Inspiring Great physic: Turning into what you wanted

If drools and second looks from people is what you want, all that you need to do is build your body. Seems easy right? Hold on, building your body to get that inspiring great jaw dropping physic is not an easy task. It’s as difficult a task to build your body as it is to lose weight. As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day, you need to have immense perseverance to attain what you want, i.e. a great looking body. Having a well built body does not come at a snap of a finger and you will have to maintain it through the rest of your life. This is one way in which you can take care of your body as well. By strengthening your bones and muscles you will keep diseases like osteoporosis at bay. You will have to build your cardiovascular system and maintain a healthy weight. To support your skeleton system you need to build your overall muscle strength. It is not tough to chalk out a workout regime and you can see the results of your hard work in just matter of weeks. Here are few tips to pursue your dream of building an envious body.healthy girl

1. Fix a training schedule: You will be inclined to discipline your life style if you have a fixed schedule in place. As building your body is a task that involves solo involvement from time to time motivation definitely helps. The best way to start off is to have a fixed training schedule. If a beginner, considering your age, weight, current strength and health status plan your workouts. Start off with light weight training that seems comfortable to you and slowly work up from there. Take it as a challenge and do not force yourself. You could first work on:

A. Abs building – push up’s, pull up’s, squats, crunches, dips etc

B. Lift heavy weights

C. Work out six days a week concentrating one muscle at a time.

If you are experienced you could plan your workouts based on your requirement.

If you are old say about 60+ and would want to take on body building it is best advised that you consult your doctor and seek his guidance of building your muscles and body with least risk.

2. Concentrate to body build muscles: Having mastered pushing and pulling your body weight, now it’s time to tackle the weights. You need to constantly increase your resistance power in order to build your body. Your body weight alone would not suffice but you will need some extra weight too. To gain the required amount of weight and muscle do less of reps and more of weights. Be very strict and do not do more than 4 to 5 reps with the maximum weight that you could lift.

3. Opt for a trainer : Having a trainer would help you a lot in the beginning more so because they can guide you properly as to what exercises you can do and also how to do them properly. Have a look around the gym and the weight room and learn and identify each machine properly. As weight machines are difficult to start off with take the help from a trainer more so if you have to change the weights frequently. You could also arrange for some private sessions from your instructor for that much needed pep talks and instruction. This training will be very fruitful for you in the long run when you are ready to hit the gym on your own. After few months once you gain confidence then you could have a spotter to assist you just in case you are unable to finish a set or rep. A good spotter is worth the investment as you will be able to quickly body muscle in a much easy way.

4. Do not crib. It’s all in the genes: Do not get disheartened if your peer gains muscles much faster than you. Your quest for most muscles is highly dependent on your genetics. Some people may gain muscles much faster than the other owing to their genetics. So it is to your best interest that you do not compare yourself with anyone else and work on your goal. You would evolve a winner eventually.

5. Follow a proper diet plan: Last but not the least a huge factor involved in body building is food intake. Most of the body builders follow a diet that has high supplements of proteins. Here is a sample diet plan that is followed by most of the celebrities. If helpful you could take a few inputs and make your own alterations:

a. Have smaller amount of meals: You need to supply your body with enough food and not store fat. So instead of 3 full meals in a day have 6 or more small portions of food for every 2-3 hours. You will have lesser of hunger prangs and at the same time you will not tend to over eat.

b. Prefer homemade food: It is better to opt for home cooked food as you will exactly know what went into the food and would also have a tab on the quantity that you are consuming per meal. This will help you have better control over the food you consume.

c. Do not have carbohydrates after 8 in the evening: They say that it helps to consume carbohydrate foods soon after your workouts but it is best to avoid consuming foods high in carbohydrates after 8 in the evening.

d. Take supplements: You can take supplements that help you attain your strength such as multi-vitamins, creatine, L-glutamine and CLA etc.

Once you have got the right kind of body you can flaunt it off. What you would have started as a hobby can get you some interesting assignments. You have lot of opportunities to explore. You can take up modeling assignments or even acting! Do not forget that to be in the league you need to be religiously following your chalked out workouts without fail. Having attained a great physic you will have amazing time relishing and enjoying the glances and applauses from one and all.

And get your exercise. A great body does not come easy. Listen to professionals, and you will have success at this for the rest of your life.