors. The white sleeveless tops, gray cardigan, and high-waist crochet long skirt works well all together in a fashionable sense.

Summer Outfit Inspired by Aztec Patterns

maxi skirt outfit (15)
Make your summer in a sexy and attractive outfit by wearing this crank top and shorts with Aztec designs. You will surely be an eye catcher once you’ve passed by the beach.

Edgy Black and White Elegant Outfit

maxi skirt outfit (16)
Be gorgeous with this edgy and sleek apparel in white long sleeves and black loose skirt with quality fabric. It is a great outfit especially for modeling and photo shoots.

Polka Dotted Long Sleeves and Pleated Yellow Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (17)
This casual outfit definitely makes the wearer look hype up, teen, and young. The combination of the polka dotted long sleeves and nylon yellow skirt are suited to each other. It’s a great OOTD for casual traveling and meet ups.

Brown Knitted Long Sleeves, and Maxi Skirt in Floral

maxi skirt outfit (18)
Try this boho chic inspired fashion in knitted tops, long floral skirt, and low-cut brown leather boots. It perfectly described a combination of boho and countryside style of clothing.

Summer Style Maxi Skirt and Simple Sleeveless White Tops

maxi skirt outfit (19)
This summer style outfit is comfortable and refreshing when worn. It comprises of a plain white sleeveless tops and long straight-cut skirt with Aztec designs.

Turtle Neck Aztec Long Sleeves and Long Pleated Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (20)
Have an edgy and sleek style by wearing this Aztec designed long sleeves with turtle neck and a long black and white skirt with slits. It is great for photo shoots as it aspire beauty and uniqueness.

Funky Style in Black Leather Jacket, White shirt and dark Green Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (21)
Want to mix the rock star and feminine vibe? This could be the idea for you: Matched in your black leather shoulder bag as your awesome jacket that compliments the white inner garment and the attractive dark green skirt.

Polka Dotted Sleeves and Pleated Yellow Bright Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (22)
What an awesome match! This color combination is perfect for dark and light skin tone as this simple yet attractive polka dotted top and a bright yellow skirt emphasizes the height of the wearer rather than the skin tone.

Unique Fashion in White Cardigan and Huge Aztec Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (23)
Unique and beautiful style? This could be the one. A high fashion white coat that compliments the over-sized Aztec printed skirt.

Summer Style Black Spaghetti Strap Tops and Aztec Patterned Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (24)
If you want to go dark on the summer, you need to try this get up, a black spaghetti strap tops combined with an amazingly patterned Aztec skirt.

Boho Chic Black Tops and Geometrical Designed Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (25)
Bright colors and the bright summer sunshine! What could be a better match? Start your summer while wearing this black boho chic top and a geometrical and colorful designed skirt.

Teen Outfit in Strapless Brassiere and Crochet Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (26)
Greet the beautiful sunshine while wearing this youthful and glamorous strapless and a plain but gorgeous crochet skirt.

Plain Boho Style in comfy Shirt and Flouncy Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (27)
This getup is perfect for those who are seeking for style and comfort without overdoing it. A simple shirt matched with a feminine vibe flouncy maxi skirt.

Floral Tube Tops and Pleated Light Gray Skirt with Slit

maxi skirt outfit (28)
This is gorgeously made combination! An amazing tube top that is designed with white floras and a gray skirt genuinely made with slit and attractive lines.

Sexy and Plain Skirt with Slits

maxi skirt outfit (29)
Wear this clothing style to take everyone’s attention. This red and sexy top will surely be the captivating color tone and the white skirt with those sexy feminine appeal will keep everyone at awe.

Black Crank Top and Long Aztec Skirt for Summer

maxi skirt outfit (30)
Are you ready to take over the streets? Take the inspiration from this black crank top and a fashionable long skirt with an amazing Aztec print.

Beautifully Embroidered Crochet Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (31)
This is truly a work of art that can be transformed into a high-fashion piece. A full embroidered crochet skirt that comes in the purity of white.

Cute and Sassy Skirt with Floral and Butterfly Prints

maxi skirt outfit (32)
Isn’t this piece of art captivating? What an awesome way to bring those beautiful butterflies to life by printing them on a sassy skirt to create a youthful vibe on the look.

Summer Fashion Crochet Tops and Aztec Long Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (34)
Travelling should be as stylish as your attire for a grand ball. Take this summer inspired stylish crochet top that is partnered with a skirt that is amazingly printed with Aztec forms.

Flouncy Yellow Skirt and Daring Crochet Crank Tops

maxi skirt outfit (35)
Looking for that daring and comfy look? Try this highly detailed and sexy crochet crank top and a flouncy skirt shining bright in yellow which makes the graceful movements of the style.

Stylish Boho Inspired Aztec Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (36)
Sexiness have never been this detailed. This is the kind of detail that you would need for your sexy and comfortable maxi skirt: a soft and Aztec printed maxi skirt.

