Quench Your Wanderlust: 8 Surreal Places That Are Truly Otherworldly

Who doesn’t want to explore the wonder, beauty, and magnificence this world has to offer? Travel isn’t only surreal but an extraordinary experience everyone must witness at least once in their life. It allows you to reconnect with the world and experience the distinctiveness within humans, cultures, and countries.

Exposure to new things isn’t only a source of happiness and a potent reliever of stress and anxiety. Traveling boosts your confidence, assists you in getting real-life learning, and broadens your communication skills. It enhances your creativity and, most importantly, helps you achieve peace of mind.

If you plan on traveling soon, here is a list of a few must-see places to quench your wanderlust.

Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge, often referred to as the gateway of smoky mountains, located in eastern Tennessee, is a mountain resort city in Sevier County. It is home to one of the most spectacular mountain ranges and museums. Pigeon Forge is famous for being a family-friendly vacation destination. It offers a range of family-friendly activities, including various indoor and outdoor theme parks.

Dollywood, an amusement park operated by the world-famous singer Dolly Parton is one of the most favorite attractions in the city. Some other popular attractions include Paula Deen’s lumberjack feud, Hollywood wax museum, wonderworks, and of course, great smoky mountains national park. Even the hotels in Pigeon Forge TN, rank at the top in the country. They are pet-friendly and offer rooms with stunning views of the mountains.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, located on the border of Misiones and Parana, is known to be the ‘Devil’s Throat’ of Argentina. It is the most spectacular waterfall in the world and is a reminder of the authenticity of nature. However, the most exciting fact about Iguazu falls is that it is at the border of three countries: Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. So, while visiting the waterfall, you’ll practically be in three countries at the same time.

Besides its beauty, Iguazu Falls’ geography is also remarkable. The surrounding rainforest consists of nearly 2,000 species of vascular plants. The Falls cover about 67,720 hectares of Misiones and Parana, with the Paraeneses Jungle is about 17km away from the waterfall.

UNESCO awarded Iguazu Falls for having outstanding universal value because of its unique culture and contribution to nature.

St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

If you want all your animated magic kingdom dreams to come true, St Basil’s Cathedral is the place to visit. Located in Moscow’s red square, St Basil is a top tourist attraction. Its rich history and unique structure surely make it a site to goggle.

Ivan The Terrible, the grand prince of Moscow, built the building in the 16th century. Its primary purpose was to commemorate the military conquests. Each of the nine chapels is a dedication to Saint Basil and other Heroic Icons. It is part of UNESCO’s world heritage and is a symbol of a heavenly city. The colorful exterior and flame-like architecture justify it being the most photographed spot in the whole of Moscow.

Southern Iceland

If you are a fan of waterfalls and chilly weather, Southern Iceland is the place to go. It’s every nature lover’s favorite destination with spectacular views and unreal experiences. The Gullfoss Falls, Skogafoss, and Thingvellir National Park offer stunning sights to admire and photograph.

Apart from awe-inspiring beauty, Iceland is also home to some exciting outdoor activities. Several glaciers and glacier lakes are waiting for you to take a dip in and experience the wonders of nature. The delicious Scandinavian food and vastly hospitable locals make the experience even more worthwhile.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Central Anatolia’s breathtaking destination, Cappadocia, has a lot to offer, from eye-catching views to mouthwatering food. The hot air balloon rides, stunning landscape views, and exciting activities make the city a top tourist destination.

Cappadocia is home to beautiful cave houses initially built for Christians to hide. You can do several things in Cappadocia, including spending nights in renovated cave houses, hiking through valleys and rock sites, and wandering through some historical museums. You can also visit Uchisar Castle and Pigeon Valley and see the three fairy chimneys of Urgup.

Pig Beach, Big Major Cay, The Bahamas

Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas? It cannot get better than that. It is undoubtedly a fantastic and memorable experience. However, it’s not one everyone might enjoy.

But if you want to get a unique experience, pig beach is unquestionably the place to visit. You will have to hop on a boat to Big Major Cay, where you’ll witness some loud, snorting pigs awaiting to welcome you. Take some snacks for them, and you might return with some new friends.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

The subcontinent’s picture-perfect destination, the Golden Temple, is one of the holiest Sikh Gurdwaras. Its stunning architect and interiors make it a must-see site whenever in the country.

However, the Golden Temple is most famous for its generosity towards people of all cultures and religions. An astonishing number of volunteers feed thousands of people at the Golden Temple every day. The Sikhs consider the Golden Temple to be a reassurance of their faith in humanity and God. Many refer to it as an emblem of universal brotherhood.

The Wave, Arizona, USA

If you want to experience something wondrous, the Wave in Northern Arizona should be on your bucket list. It is one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world. However, it isn’t easy to reach. It takes about a three-mile hike, and the tourist authorities there only allow twenty visitors each day. All twenty visitors win permits through lotteries.

But the hike is worth the hassle. There is so much beauty to explore, study, and capture that it will leave you amazed.


Traveling is like a refresher for your soul. You see the world through new eyes, gain a different perspective, and appreciate your existence. It distances you from work, daily stress and makes you admire mother nature and all the beauty it has to offer. Traveling helps you take a temporary break from reality. You make friends, learn, experience, and discover.

Many might argue that traveling is a luxury. However, traveling doesn’t only mean visiting places too expensive or far away from your home. You can take a road trip to a nearby town and witness a meaningful experience.