Why You Need To Attend Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week (PFW) begins on the 27th February, and you can practically hear the paparazzi at their stations already. All fashion weeks are a great way to feel inspired and understand what is currently on trend; however we believe that attending PFW is the best of the best. What better destination for Fashion Week than the city that’s hugely renowned for its attention to contemporary fashion? Once you’ve packed your most extravagant outfits and completed your EHIC renewal, these are plenty of reasons as to why PFW has your name on it, and we’ve listed just a few for you.

Incredible Street Style

We admit that a lot of the outfits you see on the catwalk are a little too out-there for every day wear, however it isn’t just the models that you should be paying attention to. VIP guests of PFW will be donning their designer outfits, with many falling under the ‘street style’ category. While we can’t all afford Givenchy or Prada, the street style that’s present at PFW can give you a lot of inspiration about how to style your current wardrobe, and you might even find your new favourite pair of jeans. With the right research, you’d be surprised at how many designer dupes you can find for a fraction of the price!

Opportunity To Photograph Models Yourself

Attending fashion events such as PFW aren’t just for people who are interested in the fashion industry – they’re also a great hub to develop your photography skills. Fashion and photography go hand in hand, with famous magazines such as Elle and Vogue being known for their incredible photoshoots of celebrities in current, designer outfits. At PFW, you have the opportunity to sneak backstage and photograph numerous different models as they prepare for the catwalk, so you can put your photography skills to the test. Who knows, you might be Vogue’s next leading photographer!

Motivation To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As we’ve already mentioned, PFW certainly isn’t an event that shies away from extravagant, sometimes even bizarre, pieces. We aren’t telling you to go out and purchase an out-there piece just yet, however PFW can give you the confidence and inspiration that you need to slowly incorporate some trendy pieces into your wardrobe that you might have been afraid of wearing before. Small things such as stud-embellished boots or a pearl-covered beret will be enough to give you the confidence that you need with fashion, allowing you to be more daring with the outfits that you wear.

Powerful Statements

You might not think about this before attending a PFW, but you’ll often find that undeniably powerful statements can be made on the catwalk – and we aren’t just talking about the general outfit here. With many industries suffering from sexual abuse lately, including modelling, women and men alike are taking a stand to put an end to the horror that many have faced. PFW is a platform for designers to express their opinions and relate to social activism. A perfect example of this would be Maria Grazia Chiruri’s collection for Dior, with t-shirts promoting feminism and women’s rights, which was a very contemporary issue at the time of release.

Attending PFW is a great way to spark some inspiration and guide you to make more daring choices when shopping for outfits. Not everyone is comfortable with diving in head-first, however small, subtle changes can make a huge difference, so never be afraid!