Safety Tips for Female Drivers Driving For Uber And Lyft

Ridesharing services came into play many years ago and have taken the world by storm. According to reports, both men and women seem to be working for these companies as drivers, but there seem to be more men going behind the wheel.

Uber and Lyft, two of the most famous ride sharing companies out there, are equal employers and hire drivers only on the basis of their competence, which is also one of the major reasons why they are such popular companies.

However, still many people shy away from working for such companies due to safety concerns. Visit this article to read more on safety for female-drivers to understand why so many women are scared to work such a job.

While these are generally considered safe jobs, incidents are still pretty common. You do not know the person you’re going to drive around, which puts you at risk. Many passengers have stolen valuables from drivers, which makes the job risky.

However, there is no need to worry as there are some simple safety tips you can follow if you feel unsafe. Without much ado, let’s have a look at safety tips for female drivers driving for Uber And Lyft:

Check The Ratings And Don’t Forget To Give One

One of the biggest safety tools offered by these ridesharing services is the rating system. This rating system works both ways. Meaning, both the rider and the driver can rate each other. Doing so will let you know the history of the rider with the company. You’ll know if he/she is a frequent customer or not.

To be on the safe side you should ignore requests of the riders whose ratings are below 4 stars.

Giving ratings after each ride will also help a lot. When you’re a driver and are concerned about the safety of other fellow drivers, your detailed ratings can help.

If a rider misbehaves with you or you sense something fishy about the person, you can leave a low rating so that other drivers can be made aware of the passenger. It is a community and everyone should work together for peace and safety.

Cancel A Ride If You Feel Unsafe

During your driving career, you will come across at least one drunk person, but sadly you do not know a person’s state unless you start the ride.

It is normal for people to call Uber or Lyft when they are too drunk and cannot drive on their own. While it is normal for people to drink, but if you see someone’s too high and poses a risk for you, then just go ahead and cancel the ride.

Of course you’ll be asked to explain why you cancelled, be honest about it and state that you felt threatened by the behavior of the drunk person. Afterall, safety is the number one priority.

Drive during The Day

Ridesharing companies don’t have any hard and fast rule to drive at selected hours. You can choose to drive in the hours when you feel like. As a woman, it is more safe to drive during the day because that’s when you’ll less likely run into dangerous situations.

If there’s no choice but to drive in the night then make sure you have a friend or a family member on speed dial to get in touch with in case a situation arises.

Learn All the Driving Rules

Make sure to know all the driving rules and to follow them to the T so that there is less risk of accidents. Accidents are sadly common, but can be avoided with proper care.


Safety should always be your number one concern should be considered whether you’re a male or a female driver. Obey all traffic rules and do not violate any driving laws if you wish to continue driving peacefully and earn money.