The 10 Different Types of Coffee That You Can Make Like a Barista

Care for a cup of coffee? Don’t settle for instant coffee! There are many different kinds of coffee and learning how to make them isn’t as complicated as some might assume.

It’s all about knowing what goes into the drink. How much espresso do you need for a cappuccino? What ingredients do you need to make an affogato?

Don’t fret, we’re here to explain 10 types of coffee and teach you how to make them. Read on below to learn more:

  1. Basic Drip

Drip coffee is the easiest to make but it does require a drip coffee maker, filters, and ground coffee. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of coffee ground per 8 oz. cup of water. The machine will do the rest and you can add cream and sugar afterward.

  1. Pour Over Coffee

Learning how to make pour over coffee is like brewing drip coffee without a machine. Both procedures involve pouring hot water over ground coffee.

However, this is a manual method and you should “wet” the grounds first. This means you should pour a bit of water to wet the grounds and then wait 30 seconds before pouring the rest. Doing this eliminates the bubbling effect and ensures you get the most flavor from the brew.

  1. Espresso and Doppio

An espresso measures to approximately 2-4 oz. of coffee. To make an espresso, you’ll need an espresso machine, whether an automatic one or a stovetop brewer.

Espresso is the result of passing pressurized hot water through tightly packed finely-ground coffee. If you pour enough water to double the amount, you get a doppio.

The espresso is the most crucial coffee drink because you’ll need it for all of the drinks listed below.

  1. Cappuccino

This is one of the most basic coffee drinks you can make. It involves mixing 1 shot of espresso with 2-4 oz. of steamed milk and then topped with 2-4 oz. of foamed milk. You can add chocolate sprinkles or cinnamon on top.

  1. Latte

A latte is similar to a cappuccino but contains more steamed milk, reducing the bitterness and acidity of the drink. To make a basic latte, mix 1 shot of espresso with 8 oz. of steamed milk and then top it with foamed milk.

If you want more flavor in your coffee drink, experiment with a latte. Feel free to pour a bit of vanilla flavoring or strawberry to get a good feel of coffee mixing.

  1. Americano

Popular during World War II, coffee Americano is a mixture of hot water and a shot of espresso. Doing this cuts down the intensity of caffeine and the bitter taste while still maintaining a touch of flavor.

  1. Macchiato

The term “macchiato” refers to a stain and this drink perfectly embodies that concept. A basic macchiato is a shot of espresso stained with a teaspoon or two of steamed milk. Some people like to replace the steamed milk with foamed milk to keep the strength of the espresso.

You can also do the opposite, creating a latte macchiato. This is when you take 6-8 oz. of steamed milk and then stain it by mixing in a shot of espresso.

  1. Mocha

Do you want a kiss of chocolate in your morning coffee? Take the recipe for making a cappuccino but mix in an ounce or two of chocolate powder/syrup.

This is a great drink for people who desire a caffeine kick but don’t want to deal with the intense bitterness of traditional coffee. The chocolate helps dilute the coffee while also providing a new flavor to the mix.

  1. Vienna

An espresso shot can seem too bitter and acidic for some. This is why there are mixtures involving milk and chocolate since these additions help tone down the coffee flavor. However, you can forego milk and make a coffee Vienna by using whipped cream instead.

Top the espresso shot with two ounces of whipped cream. Let the whipped cream melt a bit into the coffee before you take a spoon and mix them. You’ll end up with a flavorful and creamy coffee drink.

  1. Affogato

This is not a traditional drink given that it involves desserts but it’s still an amazing coffee mix to try out. Simply take one scoop of vanilla ice cream and then top it with a shot of espresso.

Try the Different Types of Coffee Today!

These are 10 different types of coffee you can brew at home. You don’t need an expensive espresso machine or frother; a simple stovetop espresso pot can get the job done for most of these drinks.

But why stop with coffee? If you’re looking for more great lifestyle guides or general tips and tricks, you should go over our other posts today!