Seven Fashion Disasters Men Should Say No To!

Seven top male trends that you should avoid at all costs to look fashionable

Fashion keeps on changing faster than the seasons. After every season we witness some fresh colors, new trends and innovative designs. However, amongst all these style statements there are a few horrific trends that somehow last till the end. Here is our review of the top seven fashion disasters men should not dare to make!

Von Dutch Hats- Time To Say Bye Bye!

Von Dutch Hats

As long as you don’t want to look like a uniformed truck driver, avoid using Von Dutch Hats. Though the brand name is famous in the business world; guys its better to keep your business attire separate from your everyday fashion routine.

Cropped Pants For Guys? Simply UGHHH!!

Cropped Pants

If you think that you are being sexy by keeping your legs warm and showing off your lower calves, then you better think again. Cropped pants that look like the Capri’s women wear, are certainly not the ideal way to show your macho ness. Your male presence can easily be reflected through your plain jeans or Bermudas. Don’t try to fuse the two.

Popped Collars Don’t Make You Look Rich Anymore!

Popped Collars

The most eligible bachelors around need to show off their wealth somehow. It can be in the form of famous libraries named after them or having their very own brand name. But for some, having two shirts on is the easiest way to signal “ I m single and ready to mingle…” Well, gone are those days. No ones got time to wear two branded shirts incorrectly or even notice them..

Skinny Jeans Are Not For Men!


Guys no matter how much the world has progressed and the lines between gender demarcations have often been crossed; the fact that you are a man cannot be changed. And it would only do you more well if you dress up like a man. Next time your barge into a shopping store to buy that skinny jeans, just know that you have too much black liner on that has blurred your vision.

Deep V-Necks Are Your GF belongings only!

Deep V-Necks

The trend of putting on your boyfriends’ blazer has been quite popular in the recent years. However, wearing your girlfriend V-neck sweater isn’t a nice way to show your chest hair. Men, face it.. Your chest hair aren’t really what women are looking for.

Ed Hardy Reminds Me Of Worst Dad!

Ed hardy shirtsEd hardy shirts were going fine when Jon Gosselin, the worst dad of the world became its spokesman. All of a sudden the dazzling, bejeweled shirts appeared to be trashy and worthless.

Fedoras Are For Popstars!


Popstars like Justin Timberlake carry vests and fedoras quite elegantly. But if you are an average citizen, stuffing bacon and pizza three times a day, do not even bother trying it on. You will not look like a popstar. Instead, you will look like a man who got dressed without turning on the dressing rooms light.

Author Reference: Shana Alroy is a writer and a blogger. She is currently working for CheerZone; a Michigan based company that specializes in manufacturing Cheerleading Shoes She also likes to spend her spare time gardening, cooking and socializing.