125 Cool Semicolon Tattoo Ideas with Deep Meanings

It’s not a surprise that tattoos have become popular among many people, being a beautiful décor for their bodies. There are a lot of tattoo models that people get on various body parts, and each has a various meaning. For other people, they just happened to get one, and then it turned into a whole hobby.

A lot of people get tattoos because the drawing holds a special meaning to them, covers a scar, or tells a certain story. Nowadays, one of the most popular models is the semicolon tattoo, often seen on someone’s wrist. However, for such a little thing, it holds a special meaning. It represents the power to keep going on, despite the hardship you may be going through in certain moments of your life. In other words, it represents the fact that you can overcome any obstacle that life throws at you.

So, if you’ve thought about getting a semicolon tattoo yourself but you’re not sure about the actual model, here are some ideas that could inspire you.

  • Feather Semicolon Tattoo

semicolon tattoo Feathers are probably models that you’ve seen tattooed on someone’s body at one point. They can mean a lot of things, from spirituality to travel and even freedom. Combining them with a semicolon is a great way to show others that you’re at peace with yourself after overcoming your struggles. What’s even better is that you can choose any type of feather, thus adding to the tattoo’s beauty.

  • Arrow Semicolon Tattoo

Arrows are known as these fast weapons that could pierce through someone’s skin. They are sharp and dangerous, but when tattooed, they could mean something else. Depending on the type of arrow, it could symbolize many things. A downward one, for example, could indicate the fact that you are peaceful. Combined with a semicolon, it shows that you have overcome hardship.

  • Angel Semicolon Tattoo


Angels could symbolize many things, from protection to purity, courage, faith and even perseverance. Giving your semicolon tattoo an angel design could only show how getting over your struggles has helped you. Besides, it’s a nice addition to a simple design.

  • Flower Semicolon Tattoo

If you think that just tattooing a simple semicolon is too dull and boring, you can easily decorate it with a flower. It adds a girly feel to it and makes it more delicate.

  • “Never Ending” Semicolon Tattoo

Adding text before the semicolon could help add some context to it. That being said, a “never ending” text could show how you never stop pushing forward, and working towards getting over any obstacle you encounter.

  • Upwards Arrow Semicolon Tattoo

Just like you can get an arrow pointing downwards, you can get one pointing upwards, still having deep meaning. An upward arrow combined with a semicolon is a great way to show others that you should always have hope and look at the bigger picture, thus expecting better things come for you.

  • Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

Sometimes you want to show people how much of a fighter you are. That being said, replacing the “I” in “warrior” with a semicolon might be the right way to do so.

  • “Live” Semicolon Tattoo

Ending your life is not worth it, because, despite all the struggles, there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel. Getting a tattoo of the world “live” could strongly signify that. It’s even stronger if you replace the “I” with a semicolon.

  • Sun and Moon Semicolon Tattoo

Not only do the sun and moon make a beautiful design, but they also symbolize the unity of totally opposite things. Moreover, the sun itself is a representative of power and strength. Shaping the semicolon into the sun and moon is not only unique, but can also hold a much deeper meaning – being reborn as a new person, and being peaceful.

  • Heart Semicolon Tattoo

Changing the dot in the semicolon with a heart is not only a cute thing, but can also show how you’ve found love. Love is a strong feeling that gives you confidence, after all.

  • Yin & Yang Semicolon Tattoo

The yin and yang symbol is very popular and comes from a Chinese religion. It symbolizes the balance between good and bad, and how there is some good in bad things and vice versa. Combined with a semicolon, it could symbolize you embracing the duality of life.

  • Birds Semicolon Tattoo

Don’t want to settle for a normal semicolon tattoo? You could always go for one that disintegrates into birds. Besides being a nice skin décor, birds also symbolize freedom.

  • Semicolon Inside Heart Tattoo

A semicolon inside a heart could hold a special meaning for you. If you’re someone who was able to find peace after a broken heart, this could be the right tattoo for you.

  • Simple Semicolon Tattoo

Sometimes, simplicity is enough to send a message. That being said, a simple semicolon could hold a huge meaning, without having to change its design by making additions.

