Planning For A Wedding On A Limited Budget

It is true that most young couples do not have enough money on hand to pay for an extravagant wedding. While some will turn to their parents for financial support, others will opt to go it alone. Whatever the case may be, it is possible to pay for a wedding without going in debt or borrowing from friends and family. Of course, you should not expect to have a wedding that will be a comparison with the celebrities, but nonetheless it will be elegant.

Choose An Affordable Venue

Contrary to belief, many of Hollywood’s finest have been known to turn their property into a wedding venue. Well, you could do the same and save yourselves a lot of money in the process. For couples who do not own property, it is perfectly okay to utilize someone else’s for this purpose. Setting up a wedding venue on someone’s property is generally not that difficult or expensive. However, the appropriate decorations will make all the difference in the world.

Rent A Gown

It is a fact that the biggest expense of a wedding is oftentimes the bride’s gown. In fact, it is not unusual for a bride to spend several thousand dollars on a gown, while their groom will settle for a rental tuxedo. Delaying a wedding just because you do not have the money to invest in an expensive gown does not make sense when there are other options available to you. Instead of buying a gown right out, you should consider renting one from a bridal shop. Rental gowns are readily available to all brides for a very affordable price.

The key to getting a gown that will perfectly fit and draw eye appeal is to order in advance. Most bridal shops need at least five days to alter a wedding dress. Providing enough advance will ensure the proper size and eliminate the risk of imperfections.

Shop Around For A Photographer

Most couples choose to hire a licensed photographer or videographer for their wedding. Even though this service is expensive, beautifully edited photos are very desirable. The wedding photographers in Whitefish, MT offer competitive pricing for all events. These experts will work with you and your spouse and guests to ensure you receive nothing but the best wedding photos.

Select Guests Carefully

To stay on budget, it is recommended to select the guests carefully. While you may want to invite all of your college classmates, co-workers, family members and friends, this is not wise. It will play in your favor to only invite best friends, immediate family members and a few others to your wedding. Each guest will cost about $25, depending on the reception menu and favors.

Digital Wedding Invitations

Customized wedding invitations are another major expense for brides and grooms. In addition to this, the wedding invitations must be accompanied by RSVP cards. Eliminating this expense will definitely reduce your financial worries. But, how do you possibly do this and still make sure every guest on your list receives an invitation? Well, the answer is simple, digital invitations.