155 Funny Mom Memes About What Life Is Like With Toddlers

Funny mom memes are super trendy these days because mothers are absolutely special. Of course, she carried you inside a protective bag inside her tummy,— away from all the blended food she’s been eating! Then, she housed you for nine months until, Voilà! You came out as a plump baby! But, we, as babies don’t stop there, don’t we? We are cute and adorable, as well as a whole lot of mess for moms to deal with.

Now, what’s up with these memes? Motherhood is a seriously tough job. But as mothers, children are blessings that give us a sense of fulfillment, love, and the side of it that holds all the peals of laughter. Do you know that crazy feeling of crying while laughing? Yeah, it makes us all humans, don’t we?

If you’re a parent and you have extroverted kiddo you are well aware of how these tiny rugrats possess some seriously, um, “freakish” qualities. There ain’t no stopping these funny mom memes about toddlers that driving us up a wall from sun-up to sun-down anytime soon. Enjoy the read!

Family portraits make the very sentimental value as something to look back. But, what makes it even more memorable is when a supposed proper family picture goes hilariously wrong. Like “Ahhh, look at that little weirdo right there!” But, let’s be candid, whether it’s a portrait taken on a photo studio or just some random vacation pic, is there ever a family without a single hilarious photo of their toddlers looking awkward?

Losing sight of your kid is the quickest way to send your stress levels into overdrive. Literally the scariest shit any parent can experience as Children tend to become very restless. So, the golden hack when out and about with toddlers somewhere public is to use a safety harness and leash.

Okay, we’re familiar with how good pictures can go seriously wrong, right? Children’s birthday parties are forever memorable events as parents. It’s adorable seeing our kid’s happy smile while blowing candles on his birthday cake. And of course, when they open their presents. But then again, not all toddlers will have the same reaction. Other photos (as the one shown above) are just a hysterically unflattering birthday memory.

Having kids takes partnership in an entirely different voyage. In a vast range of feelings, as you and your partner go along parenthood, dying sex life is anything but unusual. Toddlers are clingy. They find comfort sleeping on their daddy’s arm or mommy’s chest like little sex leeches, sucking the life out of our bedroom activities. Better start a creative plan to protect your sex life before the boat sinks.

Every mom would be so proud when their little ones offer a helping hand, who doesn’t? However, they obviously need training for their precision. Pro-tip; Ask your kiddos to help you clean a mess only when you are supercharged. And I mean, only when you have spent one night in a coma for more than eight hours, and you have gulped the strongest, freshly brewed coffee. You are welcome!

At first, we might still find it funny to see that cute pasta sauce smudged face grab food off his high-chair tray, and launches it on the floor. However, the more frequent that there’s more food on the floor than in your baby’s mouth, the cuteness just wears off along with your patience. Kids can literally turn your permed hair back into tangled phone cords in a short time.

And when your husband gets home, you will also have tantrums over nothing. The newborn phase is thrilling to look forward to when it’s your first baby. However, the change will test your sanity when your precious babies enter the wonderful world of toddlerhood. What does it take to shut your whining kid? A stroke of extra-strength good luck. That shit can’t get any real than that. Nah, you will get over it!

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Isn’t it exciting when toddlers become older brothers or sisters? We get to teach them how to gentle and nurturing tiny human beings. Of course, it’s essential to watch their relationship blossom with their newborn sibling. Some toddlers get super excited when they see a baby! Yet, others get too scared or curious that they might think the baby is a toy.

When you are single, designer bags, shoes, and other girly stuff are what most women consider luxury rewards. Then, there goes parenthood. A complete flip side of the single life, you’d feel like you just won a lottery for being able to crash to your bad after a day of a long haul. Sleep is indeed a luxury, isn’t it mommies? Bless your growing eye bags, they need to calm down.

You: Who knows how big or small you are? But as a full-size adult, you’d be surprised at how the heck you can sleep in only one position, which sideways.

Your kid: Some diapered butt smooshed against your cheek who is not even two feet tall, but occupies 60% of your bed.

You, the next day: Goddammit!

After all, they are babies. Babies are rarely NOT clingy to their moms. Setting up a bedtime routine, and eventually helping toddlers establish good sleeping habits takes a lot of restless nights for parents, especially, when preparing these little ones to sleep by themselves in their own bedrooms!

Hard Fact: Babies are from their mommy’s personal space. However, when you are a mother, there’s no such thing as Personal SPACE! No matter where you go, what you do, when you do it, toddlers are always in your FACE. But hey! They are cute AF and just as annoying AF.

Just a rational observation about parenthood. Isn’t it bizarre how certain situations can irksomely inspire to add another word to our vocabulary? Before having kids, “I have my very own library,” you say. After having kids, “I have an entire floor space of clutter,” you say. Let’s not forget book pages and magazine covers full of doodles. If you even get luckier, the book pages might end up inside your toddler’s toy pot playing master chef.

