Sony PlayStation Setup on Your PC

Love PlayStation Games? Feel like recalling some happy and careless days and want to play favorite PlayStation 2 games on your PC? Not a problem.

Today we’re going to teach you how to play those games by helping you to install Sony Playstation 2 emulator on your device. We’re going to talk about the best emulators and ROMS, which are suitable for Windows system particularly. So, if you’re interested, keep reading.

How to Download, Install, and Run PS2 Emulators

First of all, let’s figure out what sony playstation 2 emulator download edition you should look for. For Windows owners, we recommend either a NeutrinoSX or PCSX2, which are considered to be the most popular emulators among gamers. These files do not require a lot of space on your device and are absolutely free. So, find those 2 emulators and download one of them to your computer. Now you need to get the ROM files, which are the games to play. Usually, sony playstation 2 roms download files are represented at the same website as the emulators are. What should you be looking for are specifically ps2 ROMs. For example:

  • Tekken 3;
  • Final Fantasy VII;
  • Mortal Kombat 4;
  • Digimon World 3;
  • HBO Boxing;
  • Need For Speed 2;
  • Porsche Challenge;
  • Powerboat racing;
  • Twisted Metal, etc.

We recommend creating a separate folder for all of those downloaded files.

Since all of the files are uploaded, click on the ps2 icon to run it. Choose a destination folder and press on «Install». You may also need a BIOS file if the emulator won’t open after installation. BIOS files are in abundance on the Internet too.

When a ps2 emulator will be installed, a window will open. What we recommend doing from the very beginning is changing the configuration set, which is installed by default. Click on «Config» tab on the toolbar on the top of the window. Here you can change emulation settings, video, audio, controllers, etc. Changing those settings accordingly to your own preferences and the system you have on your PC will help you to get a smoother gaming experience. You can open the game and check if all the controllers satisfy you. Maybe you want to change them too. Remember that the default configuration settings are not the only option. You can always fix them to your own taste. If the picture on the screen doesn’t run well, or the screen is black and the game is not running, check if the settings are suitable for your device. The thing that you are definitely recommended to customize is the controllers set since it would normally be for ps2 but not your computer’s keyboard.

As you can see, it is not a problem at all playing those famous Sony PlayStation 2 games on modern technologies. All you need to have are just a couple of emulator and ROM files. Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful enough to be able to download, install, and run ps2 games by yourself.