Shine again with Botox

The simple truth men and women all over the world fail to accept is ageing. However unfortunate it is, ageing strikes all of us at some point in our lives. How do we notice it? Well, the first signs are usually seen on our faces. Nasty wrinkles and other facial lines cover some parts of our faces, therefore revealing the dire truth: we’ve grown pretty old.

This usually stresses people out quite a lot. And could they be blamed? Certainly no, as wrinkles strike unexpectedly. You look fantastic one day and then another dayyou see those nasty lines all over your face.

The good news is that there is probably no need to stress out about this as science has progressed, providing all of us with many effective options to get those signs of ageing concealed. Even though there are many available beauty treatments on the market, the most widely known and widely used one is undoubtedly Botox. More than 10 million Americans have used Botox. Why? Well, because it’s proven to be the most effective treatment out there.

Apart from its effectiveness, Botox is also easily accessible. Think about this: you live in New York and wish to get your Botox NYC injection. Is it difficult to do it? The answer? Absolutely no! What you can do is go ahead and use any search engine to type in “Botox NYC” and get a wide range of clinics with with lots of reviews left by those who have already undergone their own Botox NYC treatments. You will find out that clinics such as Miracle Face MedSpa are considered the best Botox NYC providers in town.

But are you still contemplating as to whether Botox is something you’d want to consider? Are you thinking that Botox might end up being a wrong thing to do? If yes we’re here to shed light on some of the most common questions potential Botox patients ask.

How Safe?

Many potential patients fail to realize that Botox is as safe as it gets. Yes, it’s true that some patients have reported side effect pursuant to their Botox treatments. It is however important to note that those are usually the patients who have received their treatments from unaccredited clinics. If you find an accredited Botox provider with accredited doctors, the chances of you experiencing any side effects will be infinitesimal. But still, why and how is Botox safe?

Let’s start off with its history. A German doctor named Justinus Kerner was investigating widespread food poisoning resulting from consumption of sausages in some tiny German city. He ended up discovering Botulinum toxin back in 1820. Think about it: Botulinum toxin – the substance at the heart of Botox – was discovered around two centuries ago. The implications of this are super simple: it’s been around for such a long time that scientists everywhere in the world have had a plethora of opportunities to examine it in and out. In fact, it’s key to note that Botox has been approved by the most important public health organization in the Unites States of America. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox in 2002 upon completing a number of clinical trials that showed that Botox was very safe.

Apart from its rich history, Botox is super safe because of how it works. It is labeled a minimally invasive procedure as it is guaranteed not to spread throughout one’s body. Well, the reason it doesn’t spread is because it is injected into the problematic area and is forced to stay where it was injected. The idea is simple: by staying where it is supposed to stay – Botulinum toxin – the substance behind Botox freezes the muscles that make wrinkles visible. This non-intrusiveness yet once again proves how safe Botox is.

Will it Hurt?

It won’t! Don’t believe those scary posts on the Internet that claim Botox injections are hurtful. The truth is: Botox injections hurt no more than a mosquito bite. However, if you happen to be scared even of that little pain associated with the needle touching your skin, there is a solution for you here. You could ask your doctor to apply some numbing or cooling cream onto your skin before the injections. This will ensure there is literally no pain associated with your Botox injections.

Can Botox beat Depression?

Interestingly enough, some new studies confirm that it’s quite possible for Botox to beat depression. The waythis supposedly works is this: Botox freezes the muscles that create wrinkles. Since these muscles can’t contract they will not form wrinkles. No wrinkles means that one’s brain doesn’t receive the signal that the patient is feeling sad.

The research is quite interesting but it is going to take quite some time before the results can gain widespread support and approval.