Those angelic little human beings we love so much can turn into 3-year-old monsters — REALLY quick. Despite how enticing it is to raise kids and be a super incredibly sweet parent, it only takes suitably massive toddler meltdowns to make all parents realize the euphoric feeling of a joyfully fleeting soul back to the bed.

Sorry, the saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” just doesn’t sit right with breastfeeding mommas. Female’s milk bags are can turn into faucets ya know. When this pair starts spitting boobie liquid, you have to be quick on plan B.  We are talking about effortlessly pumping six ounces of breast milk. That’s a superpower for crying out loud!

Silent toddlers mean TROUBLE! Particularly, when it’s a twosome or a gang of curious rugrats on the loose. It’s easier to get paranoid if you don’t hear anything from them than actually get used to their screams. Silence can mean your white walls are brimming with marker doodles. Your underwear could be in your dog’s mouth. Or, maybe, your credit cards are presently floating in the toilet bowl, ready to get flushed.

Besides dried boogers, babies and toddlers can go all Wolverine on your nose or cheeks! Baby fingers are undoubtedly adorable but not those cutesy fingernails that are sharp enough to make razor blades seem like warm gummy bears. Yes, they have tiny edge weapons like claws to leave your face with stinging pain.

Truth be told! Motherhood will bring out the best in you. It will shape the best multitasker in you that you never imagined you are capable of. Toddlers are cute, very curious, and when they grow up so fast, we wish they stay as toddlers. Besides, they keep your life busy. In fact, too busy that you find it hard to tell the difference of 11 days from 11 years.

Children learn to express their thoughts and feelings through various mediums as their cognitive skills start to develop. Drawing is the most common Kickstarter in exploring hobbies. Their artworks are so precious that they should be displayed as a memory of their childhood! Also, cuties ages two to four years of age express the truth straight from their genuine hearts. Yet, innocent drawings reveal in one form or another. It’s either creepy or an awkward truth, —the kind of truth that slaps hard. Well, they are funny.

Y’all think those diaper-rocking rugrats ain’t smart? Y’all wrong. The moment babies recognize that it is their bodies they see in the mirror, they can talk to themselves. And although we can only hear baby talk, those are words of encouragement, like “pretend you are sleeping while mommy is watching, then, wake up and play when she leaves the door.” Got it? Toddlers are clever.

What is challenging about toddlers is how to get them to eat veggies. Most of them refuse to eat some foods, not because of the taste, but because they are distracted by something. It could be distracted by a cartoon movie or dogs playing. Others, just don’t like some food textures too. And this is why it’s very rewarding when they eat and emptied a bowl of whatever you prepared.


Funny Mom Memes Is Also About Husbands

Children can be a recipe for disaster, especially when it is bedtime. They become crankier and crankier, resisting to shut their eyes, and keeping calm is hard to do. Even couples compete in the kid’s sleep battles. Who is best in sending them to dreamland and keep them in bed without a fight. The best bet that a husband and wife do, #parentgoals.

It’s hard to find the right words that can do more justice to the message than this funny mom meme. Yet, no matter how tough it is to raise children, there’s always something to smile about, such as using a toothbrush for your eyebrows. Cheers to this life hack just in case your naughty baby recently chewed on your mascara’s brush.

Oh, isn’t it insane how time flies so fast? Your kids are growing inches taller and are some pounds heavier within just several years. Yet, you missed how long ago was the last time you actually updated your wardrobe. Not until you meet your friends again in a college or high school reunion. Well, you can just pretend that you intended a ‘throwback’ style. This funny mom meme just nailed it.

Most stressful occupations can drive your ass to the point of just not wanting to get up and haul your lethargic body to work. —Except when you are a mom with tons of mom-related tasks to do. Case on point, if you have kids, you’d better believe that the effects of coffee and dealing with children daily are pretty similar. Maybe the mom’s life is less complicated if kids are like baby ducks.

Let’s admit that kids ask the darndest questions that seem simple but are quite tough to answer! Like, how can you explain to your disappointed toddler that the dinosaur can’t roar because it ran out of power and you don’t have extra batteries for it? And the tractor toy won’t make digging noises anymore because they are wrecked? Let’s just hope a shrug would do the trick.

These are some of the sh*ts you just can’t seem to get away from. To look as if a grenade just landed on you. When you see your children misbehaving, you sometimes can’t help but let your frustration get the best of you. Note; a highly important reminder. When asked this question, refocus your thoughts.

