12 Smokin’ Hot Swimsuit Trends 2018

Are you looking to dive into this year’s sizzling summer in an insanely hot swimsuit for some serious wet and wild time? Nothing says sand, sea, and sun better than a new swimsuit. Due to the fashion shows, store windows, and street views, we cannot escape from today’s trends. In fact, even those who are not into fashion trends get an idea of what is hot and what’s not. However, if you are still not in the know of swimsuit trends 2018, this year’s bikini fashion trends are nothing if not bright, bold, and simply beautiful.

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1. One piece swimsuits

Different bikini styles may come and go, but the classic, slimming, neutral colored one-piece swimsuits just keep getting sexier with time. This season, make sure you get that one-piece with a flattering cut and fits you well. But make sure you are aware of all the do’s and don’ts of wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

2. Crochet swimsuit

For a little bit of a bohemian, swap your nylon strings for something more comfortable like Zaful’s crotchet swimsuit collection. Crochet swimsuits were made for summer. While they are made out of a less common swimsuit fabric, crochet swimsuits have been around since the 70s. Their mesmerizing patterns are a work of art and instant statement pieces for any beach day looks. Today, renowned designers are reinventing this trend with crotchet crop tops that can be worn even off the beach.

3. Front tied swimwear

Front tied swimsuits are basically string bikinis that channel some flirty fun. These swimsuits come with so much versatility from bandeau to bralette or even tankini that allow you to make this your own trend. You can have it loosely knot or tied in a cute tight bow, whichever adds a little something extra to your swimwear. Grab one in a bright hue for the ultimate bikini piece.

4. High waisted 2-piece swimsuit

High waisted swimsuits are far from new and even further from groundbreaking. But who said high-waisted 2-piece swimsuits cannot be sexy? Where it lacks in originality, the high waisted swimsuit makes up for being just the most universally flattering swimsuit. These swimsuits are a little bit retro without being too cheesy. From its revealing cutouts to the strappy details, you will definitely feel confident wearing these bikinis.

5. Lace-up

A sure way to jazz up your swimsuit is by adding a few details around the chest area, preferably details that show-off your cleavage. The lace-up bikini is a striking and a decent way to achieve this look. Not only is this trend playful and feminine, but it also gives you the ability to change the size, which is often needed with swimsuits.

6. Belts

You wouldn’t necessarily think of a belt or even a buckle on your swimsuit. But if you are looking to try something new and trendy, belted swimsuits are the way to go. These belts bring a cool and funky vibe to what would otherwise be a basic swimwear. They are incredibly flattering to the body, creating a gorgeous eye-catching silhouette by combining colored panels in all the right places.

7. Sporty Spice

While water polo and other water sports might not be your thing, the sporty swimwear might just be what you need this summer. We especially love this trend since it can be worn with any body type and can handle more than just basking in the sun. The other fun part about this swimsuit is the inventive use of color-blocking, whether it is incorporating contrast straps or simply using the reversible weave design to blend two different hues. Regardless of the style you choose, there are many different fresh ways you can try the sporty look this summer.

8. Ruffles

Whether the ruffles are around the shoulder, alongside the hips or on the back of your swimsuit, make sure it complements your silhouette. If you need to enhance the size of your chest area, make ruffles your best friend. If you want a popping’ booty, again, go for the ruffles. This is among our top swimsuit trends this summer because it instantly makes everything look stylish.

9. Polka-dots

The polka-dot is one trend that never really goes out of trend. And if it does, you can be sure to catch it in the near future. This summer, more and more people will be spotting polka-dot swimwear with an array of color choices, which include the more modern nude, soft pink or the classic black and white. When looking for a polka-dot swimwear, we highly recommend choosing a modern design that is sassy and pair it up with a triangle bikini top.

10. Soft Pastel colors

If you are a big fan of the Miami Swim week, then you probably noticed that soft pastel swimsuits were all the rage this year with top designers like Luli Fama and Issa De Mar featuring different pastel swimsuit shades in their shows. Pastel colored swimsuits provide the perfect way to show off our natural complexion and glowing tan. Before you know it, you will be turning heads when you head to the beach in your stunning pastel colored swimsuit.

11. High-Cut Swimsuits

This high-leg swimsuit trend takes us back to Baywatch and the 90s. If you plan on treating yourself to one luxurious swimsuit this year, make sure you get a high-cut as it is already stealing the limelight and taking center stages at shows.

12. Velvet Swimwear

Truth be told, not every idea seems right from the start. Velvet swimwear is one such concept, thanks to its impractical material for a swimsuit that doesn’t go too well with the sun, sand, and water- fresh or chlorinated. Also, the manner of washing fabrics isn’t always conducive to its longevity.

Still, designers are using this fabric to create stylish swimsuits for summer 2018. These swimsuits are being made in every style, cut and silhouette possible in functional velvet that is designed to snag. And just like you would expect with velvet, the swimsuits come in beautiful colors, with some being prismatic and easily stunning and attention-grabbing from every angle.