  • Fairy Semicolon Tattoo

Fairies are thought of as these tiny and gracious creatures that always seem to have the secret to happiness. If you want to decorate your body with something that symbolizes freedom, grace, beauty, and spirituality, you could always turn a semicolon into a fairy.

  • Semicolon on Your Back

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily want to show others everything about yourself. The back is generally covered, thus a semicolon tattooed here could have a hidden and more personal meaning.

  • Cat Semicolon Tattoo

Whether you just happen to be a cat person or you want a unique tattoo design, changing the semicolon dot to a cat would just be a fun addition. Besides, let’s not forget that cats are just really cute, so why not just go for it?

  • Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

People who go through hard times learn a lot of lessons, and it helps them grow as persons. As such, what better way to show it than giving your semicolon tattoo butterfly wings?

  • Semicolon on Finger

Having a semicolon on your finger is great because it’s not a hidden place, making it a daily reminder that you are strong and able to overcome problems.

  • Cross Semicolon Tattoo

A semicolon next to a cross may just show how faith has helped you get over life’s struggles. In addition to that, it would just look very delicate on your skin.

  • Wrist Edge Semicolon Tattoo

A small simple semicolon on the edge of your wrist could say way more about your strength than the size lets it show.

  • Colorful Semicolon Tattoo

If you want to go for something more artistic, you could always opt for a splash of color around your semicolon. Furthermore, it could show some of your creativity.

  • Simple Semicolon Tattoo on the Side of the Forearm

You could always just opt for this simple model if you want to send a powerful and meaningful message. Not everything needs additional things, as simplicity is sometimes enough to make yourself heard.

  • Flower Semicolon Tattoo

For a feminine touch, you could just turn the semicolon into a flower. On a first look, one wouldn’t even notice it’s actually a semicolon.

  • “Continue” Semicolon Tattoo

Replacing the “I” in “continue” with a semicolon is always a nice way to show how you continued to work towards happiness. Instead of just tattooing the simple word, you could do this and have something more unique.

  • Finger Semicolon Tattoo

Having a semicolon on the in-between part of your finger is a daily reminder of your strength while being a little discreet.

  • Artistic Semicolon Tattoo

If you love some color in your life, you could also get a semicolon tattooed over some color strikes. It would only show the happiness behind the path you took.

  • Ankle Semicolon Tattoo

The ankle is a hidden place depending on what you wear, but if you get a semicolon tattoo here, it would look amazing and stylish during summer months.

  • Patterned Semicolon Tattoo

A certain pattern can change the overall look of the tattoo, so why not go for it? You can opt for one just like the pattern in the picture.

  • Sad Face Semicolon Tattoo

A sad face before a semicolon could indicate how you were before deciding to work towards self-growth. That being said, what continues after the semicolon is the new and better life.

  • Behind the Ear Semicolon Tattoo

If you tattoo a semicolon behind your ear, it’s a good way to show how happy you are for choosing to keep going. It’s in a more hidden place – so, if you don’t like showing off, this is the right tattoo for you.

  • Ribbon Semicolon Tattoo

Tattooing a green ribbon above a semicolon is another great way of showing self-awareness, and how and why you had to make a decision to push harder.

  • CTRL Semicolon Tattoo

If you spend a lot of time on the computer, you know that the CTRL key stands for control. Turning it into a tattoo and placing it just before a semicolon would be a great way to show how you’ve taken full control of your life, despite all the struggles.

  • Semicolon Splashes Tattoo

Not everyone wants to tattoo the casual design, and they’d rather go with something more special. You can easily opt to turn the semicolon into splashes, so it makes your skin look even nicer.

  • Paw Print Semicolon Tattoo

Besides looking really cute, paws can symbolize a lot of things, from your love for a pet to certain animal characteristics you see within yourself. Moreover, they can indicate that you’re doing your best to move forward. In combination with semicolons, it could be a symbol of how you were able to keep going on with your life.

  • Musical Note Semicolon Tattoo

A musical approach when it comes to designing a semicolon tattoo is a wonderful way for any music lover to show the special place music has in their heart. If music was the one helping you throughout the hardest times, this is the homage you could pay to it.

