Tech Blogs by Women You Should be Following

With only 18 percent of undergraduate degrees and 26 percent of jobs in computer science held by women, it’s unfortunately clear that the world of tech is dominated by men. This is a serious issue that should be prioritized if we want to see a parity of men and women in the tech industry. The primary way of doing that is raising awareness of gender inequality, and actively encouraging and enabling women from an earlier age to enter these fields. Luckily, due to the ease with which you can create a blog with a package like this, there has been a profusion of blogs and websites about tech created by women. These sites are actively informing both men and women and changing the way we think about gender roles in technology, as well as teaching valuable skills such as coding and computer science. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular ones around.

Women Love Tech

Women Love Tech was started by Australian blogger Frederique Bros. The blog primarily reviews the latest tech and gadgets as well as providing the news and the current goings on in the tech industry. Not only that but the Frederique also provides inspiring stories about women in tech and offers some tips and knowledge about marketing and social media usage. For a good idea of what she’s about, check out this article: an open letter to every girl, encouraging them to learn how to code.

The Hacker Chick

Abby Fichtner is one of Boston’s more prominent influencers in the tech scene according to Mashable. She runs Hacker Chick, a tech blog concerned with pushing the boundaries of the status quo and promoting coding knowledge and resources for women who want to learn how to code. A software developer by trade, and having worked with hundreds of tech startups, Abby frequently gives talks on innovation, technology and inspiring others to push themselves beyond what they believe is possible.

The Female Perspective of Computer Science

Run by Gail Carmichael, a computer education program manager at ecommerce giant Shopify, The Female Perspective of Computer Science tackles various tutorials and guides on how to use platforms such as GitHub as well as how to learn various programming languages. As a computer scientist and educator, Gail is particularly well suited to writing about these disciplines and does so in a clear and concise manner. She’s an invaluable fount of knowledge and inspiration for girls in tech everywhere.