116 Gorgeous Wispy Bangs Perfect For Any Hairstyle

The last few years have seen many different hairstyles that managed to catch everyone’s heart. Women go crazy about them – copying them in any style and variation. Beauty and fashion have been part of our lives – hairstyles, for example, are extremely important. If you are planning on having a fringe, wispy bangs would be a great idea and we gathered hundreds of them for your inspiration!

This fringe hairstyle is cut lightly in feathered style while appearing to be divided in a subtle way. These are the seamless French bangs that women get so obsessed for years with their wispiness taking center stage. They can blend into any hairstyle you already have – creating a fresh makeover for you.

Long, short, wavy, curly, or straight hair, this fringe will work great with any hair type or texture. It doesn’t matter how you want it styled. What’s important is that it gives you beauty and comfort at the same time.

There are many variations and styles that you can try with this fringe. It’s good for face-framing and covers some parts of your face that you don’t want to show. This depends on how it’s cut, which may need a hair expert to help you. Although you can do this at home, you may need to have someone who knows better or a professional hairstylist.

However, if you are confident to do it yourself, we will also provide you some tips and tutorials below. We also have a few hair products that you can find at the beauty shops that you can use for your new hairstyle.

It’s a versatile hairstyle that works well with any face shape – taking you to a different dimension of beauty and fashion.

Let’s take a close look at our collection of wispy bangs!

Subtle swooping bangs

Looking mysterious and aesthetically pretty, long bangs that swooping your eyes are so gorgeous.

wispy-bangs Simple fringe for shoulder-length hair
Simple yet elegant, you can add more beauty to your mid-length hair regardless of its texture.
Purple bangs
Your A-line or wedge haircut can be prettier and chicer with a subtle purple fringe. The addition of purple hair color is definitely magnificent!

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Full fringe on straight locks

Straight hair is perfect to have bangs – classy bangs can rock both beauty and fashion. Here’s one good example of this hairstyle.

Classic wispy fringe
The classic wispy fringe is normally thick from the roots, but it gets thinner towards the ends. It’s cut at the browse and paired with any hair lenght or tecture. This one has the bob cut with subtle waves.
 Straight bangs on wavy hair
Miley Cyrus is one of the celebrities that are not afraid to take the plunge on different hairstyles. She has been a fashion inspiration among women in all walks of life. We’ve seen her rocked the undercut, pixie cut, and many more. But here’s a stylish and unique one that she has worn that inspires a lot of us – beach waves with beautiful fringe in style!
Classic French bangs

Every French woman knows this – we all love their classic French bangs! It’s very romantic yet it signifies strength in feminity. We are loving the blunt cut though!

Layered bangs
We’ve seen celebrities with this style with both sides longer than in the middle. We love how the layers come into one beautiful fringe while its wispiness is highlighted. Take those rollers and get some layered waves too!
Side-parted fringe
While others love to be blunt with their bangs, some of you would love to have a side-parted fringe with wisp ends. It’s ideal for your daily look or even on special occasions.
Side-swept fringe
If you have thick hair, this would be a great idea as it will highlight the texture while making it look in style. It’s also perfect to adorn your jawline.
Long-sided bangs

A classic French fringe combined with long-sided bangs is a great hairstyle that you can try this year. We love how subtle this fringe is!

 Long wispy fringe updo
An updo couldn’t be more perfect when paired with long wispy fringe and dark rooted blonde hair. It’s a great hairstyle combination for your next makeover!
Blunt choppy fringe
Dramatic and elegant, you can have this hairstyle if you want to look romantic and stylish at the same time. You can pair this with smokey eyes and full lashes and you are good to go!
How to cut the wispy fringe
If you are an expert yourself, you can do this at home by yourself with ease. If you are not too keen on doing it yourself, go see a professional hairstylist to help you achieve the look. Otherwise, we will provide you step by step tutorials so you can do it without trouble.

You will need flat iron, rat-tailed comb, hair clip, and hair cutting scissors to do this. Follow these steps to get the wispy fringe you have been dreaming about.

  1. Your hair needs the lightness that the bangs must have. Use a blowdryer to do it so it would be easier to cut.
  2. From the mohawk section of your hair, gather the strands that you need to cut and straighten by section.
  3. Comb a section of the hair down and let it fall right on your face and arrange the section the way you like it to seat in place. Remember that it should be light and wispy.
  4. Right in the middle of the bangs, gather a thin section and hold it closer to your face. This would allow you to cut it at the right length.
  5. Point the scissors downwards and open them so your hair would be close to the end. As you move them down your hair, lightly open and close them to give the bangs the feathered look.
  6. Cut the rest of your bangs following the same steps. They should be longer on the sides and shorter at the center.
  7. Style your bangs the way you want it.

Here’s a step by step photo tutorial on how to cut the wispy bangs. Doesn’t it look great?

