Top 15 Nick Young Haircuts to Have You Looking Swaggy

Nick Young haircuts are among the trendiest you’ll find anywhere these days. If you are in search of a great haircut to accentuate your looks this year, then you should go for one of these. Anyone who is an ardent follower of the NBA should have seen Nick Young on the screen at least once.

About Nick Young

Every time you see Nick, you are sure to see him wearing a very cool hairstyle. He is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable men in the NBA today. This is especially due to his hairstyles. If you can get your hands on any of his hairstyles, you should attract looks when you show up.

It is normal for a man to have a favorite haircut that he sports more than every other haircut, the same goes for Nick. The hairstyle he sports the most is the Swaggy P haircut and you will be seeing several variations of this later in this post.

No doubt, most people, especially African American men, want to replicate many of his hairstyles as they ooze style, glam, and class. Nick is a basketball player and obviously, his looks are very important, not just for his public image but also to boost his confidence as a player. That is one thing a good haircut does for you, it boosts your confidence.

There are several variants of the Swaggy P haircut, there is the Mohawk, the tapered fade highlights, the thick sponge curls, etc. At this point, we should understand something. It is not all of these styles that were invented by Nick Young, most of them just gained popularity because he frequently wore them.

Nick always loves to get a taper fade, if you are going to pull off any of his haircuts, then you must be ready to do the same. The sides are tapered having a neat lineup and the rest fades into the skin seamlessly.

Before we check out the different Nick Young haircuts, let us discuss a little about him and get a few facts about replicating his hairstyles.

Other Details ABout Nick Young

If you have never heard the name or have a vague idea about who he is, here is a bit of information. Nick Young is a professional basketball player who plays in the NBA. He was born on June 1, 1985, and originally christened Nicholas Aaron Young.

Nick is nicknamed Swaggy P (which he says is a pseudonym for “Prophet of Swag”) and he last starred for the Denver Nuggets. He plays to positions majorly, as a small forward and also as a shooting guard. Over his long basketball career, he has won several honors, most recently the NBA Championship in 2018 with the Golden State Warriors.

Best hair grooming tips for black men based on Nick Young’s inspiration

Your hair is one of the most important parts of your body and there are several reasons why this is so. The most paramount of these reasons is that the hair is the first part of your body anyone sees on the first contact. Your hair gives the first impression about you and as you know, first impressions last the longest and are difficult to change.

Let’s check out a few grooming steps you should carry out if you are ever going to get a proper hold on Nick Young’s haircuts.

First tip: Do not shampoo your hair too frequently

Most men do the exact opposite of this and it is probably because they feel it will do them a lot of good. The truth is that frequent shampooing is not too good for your hair. No one likes greasy hair but shampooing daily is not the best way to get the gunk out of your hair.

The more you shampoo your hair, the more you strip it of the natural nutrients that help it to be better managed. You are actually overkilling your hair if you keep shampooing it daily, this is because the shampoo takes away the natural oils that are meant to protect the hair.

It is best to use shampoo just a few times a week rather than every time you have a bath. This way, you keep your hair healthy and easier to manage.

Second tip: Moisturize daily

Alright, you can’t shampoo daily but you should definitely moisturize the hair daily. It is very easy for your hair to lose moisture, especially when you are out during the day. When your scalp is well-moisturized, you can be sure you will have very soft hair growing out of it in no time.

Since it is not advisable to shampoo daily, you can wash off using a conditioner. This will also help you replenish the hair and scalp. After this, you should get a quality hydrating cream to sort out your moisturizing needs. Make sure the moisturizer is distributed all through the skin for best results.

Third tip: Pick a low-maintenance style

There are certain hairstyles that are easy to manage. Make sure that you like the style and you are comfortable with. You may decide to let your hair grow out like Nick’s and take advantage of his sponge, Mohawk, or twist styles.

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Fourth tip: The right products

When you make use of the right products it becomes easy to manage the hair and keep it healthy so you can style your hair easily. It is best to go with natural products. Make sure you are not picking a product because it is cheap, it could be disastrous.

Nick Young Haircuts

Perfectly clean Nick Young haircut

This is one of the cleanest cuts Young has sported in a while. The sides, as well as the front, are neatly cut. The hair is lined properly towards the forehead and as is expected with Nick, he is still showing off his curls. The hair fades neatly to the sides as it approaches the top of the ears. It is a cool, modern hairstyle you should try out when next you go to the barber.

Full afro Mohawk Nick young haircut

This hairstyle might be a bit confusing at first glance because it resembles both an Afro and a Mohawk. The sides of the hair are tapered very low, almost at the ears. This is definitely one very kinky haircut you should choose if you have the full hair to achieve it.

Masterful fade Nick Young haircut

You will always need the services of a skillful barber if you want to get a perfect fade, which is what Nick does on this style. The haircut embraces the curls in his hair perfectly and the fades create the perfect contrast for the design. It is a cool design if you have an oval-shaped head and little facial hair.

Short Locks Nick Young haircut

Locks look great, whether long or short. Nick sports these short locks which look like a Mohawk. The sides of the hair are tapered into a low fade and he has very little facial hair. This is a cool yet very kinky haircut for a red carpet or new briefing engagement.

Curly Top with a side part

Nick sure like to show off his curls and we love to see them too. His curls are left very high and full in this hairstyle stretching from front to back neatly. The side part comes between the top curls and the taper on the side. You should not have any issues with early morning grooming as you just need to get up and running after maybe a flush of hair spray. By the way, the curls at the top make the haircut look like a Mohawk.

Messy wide Mohawk Nick Young cut

You are not likely to notice that this is a Mohawk at first glance but it really is. The hair is not too neat at the top, neither is it properly lined in front or even at the sides. The sides of this haircut are tapered, though not neatly. The look is scruffy but he still looks very fresh. You have to give it to Nick, he makes any hairstyle look classy and cute.

Temple fade Nick young haircut

Just look at how cute Nick looks with this haircut and again, he’s showing off his curls. The curls are full at the top of the head with the sides fading into a taper towards the ears. You can wear this haircut to any occasion, even in a corporate setting.

Mohawk taper fade Nick Young haircut

This is just like the regular fade, just that the curls at the top form a subtle wide Mohawk. The sides are slightly tapered before being faded just at the top of the ears. This bold look will make you fit in perfectly to any setting, whether a casual event or an evening out with friends. His smile complements the hairstyle and makes look way cooler.

Temple faded sponge twists

The top hair is twisted to form a very full thick sponge. It is almost like he is wearing a sponge hat. The sides are tapered and while the front is neatly lined to give it a cool look. As usual, Nick completes this haircut with a cute smile.

Bold curly tops

One of the most popular types of Mohawk is curly Mohawk. The curls are highlighted very subtly with some blonde elements. The sides of the hair are shaved while the top is long covering from the front to the back. This is a great hairstyle to try out in the summer because the hair is lighter during this period. When you want to try out this hairstyle, you may decide to do with or without the blonde elements. It all depends on your preference, any will look great.

Nick Young Haircuts roundup

The fact Nick Young hairstyles are among the trendiest these days is established all through this post. You should try out one of the hairstyles published in this post for your next haircut. We will like to read about your experience, drop your comments in the comments section below.