The Perfect Little White Dress

2017 is set to be a year of empowerment, fashion and all things fabulous. Whether you are turning towards ethical fashion like this article on the Huffington Post suggests you should be, a whole new style or just looking for the latest fashion must haves then the little white dress is a perfect place to start.

We all have that one fantastic little black dress that we dress up for occasions, wear on a night out or every day of the week. But, this year the little black dress is taking a back seat as the perfect little white dress takes center stage.

Why It’s Time Invest In A LWD (Little White Dress)?

It may still be winter and everyone is dressed in jumpers, scarves and dark clothing but that doesn’t mean you can’t still splash out on a little white dress.

A dramatic change to the colour scheme but being daring will pay off. White brightens your wardrobe, offers a figure hugging style and elegance that black dresses just cannot.

But, which little white dress is right for you?

Casual/Smart Any Day Work Wear

Workwear doesn’t have to mean boring, black and drab. You want to be comfortable, classy but still stand out from all the others in the office.

You can wear something like this beautiful white dress with red flowers scattered over it dressed down with a shirt jacket or dressed up with heels. This is available from wholesale brand Parisian which means you will know the quality of the clothing is high.

These dresses are bold, beautiful and the thing you have been looking for to spruce up your work wear. You can even try this dress with tights and a black long sleeved top underneath to take it from striking and elegant to classy and casual in seconds.

Birthdays and Other Big Occasions

When celebrating your birthday, you nans birthday, your dog’s birthday or any other big event in your life you want to be looking your best. This year might be full of dates, engagements, birthdays and parties which means you need the perfect little white dress to suit them all.

For this you can opt for something extra special. With season being all about the lace and embroidery, find something that suits your figure and is extra special.

The little white dresses with lace tops, detailed sleeves and extra embroidery on the body might look over powering but when combined it makes a show stopping outfit.

Girls Night Out

Once you have your birthday dress, your workwear and you are still wondering what more a little white dress could do for you, it’s time to think about that girl’s night out.

That night maybe once a year, once a month or even once a week where to get together, dance until 6am and then regret it the next day. For this you need an outfit that is elegant, stylish and yet you can bust a move in it all night long.

This occasion can only really work with a dress that makes you feel comfortable, classy and you will want to wear every single night after.

This lace detailed number is not only showing off a bit of shoulder skin which everyone wants to, it is perfect for showing off your figure and is a real show stopper. Dance the night away knowing that your dress is catching the eye of every passers-by for all the right reasons.

Wave goodbye to that little black dress and embrace the LWD instead!