Tips & Tricks on How to Choose your Workout Outfit

For people who love working out, choosing their outfit might put a strain on actually going to the gym. Conversely, picking a great equipment can motivate even those who loathe exercising. That’s why we’re here to help with getting the best workout clothes.

Get the right fit

Picking the right size is essential, and it’s not just about fashion. A couple of decades ago, people who exercised wore baggy tees and pants, and now you wear fitted sports bras and yoga pants. These are not just stylish sports clothes though, even if they look a million times better.

You need to get fitted workout clothes to prevent chaffing and irritations. A very large outfit can create difficulties when you move, and that can prove really dangerous in some situations, like when you’re using the treadmill. Hiking leggings are best in this situation, even if you’re working out indoors.

But don’t fall into the trap of getting something that’s too small. Tight clothes can block your blood circulation so you’ll get dizzy and out of breath without knowing why.

Think moisture wicking

If you’re doing a high-impact workout, it’s best to avoid materials that absorb moisture. So say no to cotton because it keeps sweat on your skin, which will feel really uncomfortable. That means you won’t be able to concentrate on your routine, or maybe even catch a cold.

Moisture-wicking materials like Lycra or polyester are great for working out, but they can become quite smelly. If you want the best of both worlds, you can get a merino wool sports outfit. This won’t stop you from sweating, and it will still get wet from it, but your skin will remain dry.

Stop bacteria

Of course, everyone wants to stay fresh, look and smell good even when they’re working out. That means stopping the bacteria that cause these nasty sweaty odors, not just masking your smell. Even the most powerful deodorant can’t really hide an intense BO, so you need a material like merino wool or a treated polyester blend that kills the odor-causing bacteria.

In fact, merino wool has been shown to resist a whole week of intense wearing, without any showers, all the while killing off these bacteria. But a clothes-spray can do wonders if you already have a workout outfit. Don’t forget to get one for your shoes too.

Get something easy to pack

If you’re hitting the gym or going for a jog after work, you need clothes that are easy to pack. Firstly, that means getting an outfit that’s compact enough to fit in your work bag without bringing in a very obvious or a very bulky backpack.

Your outfit should be light enough too, or otherwise, you might not go to the trouble of bringing it to work. And that can decrease your chances of you actually working out considerably.

But you should also choose the right equipment that stays wrinkle free even if you stuff it in a bag for 8 hours. Again, that equals no cotton, and the best material that looks amazing right out of a stuffy bag is microfiber. However, polyester, nylon, and Lycra look great too.

When packing your workout outfit, make sure you pack your shoes separately from your clothes. That’s because you’ll probably won’t get the chance of cleaning them on a daily basis, and they might get your clothes dirty.

Don’t get something too warm

We don’t have anything against sports jackets, but most of the time they’re useless. Unless you’re not working out outside and the temperatures are really low. But a jacket that’s worn inside the gym can be too much seeing as the temperatures don’t drop below 65ᵒ in most gyms.

It’s generally believed that if you dress in very warm clothes when you exercise you’ll lose weight faster. We’ve seen lots of men and women actually dress up in garbage bags on top of their running clothes to make sure they sweat more.

But what they’re actually sweating is the water in their body, not the layer of fat. That means they’ll become dehydrated faster and therefore won’t be able to work out at their full potential. Plus, they’ll most likely drink all that water back in the course of a day.

Don’t neglect the shoes

Not getting something too warm is also a good advice for shoes. Getting your feet too hot will soon become uncomfortable, and the sweat can favor the formation of blisters. So choose breathable materials like polyester and mesh for both your sports clothes and shoes.

We also like fitted sports shoes that don’t hurt your feet. They should feel light and snug, and you should be able to tie their laces securely. The socks you wear are important too, so choose light, breathable fabrics here too.

You should also consider buying specific sports shoes for different workouts. While running shoes are great for most gym workouts as well as for light hiking, you do need the best rock climbing shoes money can buy if you’re trying out such a risky sport.

Easy to wash, easy to dry

If you’re working out or a regular basis, between 3 to 5 days each week, you definitely need equipment that’s easy to wash and dries fast. You’ll probably be giving your workout outfit a twirl after each gym session, so you have to ensure they don’t need a fancy washing or drying programme.

But the good news is that the exercising clothes that are easiest to wash and dry are made from the materials we’ve recommended above, like merino wool, microfiber, and polyester. Your shoes should be easy to wash and dry fast too, so they’re easy to pick up the next day.

How do you choose your workout clothes?

That said, we’re curious to know how you choose your workout clothes? What would you advise other people? What did we miss in this article? Leave us a comment below

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