  • “Alive” Semicolon Tattoo

You must be brave to choose living despite all the obstacles life keeps throwing your way. At the same time, it’s great to recognize that things don’t stay bad forever, and you will be able to get what you deserve if you work hard enough. Therefore, replacing the “I” letter in the word “alive” with a semicolon is one way to show you made the right choice.

  • Bird Wings Semicolon Tattoo

Birds symbolize freedom, so if your strength has helped you move forward and grow as a person, this could be a cute but meaningful addition.

  • Crossed Arrows Semicolon Tattoo

Crossed arrows are generally a symbol of a bond, whether it’s a friendship or something more. Is it that someone has helped you get over your problems, or you bonded with someone once you took life into your own hands? Whatever this means for you in combination with a semicolon, it would make an amazing tattoo.

  • Elephant Semicolon Tattoo

Elephants are a great tattoo choice for those who are connected to the animal’s significance. Moreover, such a tattoo may indicate strength, power, longevity, and many other things. In combination with a semicolon, it may mean a lot of things, such as the fact that you were strong enough to keep going on.

  • “My Story Isn’t Over…” Semicolon Tattoo

Life isn’t easy, that’s a fact. In spite of this, it doesn’t mean that hardship is the end of your road – there are better things to come. With this tattoo, you will radiate of willpower and motivation.

  • Math and Grammar Tattoo

This tattoo could just show how you experienced something in your life that was about to bring you down, but you were able to make your way through it. It’s a simple yet meaningful design.

  • “Stay Strong” Semicolon Tattoo

This tattoo serves as a great reminder to keep going on, even when you feel like life is against you. You made it this far, therefore you need to keep your head up.

  • “Where We Suffer, We Find the Will to Live” Semicolon Tattoo

With this semicolon tattoo with a message, you can show how suffering has shown you a new way to live. Moreover, it could just simply be a great way to express your self-growth.

  • “I Am the Author” Semicolon Tattoo

An “I am the author” semicolon tattoo could send the message that you are the one responsible for your life. In other words, continuing to live despite hardship is up to you.

  • “Just Breathe” Semicolon Tattoo

Giving up should not be an option, because choosing to go on could send a lot of good things your way. This cute tattoo idea serves as a reminder that life doesn’t end with the first struggles you encounter, and choosing to push harder is the best decision.

  • Heart & Anchor Semicolon Tattoo

This tattoo may just look like a cool design at first, but there’s actually more to it than that. Besides the beautiful decoration, a deeper meaning could be attributed to it, which is that of salvation, hope, stability, and security. Basically, combined with a semicolon, it could just send the message that you’re in a safe place now.

  • “Hope” Semicolon Tattoo

Hope could be what helps you cling to life and, in spite of all of the things you have to experience, it helps you get over any type of problem. During bad times, it’s easy to fall back into the pitfall of sadness, thus a reminder could be just what brings you back on your feet. This tattoo could easily serve as a reminder. For a more cute approach, why not decorate it with some butterfly wings too?

  • “Turn the Page” Semicolon Tattoo

Life gets in people’s way at some points, and it could easily get close to making them give up. However, if you choose to look forward despite all of the things trying to bring you down, you may only find good things along the way. A semicolon tattoo accompanied by the “turn the page” message is perfect for those who were brave enough to continue the cycle. Also, why not add some colorful wings to it too, so the message is more powerfully distributed and it looks more beautiful?

  • “Miles to Go” Semicolon Tattoo

There are still things you should look up to in your life, and being aware that this is not the end of your road is something a strong person is capable of. At some points, though, a reminder could help, which is why this “Miles to go” tattoo could fill in the role.

Final Thoughts

Life may be hard and unfair sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you should just stop. This is the hard lesson that you learn over time, yet it’s always important to keep in mind that things have the potential to change, and you have the chance to get a better life.

If you’re someone who has been through this, then a semicolon tattoo may be something very meaningful to you. More than that, it would just look stunning, even if you keep it simple or make certain additions to it. Hopefully, you were inspired enough by these designs, and can now choose one to suit you and your story.