Casual Outfit in White Crank Tops and Floral Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (37)
Spend your day with friends hanging out in the urban sides while staying graceful and beautiful in the purity of white crank top and the blooming aura of white floral maxi skirt.

Elegant Outfit in Crank Tops and Pleated Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (38)
This is the real presentation of elegance of the youth. This urban styled graceful get up is made by the white crank top and the genuinely detailed pleated maxi skirt.

Edgy fashion in Daring top and Aztec Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (39)
Red hot sexy aura is the subject of this attire. The black top delivers the daring side of the get up while the finely detailed Aztec skirt promotes the genuine character of it.

Cute and Sassy Outfit for Casual Get up

maxi skirt outfit (40)
This is certainly is a cute one! Walk the streets and pour some lovely effect around you as you wear this sassy outfit if white detailed crochet top and a graceful green skirt.

Cowboy Style in Dress Code and Aztec

maxi skirt outfit (41)
This is a country side inspired outfit, wearing the colors of nature in the brown top matched with finely detailed skirt.

Swimming Attire in Black Crank Top and White Skinny Skilt

maxi skirt outfit (42)
Dress up in style during your summer vacation. The combination of black crank top and white skirt with slit will surely blend together. It will definitely become fit and fashionable on you.

Beautiful Maxi Skirt with Butterfly and Floral Prints

maxi skirt outfit (43)
There’s nothing more comfortable than a loose skirt with these beautiful and colorful butterfly designs. It can be match with any neutral color tops and connotes a great fashion. It is best to wear with high heels.

Sophisticated All-Black Crank top and Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (44)
Get the feeling of sophistication and style with this all-black apparel. It’s an overall get up comprising of crank top and long loose skirt. It can be partnered with flat fashionable slippers and brown shoulder bag.

Civilian Style Denim Jacket, Sleeveless Tops, and Dark Grey Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (45)
Consider a boho chic as one of your off-beat style especially when wearing civilian outfits. The combination of simple garments such as V-neck sleeveless white, long sleeves denim, and gray long loose skirt will be surely great for you.

Edgy Turtle Neck Shirt, Leather Jacket, and Polka Dotted Red Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (46)
Manage your style with this edgy black tops and polka dotted long loose skirt in red color. The turtle neck tops can be partnered with black leather jacket for a sleek and funky look. You can accessorize the style by wearing shades and carrying a clutch bag.

Winter Wear Fashion in Leather Jacket and Pleated Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (47)
Don’t sacrifice your style during winter, it’s actually great season to come up with a unique and bizarre fashion. Try this black jacket with fur designs and partner it with long pleated loose dark green skirt. Pair it up with low-cut boots to make the fashion look more popular.

Voluptuous and Edgy V-neck Tops and Checkered Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (48)
Feel the season of autumn with this retro style in combination of black crank top and long loose checkered style skirt. You will surely look amazing and gorgeous with this apparel.

Lady in Flouncy Green Skirt and Leather Jacket

maxi skirt outfit (49)
Try this amazing casual outfit in black jacket and neon green long loose skirt. Partner the black jacket with a white shirt for the top wear to look awesome and cool.

Checkered Tops Partnered with Nylon Style Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (50)
If you love dark color apparels, you will surely love these combinations of checkered long sleeves and nylon long loose skirt. It’s a perfect outfit especially when you want to express your personality in style.

Winter Wear White Crank Top and Checkered Blue Long Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (51)
Even if it’s winter, you can actually wear a checkered maxi skirt and top it with a white long sleeves in crank top style. It will surely make you look fashionably great!

Great Dark Checkered Skirt and Knitted Coat for the Winter Season

maxi skirt outfit (52)
Play with your style by wearing gray shirt as inner top, wool over sized coat, and checkered flouncy skirt. It will make your fashion unique, classy, and appropriate for the chilling season.

Casual Black Long sleeves and Checkered Patterned Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (53)
Try the countryside look with this checkered long loose skirt and black long sleeves. It will surely make you look stylish and upstyle. Get a selfie with this awesome fashion and make your friends jealous.

Cowboy Style in Gray Long Sleeves and Crochet White Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (54)
Become fashionably great with the combination of the gray long sleeves, red checkered long loose, and floppy hat. This makes your style in a countryside fashion.

Denim Long Sleeves and Crochet Flouncy Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (55)
Spice up your character, style, and charisma with this playful combination of garments. The colorful loose skirt and long sleeve denim will surely make you look retro and beautiful.

Beautiful Black Long Sleeves and Crochet White Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (56)
Make your look in contemporary style composing of a knitted black tops, crochet white long skirt, and pair of converse shoes. It will surely make you look young, cool, and fashionable.

Checkered Maxi Skirt and White Long Sleeves

maxi skirt outfit (57)
Dress up with these beautiful garments comprising of cotton white long sleeves, classic leather belt, checkered maxi skirt, Matine hat, and T-strap sandals. The top wear and skirt blend together as they make you look a pretty and fabulous lady.

