Tacky Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas weddings are really popular these days, especially with weddings getting ever more expensive. So some couples are combining both their wedding and their honeymoon together to cut down their costs.Las Vegas is a fun place to get wed if you love the bright lights, the casino’s and the lavish evening entertainment such as the high kicking Las Vegas showgirls. This kind of way over the top thing is not for me I’m afraid. I loved my big day in an old haunted hotel, in a beautiful old fashioned village in England. They even filmed some of the old Catherine Cookson movies around there…

Has Virgin owner Richard Branson had himself a Tacky Vegas Wedding?

A friend of mine had her wedding in Vegas recently and it was lovely, I watched it online. But when you see some peoples wedding days in Las Vegas, they are just so tacky. Full of fancy dress costumes and plastic looking flowers. That I really don’t like! I know when you are young you just want your big day to be fun, but what happens when you get older and look back at you wedding photos and videos. Would you cringe and wish you had gone down the more traditional route?

Of course being in Las Vegas most of the tacky weddings are themed, normally along the lines of Elvis impersonators and Showgirl glitz and glamour…..So be prepared for the whole Elvis experience as you won’t go a day without seeing a few!

So here are some Tacky Vegas Weddings….

Can you imagine getting married with this ELVIS impersonator performing the ceremony?
He looks like a sandwich short of a picnic! Not my cup of tea at all! I’m not really into the whole Elvis phenomenon.

Grant Dyer the Sunrise presenter does a Britney and weds his pregnant girlfriend in a tacky baby in a sling t-shirt and white suit. How cheesy can you get?

Even Christina Aguilera’s wedding was slightly tacky with the in your face bright coloured rose arch and the huge frilly lace and net train on the rear of her white gown. It looks like two different styles mashed together.

Just what we these people thinking? I do like Gothic kind of styled clothes and shoes but this screams Gothic prostitute marries tacky Gangster! What would her family say after seeing the wedding photos or video?

What a lovely colour and style combination, day-glow peach and pure white….it’s awful and even the styling is tacky. Is it what I think it is too? A little girl and boy getting married? Oh no there’s the bride at the back!

You can even get married to your favourite Actor in Las Vegas, such as George Clooney at the Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Tourist’s get to dress up in a wedding dress and then wed their favourite star, while getting photos taken of their big day!!

Look at how this Las Vegas Showgirl turned up for her big wedding! You would think that they would of had enough of the old tacky Showgirl look after wearing skimpy outfits every night at the the Vegas late night entertainment shows…

Just what the hell? I have no words for this weird and tacky wedding! What theme is it supposed to be exactly? Virtually naked women, blokes in shorts and braces and there is even an Elvis the clown too…love the stripey socks!

I feel embarrassed for her. How could her other half actually let her out of the house like that, she looks like she’s about to fall out at any moment! I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face…

You can even have a Vampire themed wedding day complete with Count Dracula to perform the ceremony. I’m not sure my Husband would have gone along with this though, no matter how much I love Vampires!

I can’t believe people actually pay good money for weddings like these! Well each to their own I suppose…See you all next time!

Demon Chick xx