Messy fringe
Messy hair don’t care! Sometimes, tousled hair is sexy. It’s as if you just got out of bed yet you still look classy and chic.
Big messy braid and long side bangs
A big braid is gorgeous, but to pair it with a messy style side bangs with longer length is something special!
Shag cut with layered wispy bangs
It’s definitely stunning to match the bangs with a shag cut in a golden brown hair. May it be a formal or non-formal event, you can absolutely trust this style. It’s one of your favorites!
Dishevelled bangs
While it’s always great to see a neatly combed hairstyle with bangs, a dishevelled one is dazzling. It look very effortless and easy to style.
Neatly sectioned bangs
If messy hair is gorgeous and sexy, the neat one is striking too. Long and straight hair is always ideal for this hairstyle to highlight the texture.
Big waves and feathered bangs
The lightness and wispiness of this hairstyle is ideal to keep up with the modern fashion that we have now. Whether you have short or long hair, the bangs are always sexy and chic!
Messy waves
Tousled hairstyles right now are so famous everyone is on it. If you have long and curly hair, this would be a perfect highlight to it. Whether or not it’s summer, it’s still a head-turned and sexy!
Inward bangs

If your bangs are starting to grow out, you can still wear it in style. You just need a round brush and put it underneath your fringe while blowdrying them. Yes, you still can be stylish and gorgeous at the same time!

Ice-blonde elegant bangs
The cold never bother me anyway! Yes, this hair color reminds of Elsa on the animated film Frozen. The beauty of this hair color can be highlighted with the lovely wispy fringe while allowing the entire hair fall off freely. It’s lovely!
Layered and choppy wispy bangs
While the lightness of the bangs shouldn’t be taken for granted, you can still style it with your entire hair the way you like it. If you want it short, get a choppy bob, layer it and don’t forget the fringe!
Bangs ala Beyonce
No one beats the Queen Bey! The American singer has rocked so many hairstyles that we all love – from short, medium to long hair, she has tried it with a statement. This one looks gorgeous on her waves lounging around her shouders and a feathered fringe to match it with. It’s lovely indeed!
Jet black wavy bangs
Black is elegant! If you prefer an updo for your black hair but you still want to keep it chic, get some feathered wavy bangs that you can rock this year. It’s gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful!
Inward bangs and waves

Here’s another example of inward bangs that you can try to freshen up your hairstyle. A round brush and a blowdryer are all you need to achieve this look. Don’t forget to get those waves that we all are crazy about!

Slightly parted bangs

While others want it blunt, you may like it styled as slightly parted with a subtle touch of tousled style. It’s one of the go-to hairstyles nowadays.

The classic bob
There is nothing prettier than a classic hairstyle that has been making huge waves for years. Short hair is pretty awesome, especially when paired with classic feathered bangs to rock this year.
Curly with side-swept bangs
If you have short and curly hair, you can be very stylish with it by adding the ever-gorgeous side-swept bangs.
Thick with long sides wispy bangs
Thick bangs are always gorgeous to look at, especially when you have them long on the sides. While they’re usually cut bluntly, you can still be stylish with them by getting an updo. It’s also ideal for formal occasions!
Long and wispy side bangs
You can divide your bangs in two sections – one to the side, the other to one side. Combing them through the ends will create a subtle feathered look. It’s great when you have sexy beach waves!
Blunt bangs

Cut bluntly, the bangs will drape over your eyes while making it look feathered and wispy at the same time. Yes, Beyonce can rock this too!

Inward blunt bangs
The inward bangs aren’t only for those who have their bangs already grown out but it’s also great for those who have blunt bangs. You try it and you will have a doll-like hairstyle to pair it with your smokey eyes and full lashes!Feathered and parted bangs
Cut in layers, you can have a feathered look hairstyle through your bangs that are slightly parted to create a chic look. The golden blonde hair color is a plus!Slighty side-swept fringe
With a few strangs right in the middle of your bangs, be stylish with your fringe by sweeping it to each side. It’s very chic and innocent at the same time! Feathered black bangs
For thick hair, black bangs are blunt and elegant. Get some few strands to cover your forehead and let the rest of it to each side.Dark roots with feathered look
When you have dark roots, it gives your face a different dimension. You can pair it with tousled locks that you can wear any time.
Elegant layered bangs

For formal events, don’t think that you can only wear a hairstyle that’s formal like an updo. But ideally, any hairstyle should do best even the ones that are tousled but with touch of elegance.

High bun updo
For an updo, bangs that are wispy and long on the sides are so gorgeous that you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s a perfect hairstyle on special events or even on regular days. Summer or not, it’s a gorgeous look for you!
More hairstyles to choose from
We still have so many photo inspiration for you below that you can try this year. Check out more of this collection and get ready for a makeover! Now that you’ve seen our wispy bangs collection, are you now ready to take the plunge? Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear from! Drop your comments below!