Blue Checkered Long Skirt and White Long Sleeves

maxi skirt outfit (58)
Get in touch with the sunny day with this fabulous outfit in white long sleeves and checkered long loose skirt. Try to knot the edge of the long sleeves to add sexiness on the style and accessorize it with a shades and bag to look sophisticated.

Voluptuous and Funky Style in Black and Red

maxi skirt outfit (59)
Try this amazing countryside style in black long sleeves, red checkered long loose skirt, and low-cut boots. This will definitely make you look funky, cool, and awesome.

Sophisticated Style in Black Long Sleeves and Pleated Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (60)
Do you want to have a summer beach look? This lovely apparel will definitely suit on you. Try the combination of black long sleeves and green long loose skirt to make the crowd jealous of your style.

Flouncy Gray and Pleated Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (61)
For a conservative with a style like you, try the amazing combination of white long sleeves with crochet design, gray long loose skirt, and black pointed toe shoes.

Gorgeous Summer outfit in Blue Crank Top and Floral Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (63)
Get this amazing girly outfit in sky blue color and straw hat accessory for a summer look apparel. It will definitely suit you! The floral designs of the skirt make you look more feminine, cheerful, and delicate. The crank top and straw hat make you look in happy vibe during the summer season.

Elegant Turtle Neck Long Sleeves and Flouncy Gray Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (64)
Are you a fan of sleek, edgy, and conservative style? This look defines all of it. The turtle neck gray long sleeve matches with the polka dotted see-through long loose skirt. Plus, make it more fashionable with red satchel bag and red pointed shoes.

Denim Long Sleeves and Floral Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (65)
Feel like a teenager with the combination of the white shirt, denim long sleeves, and floral long skirt. It will definitely make you look simply fashionable and on-the-edge with this apparel.

Striped Long Sleeves and Black Long Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (66)
Come up with an edgy and gorgeous style by wearing a striped long sleeve tops and black pleated skirt with amazing fabric. It will definitely make you look like a celebrity and a model.

V-neck sleeveless Tops and Floral Skirt in Orange

maxi skirt outfit (67)
Make this outfit like a crush because of its beautiful floral designs and plain top wear. The combination of the apparel are simply great and it will make the wearer look delicate, feminine, and cheerful.

Sexy White Tops and floral Skirt in Orange

Feel the summer heat with the combination of the white sleeveless tops, braided style leather belt, and orange floral long loose skirt. It will make you look cheerful and excited because of the lively color of the skirt.

Sexy Outfit in Sleeves and Black Skirt with Slits

maxi skirt outfit (69)
This boyish and sexy look style is definitely a modern fashion trend. The combination of the white polo shirt and dark blue long loose skirt are suited together. It looks upstyle because of the skirt’s slit design and knotted edge of the shirt.

Dark Blue Tops and Brown flouncy Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (70)
Try a different color combination such as brown and blue to come up with a unique style. This fashion will make you look like in a countryside and summer vacation.

Edgy Crochet Long Sleeves and Dirty Pink Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (71)
Spice up your day with an edgy white crochet tops, dirty pink long loose skirt, and fashionable chunky heel shoes. Make your fashion trendy and superb with the combination of this apparel.

Sleeveless White and Fatigue Colored Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (72)
If you want to wear simple clothes, you may try these apparels in white sleeveless tops, flouncy dark green skirt, white straw hat, and heeled black slippers for your summer trips.

Summer style outfit in Sleeveless and Maxi Skirt

Embrace a simple fashion for your summer look with the combination of white shirt with beautiful embroidery and Aztec designed blue long skirt in straight-cut tapestry. It will surely make you look good and fine with this fashionable outfit.

Edgy and Boho chic Inspired Black and White

maxi skirt outfit (74)
Get trendy with this style in black long sleeves crank top and high-waist long loose skirt with amazing designs. Pair it up with a panama hat, clutch bag, and white pointed shoes.

Daring black Brassiere and Floral Skirt for Summer

maxi skirt outfit (75)
Show off your figure with the combination of black sexy brassiere and straight-cut long loose skirt with Aztec designs. It will definitely stand out during the summer escapade.

Cute and Sassy Striped Long Sleeves and Polka Dotted Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (76)
Try this sassy and playful style comprising of striped long sleeves, high-waist polka dotted skirt with black ribbon, and T-strap red shoes. It will make you surely look fashionable inside and out!

Long Gray Shirt and Flouncy Pink Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (77)
Get a sassy style with the combination of gray shirt, pink flouncy dress, and high-end fashionable shoulder bag. The look is just simple yet amazing in the crowd’s view.

Sophisticated Black Crochet Tops and See-through Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt outfit (78)
The crochet crank top makes the wearer appear daring, charming, and appealing. The long black see-through skirt emphasize the tallness and slimness of your figure. The glittering silver belt makes the skirt lively and fashionable.