Say Goodbye To Signs Of Aging With These Innovative Cosmetic Procedures

From personalized beauty products to online skin-testing, the technology surrounding beauty and cosmetics is at an unprecedented rate of development. For instance, software developer Poplar Studio has partnered with beauty behemoths L’Oreal and Maybelline to transform the way they interact with customers, merging the digital experience with a more personalized skin-care consultation. No matter how advanced these developments get, however, at their core is a similar goal: keeping the body, particularly your skin, healthy in order to combat signs of aging.
Of course, timeless advice such as having a great skin care routine is still indispensable in keeping your skin tight and supple, but advanced signs of aging are a different matter and would often require a professional’s help. In the past, this would require you to go under the knife, but nowadays, cosmetic procedures are generally non-invasive and relatively painless. Here are some cutting-edge skin care technological advancements that are making waves in the beauty industry today.
New-Gen Injectables
2022 sees a boost in the platelet-rich fibrin or PRF injectable trend. PRF injections are not exactly new, but there seems to be a surge of interest in it. Yelp showed a 44% increase in searches related to this cosmetic procedure, mainly because of social media influencers who swear by the rejuvenating effects of PRF injections. This trend is quite interesting, given that on surface level, the concept behind PRF injections seems a bit unpleasant – PRF is taken from your own blood, which is then injected back to your skin to trigger its healing response.
However, experts do assure that PRF injections are safe and totally effective. A meta-analysis on the effectiveness of PRF injections was conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and they found that all fourteen studies included in their analysis reported positive aesthetic outcomes. Some of these aesthetic outcomes included improved volume, texture, and tone of facial skin. PRF injections also reduced the appearance of wrinkles. This variety of benefits shows that consumers can now reap the benefits of customized cosmetic dermatology procedures with fewer steps and minimal downtime.
A Major Microneedling Upgrade
Here’s the thing about your skin: it has a wonderful and reliable repair system. When injured, it encourages the release of collagen and elastin. Both of these proteins are naturally produced by your body, and they play a major role in tissue repair and immune response. When there is an abundance in collagen, you end up with firm and younger looking skin. Radiofrequency microneedling takes advantage of this repair system. A minimally invasive procedure, microneedling creates tiny pinpricks on your skin without actually damaging the epidermis. In turn, this induces the release of collagen and elastin. Radiofrequency microneedling boosts this effect by using needles that release radiofrequency.
Radiofrequency microneedling has a number of benefits. It can erase fine lines, wrinkles, and it can even help even out acne scars. Being minimally invasive, this procedure is generally safe and quick, only lasting for about 10 to 20 minutes. You can then wear make-up as soon as the next day. As such, even if you’re busy, this procedure can work for you.
A Gentler Laser
Lasers are not a new thing in the cosmetic industry. After all, these were considered as the “gold standard” in cosmetic dermatology in the 90s, and were used to address various skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles.  Older lasers tended to target your entire epidermis and a portion of your dermis. At times, these resulted in adverse effects, including pain, hyperpigmentation or dark spots, and hypopigmentation or lighter patches that are a result of scarring.
Technology has come a long way since then, and today, lasers are generally safer. One of the recent developments on lasers are hybrid fractional lasers. Instead of targeting your entire epidermis, hybrid fractional lasers are more precise and are used to target smaller areas, thus reducing downtime. Hybrid fractional lasers are also used to treat age-related skin issues, including wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin. One study on hybrid fractional lasers involving 34 women found that 80% of respondents showed significant skin improvement. This just shows that newer technology on lasers are safer and more effective.
All in all, as cosmetic procedures are gradually becoming more non-invasive, and the stigma surrounding them is slowly diminishing, as well. Cosmetic procedures are no longer associated with synthetic, overdone looks – no more of those puffy lips and stretched-out eyelids – and more and more people are acknowledging how natural-looking their results can be. More so, cosmetic procedures are no longer done just for the sake of vanity; they also do a lot in boosting one’s self-esteem. This is just proof of how far technology has come when it comes to cosmetic procedures.