Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD Review

More and more fitness equipment made for home use is becoming increasingly popular as more women do not have the time to run off to the gym to workout. The Stamina Pilates Magic Circle, created by Joseph Pilates, is a great way to get fit at home.

The Pilates Magic Circle may seem a bit simple, but fitness junkies are in for a treat because of its many uses and its effectiveness in contributing to toned muscles with just a few weeks of consistent use.

Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD Product Description

The Stamina Pilates Magic Circle is created by Joseph Pilates as a fitness tool designed to tone certain muscle groups, as well as strengthen, especially in problem areas such as the arms, chest, thighs, and even the pelvic muscles. The Pilates Magic Circle was created with just the right resistance to tone and improve muscle strength. The concept is that as you use it you should slowly be able to conquer the resistance, as you get stronger with each use of the Magic Circle.

The Stamina Pilates Magic Circle measures 14 inches in diameter and weighs in at only less than 2 lbs., making it very portable and easy to carry around or travel with. The Magic Circle is made up of durable steel that’s covered with synthetic rubber with foam inside. The great thing about it is that it won’t easily wear and tear. In addition, it also features an easy grip made up of molded plastic that’s specifically designed for more convenient handling. The way it is built also makes it easy to use on different areas of the body such as thighs and the back.

Another great thing about the Magic Circle is it comes with an instructional DVD that was also designed by Joseph Pilates that will help users identify various ways in which they can maximize the Magic Circle’s use. The Magic Circle does not only target toning and strength of muscles, but it also greatly improves core stability, control, and flexibility.

It is an all around workout tool that comes highly recommended for all those who want to workout at home. In addition, the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle is also appropriate for certain classes such as Pilates that integrates the use of the Magic Circle for a more effective workout session.

With the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle, toning and strengthening is within reach and is very convenient to accomplish without having to make time to go to a gym and work on traditional exercise machines.


–          The Stamina Pilates Magic Circle delivers a number of fitness benefits such as muscle strengthening, core strengthening, muscle toning, body flexibility, and core stability and control.

–          It’s very lightweight (weighing in at under 2 lbs.), and measures at 14-inch diameter, making it very portable.

–          It comes with an instructional DVD that can help in maximizing the different uses of the Magic Circle to target all problematic muscle groups all over the body.

–          It can also be integrated in certain workout classes such as Pilates.

–          It doesn’t require any battery-operated technology, making it very easy to use straight from the box.


–          It’s not designed to build muscles like traditional free weights can.

–          It might prove to be a challenge for some people who aren’t used to using this kind of workout equipment.

Customer Review of the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD

Fitness junkies have greatly approved the effectiveness of using the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle. Some users have found its use best for complementing their Pilates sessions, whether in the classes they attend or with Pilates instructional DVDs at home.

However, some consumers have noted that the workout DVD that comes with it might not be enough to complement the maximization of using the Magic Circle and some of them tend to look for more helpful references. But more importantly, almost all of them gave a very high rating for the overall effectiveness of the Magic Circle because of just the right amount of resistance that can truly result to more toned and stronger muscles.

Even though a number of users have recommended it for improving their Pilates sessions, a lot of users have commended its effectiveness just by using the Magic Circle itself. They are very happy that they are able to use it right in the comfort of their own homes and even when they’re in front of the TV.


For a very affordable price of just under $30, the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle will cater to your toning and muscle-strengthening needs.. You can workout with it at home with the DVD or you can take it with you to a local Pilates class. Either way it is a great tool to help you tone up and get fit. You can find this product online at