Oral Health Hygiene Tips To Follow in 2020

A new year has begun. Maybe you have decided on new resolutions. From being the best version of yourself to being productive throughout the year, there are plenty of common resolutions that people have. But there’s something highly important that you should prioritize this year: dental care. Just like your physical and mental health, oral health is also an important factor to look after in order to maintain overall well-being.

Practicing good oral hygiene is the ideal way to ensure your oral health. From your mouth, teeth, and gums, there are multiple aspects of oral health. There are plenty of ways you can ensure your oral health. Of course, there is regular brushing and flossing. However, there are some other important steps that will help in maintaining oral hygiene.

According to Peak Family Dental Care in Cottonwood, many people don’t know the importance of following a good oral hygiene routine. That’s something worthy of concern, as people need to be aware of the significance of oral health and what consequences they can face if neglected.

Oral Hygiene Tips

There are ways in which you can start your oral hygiene journey. Below are some of crucial ways in which you can ensure your oral health:

  • Schedule Regular Appointments with a Dentist

It is not necessary that you must visit your dentist only when you are suffering from any dental issues. Dental experts advise that it is good to visit the dentist for a regular dental checkup. This way, you can keep track of your dental hygiene process. Furthermore, having a dental care routine will allow you to detect any dental issues at an early stage.

Maintain a Dental Care Routine

Being deliberate about your dental care is essential in ensuring that you maintain good oral health hygiene. A simple activity such as brushing twice a day can help prevent the formation of cavities on the teeth. Apart from brushing twice daily, you also have to ensure you are brushing the right way.

You need to take your time and move the brush the right way to ensure you are reaching all the right corners. The tongue is another part of the mouth you do not want to neglect as dirt can be hidden underneath. The type of brush you use can also affect your oral hygiene. Ensure you change your tooth brush regularly.

  • Limit The Consumption of Soda, Coffee, and Alcohol

Just like food items damage your physical health, there are certain beverages that can make your oral health poor. It is advised that you minimize the intake of soda, coffee, and alcohol as it depletes the layer of calcium on your teeth. Reduction in the calcium level in your teeth will make it prone to dental issues like tooth decay and plaque formation. Hence, it is advised to steer clear from such beverages.

Apart from fizzy drinks and alcohol, certain fruits like grapes, pineapples, blueberries and limes are acidic and can wear down the enamel of your tooth. If you are fan of such fruits be sure to cut down on your intake of them. You can also carry out further research on other fruits you consume to know the consumption portion that won’t affect your dental health.

  • Drink Tap Water Whenever Possible

If you are drinking packaged water or filtered water, there are chances that the water might lose its natural mineral content and introduce some other minerals that are harmful to your teeth. It is recommended to drink tap water as it has a high-concentration of fluoride that helps in providing a decay preventive layer on your teeth, gum, and mouth.

  • Say No To Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is the worst thing you can do with your oral health. From forming bad breath to developing cancerous cells in your mouth, smoking affects your oral health in many ways. According to research, cigarette smoking is one of the major contributors to depleting oral health. If you want to prioritize your oral, you need to sty way from your smoking habits as soon as possible.


Though following a nutritious diet and regular exercising is important to keep yourself physically fit, maintaining oral hygiene is equally important to keep yourself healthy and safe from oral diseases. There are plenty of oral diseases that can take a toll on your general well being. Hence, it is important to prioritize oral health hygiene in order to steer clear from such ailments.

For this new year consider making a resolution and promise yourself to follow these oral hygiene steps to keep yourself healthy.