Setting up an Open House – What not to Forget

In the context of the modern real estate business, an “open house” concept is a valuable tool we use to put a house on the map and bridge the gap between buyers, sellers and realtors. Buyers have an opportunity to inspect the house at fist-hand while the sellers are able to promote their home without too much investment. However, realtors are able to use the “open house” to improve their track record and extend their network of clients and acquaintances. That, arguably, makes them benefit the most. So, let’s take a look at the few steps you should take to set up an open house and use this chance to boost your career.

Use the Email Marketing

Email marketing can produce an incredible ROI. According to DMA National Client Email Report 2015, that would be $38 for every dollar you invest. You have to agree, pretty rewarding numbers for clicking the “send” button. In the context of open house, invitation to a number of recipients can finally give your audience an excuse to go out there and meet you. You, on the other hand, will finally get a chance to show off your marketing skills in person.

Downplay the “Personality”

Different people seek different things from their new houses. Some of them like to see their future homes touched by a certain “personal” flavor that allows them to see the house’s full potential. Those people are in minority. Most of us like to see an open house as a clean canvas where we can paint our own ideas. Keep that in mind and make sure the open house is devoid of too much personal details that could prevent the visitors from unleashing their own imagination.

Make Sure the House is Looking Good

Fort starters, the house needs to be clean. Furthermore, visitors have to be visually engaged from the moment they enter the house. Look for the affordable floor rugs, fresh flowers and interesting wall art to lend you a hand. These additions will draw the attention away from some less flattering details, so continue with more of the same throughout the rest of the house. Finally, visitors will want to take a look at the closets. Keep them clean and tidy.

Take Care of the Catering

Let’s make something clear – free food won’t sell the house or win you any sympathies alone. The key word being alone. Offering free food and drink will certainly attract a lot of curious bystanders and put everyone in a good-enough mood, so you can do your job without too much tension. As for the food, you don’t have to go too far – good catering service will do the job. People will be more appreciative of the very gesture than the offered food.

Don’t Leve Anything for Tomorrow

And by that, we mean not negotiating on-site. First, you will make a much stronger impression face-to-face. Second, by postponing the visitor engagement you are losing the momentum. If they have other interests, follow up that lead and see if you can take advantage of the new situation. The day is long – You’ll have enough time to give each interested visitor enough attention.

Put on the Show with Other Agents

If you can’t beat them, join them. By establishing cooperation with a couple of other agents currently setting up an open house in the nearby area you will be able to work more efficiently, redirect customers, expand your client base, and make new acquaintances. You can even throw a barbecue for your colleague agents and their clients (both buyers and sellers).

Open house is the event all parties can take advantage of. That is why you have to double the effort to make everything work. Every opportunity to improve your resume should be, and must be used.