The Best iPhone Case Choosing Tips from Labodet Store Team

Labodet Store is a great variant for everyone who is looking for premium iPhone cases. In Labodet, you will find a wide range of qualitative covers, which can not only protect your device but also decorate it. The offered luxury cases are stylish accessories, which can perfectly complement your casual or evening look. The iPhone luxury case will be on par with such accessories as a purse, wristlet watch, shawl, etc. In addition, the Labodet team took into account the fact that people always carry their smartphones with them; so, it is convenient to make them more practical. Therefore, Labodet Store offers a lot of protectors, which can be used as card holders or wallets.

Labodet Store is a famous French case and other accessories producer. All models are made in Paris, France. Besides a great collection of iPhone protectors, the professional team proposes straps for all Apple Watch models, AirPods cases, wallets, passport covers, lighter protectors, glasses covers, and cardholders.

The key benefits of Labodet goods are their high quality and ensured durability. These attractive characteristics are available due to the specific materials, which are used for cases and other accessories production. The French company uses only 100 % natural leather for its products, including:

  • Crocodile

  • Alligator

  • Python

  • Ostrich

  • Calf

In addition, there is one more material – carbon. Carbon fiber is a modern material, the use of which in the accessories area is a novelty nowadays. This modern material is stronger and more expensive than metals, and it is often used for spacecraft, yachts, and sports and racing car construction. So, the choice of carbon fiber for your cover is a chance to get a high-tech styling accessory and a reliable protector.

The new French collection of high-class iPhone covers offers a wide diversity of designs for everyone:

  • Classic Case

  • Strap Case

  • Card Case

  • Pouch Case

  • Folio Case

  • Double Card

  • Double Card Case

  • Wallet with MagSafe

  • Crossbody Bag

Every model has its own peculiarities and strong points. Familiarize yourself with reviews of all patterns to decide what model meets all your requirements and preferences.

A Classic Case has a standard cover design, which is universal and compatible with different looks and events. A flowing, semi-matte finish is available in this classic design.

A Strap Case is the most convenient pattern in the whole collection. This pattern offers a simplified method of phone holding due to the hand strap, which is made of genuine leather as well.

A Card Case attracts those customers who are searching for a practical accessory. This model has a handy flat pocket, which can be used for saving your credit cards or IDs.

A Pouch Case has a unique design, which covers both device’s back and screen. Therefore, your iPhone receives 100% protection from scratches.

A Folio Case proposes two card slots and a handy gap, which makes this sample a multipurpose accessory. You will be completely gratified with the choice of this practical cover.

Double Card and Double Card Cases are quite similar models. Their key benefit is elegant style, which is combined with practical convenience. These samples have a pair of card slots for your documents and money. The difference between the two models is in their design. Double Case offers one color for slots and cover’s back, while Double Card Case has its pockets in a contrasting color.

A Wallet with MagSafe has two different designs at the same time. It can be a classically designed cover or a practical modern model. The secret is that this cover has a pair of convenient pockets, which are removable due to magnet stones.

A Crossbody Bag is not even a traditional protector. It is a shoulder purse with a long strip. This model ensures you the utmost comfort and safety for your device.