Ahhh, babies bring so much joy in our lives, don’t they? We all get pretty excited when they say their first words, “mama or dada.” Some even film it! Yet. One of the most challenging things parents face is when kids call you into their room, in the bathroom, and anywhere else that will require you to run like hell.

How to work out like crazy? Sign up to parenthood. The contract varies in every family. But you shall expect a different take of cardio exercises. It’s quite easy to forget how exhausting it is to chase kids around despite their small legs. Yet, when we start going after our breath, we realize these little rugrats running in every direction are out-of-control tornadoes.

How do we know when a child’s sound recognition starts? Oh way early, darling! SO, don’t be surprised seeing those chubby cheeks widening, adorable eyes popping out, and just staring at you without blinking. Plus, the drool when your little human recognizes the source of the sound. Goodluck.

Naked chunky human beings with their bare butts in the tub, what a fun time of the day, isn’t it? Here’s one of the leading funny mom memes that are absolutely spot on! Don’t you think this is where the enormously popular song “baby shark” is inspired by? Maybe that’ why they think they can splash like a happy baby shark.

Any parent would be so thrilled to get through the putting our children to bed phase just so you can finally chill and rest. Yet, parenthood makes you want to catch up on what’s going on in this world more than crashing to bed. It looks like there is a need to trick the brain into how not to regret this.

Comparing Toddlers To Animals, Agree?

Back in the day, parents use a makeshift belt to tie around the waist of their naughty toddlers when in a public place. At least, now, you can buy specially designed harness straps to Keep your youngsters close without the scare of them getting out of sight. It still allows them to jump and roll all they want and still be next to you all the time when you are out and about.

By the time children reach the toy section, and you tell them they can’t get the darn toy they got their eyes on, their alter ego switches in seconds. Well, talk about seeing a kid start metamorphosing into a possessed little angry beast as you drag them out of Walmart. Yes, kids are unquestionably special.

Ahh, dining out with toddlers is among the cutest family activities to do as a parent. But, be prepared to handle whatever drama your little human dishes out. Two or three-year-old children are quite a handful to behave in restaurants. It’s quite ironic how going out in a restaurant means a red alert. This funny mom meme pretty much sums it all up.

Hey! Let’s appreciate the super fabulous moms who can still flaunt their glamorous looks while holding a Tetra Pak, and chocolate chip cookies. It takes a lot of IDGAF confidence to look sassy as hell like Beyonce aka Queen B.

Finally, your baby has entered the wonderful world of toddlerhood, and they are more capable now to give you a greater headache. In your mind, you are close to begging your kid to bend the knee as you stare at their mischievous smile. It’s just a small slice of all the adjustments you need to deal with daily.

What a fantabulous moment it is when your kid is in bed sleeping, and you have the entire pantry to yourself? It’s a perfect opportunity to munch on a pint of ice cream or a big slice of chocolate cake! But, they better not your baby’s favorite candies you have in your mouth, or else, get your ears ready for a brain-shaking cry of an upset toddler!

Mom’s going out for a quick buy, leaving dad with the munchkins in their nappies. Don’t you think that motherhood pretty much resembles a military job? Except that your five-minute deployment to the nearest store feels like your husband is gonna lose his mind. But hey! Dads know a hack or two when it comes to babies, they just overreact though.

Toddlers think your head is a stool, so, they put their nappied ass on your face. Toddlers think your lap is a sofa, so, they sleep on your lap. Toddlers think you are a trampoline when you lay in bed on your tummy, so, they jump in joy on your ass. This funny mom meme just shows that toddlers are crazy AF. Period.

Reality check. Work from home has its nays besides the yays. It only becomes convenient when you know how to have handling skills of a marvel mom. No need to change costumes, no professional makeup artist needed to look like a wee banshee and defo less effort to look like a total scary AF mess. You have to learn how to play horror to keep your kids tied up in bed so you can work in peace. Thank me later.

Being a mom means ” personal space” becomes an almost unfamiliar word. If there’s a dear pantry about a few big steps yonder, make a run for it! You can just grab a whole box of kisses chocolate. Speed your way to the food storage, and lock the door. Make a social distancing for 30 minutes until your kiddos are tired of screaming.

Every mom dealing with the same, old ” the worst part of every day” ends up texting other moms for comfort. But here’s a tip, alternatively, do it the old school way. Make a huge signboard outside. If your kiddo is one unique gift that any new owner might either love or go totally nuts about, make sure you make a very clear return policy. And don’t forget the warranty as well. Fingers crossed. Good luck.

People have different views and opinions about vaccines. We live in a post-truth world. So, vaccines are a touchy subject. People quickly display claws right into the moment they hear something they don’t like. So, it’s a hard pass to put your two cents in. Let’s just set it this way, that very short discussion just had its expected result to several kids, whatever that means.