The Different Types of Mascara Every Woman Should Know

Mascara is one of those cosmetic items every woman carries in her bag. You never know when it clumps, flakes or smears down your eyelids. Thankfully, there is more than one brand and different types of mascaras suited for different occasions.

Continue reading to discover the top 10 types of mascara, how they work and whether you could really need one of them.

Washable versus Waterproof

Washable mascaras are designed for special occasions so that you can easily apply them in the morning and wash them off at your pleasure. Waterproof mascaras are more durable and will require special removers to get rid of them.

The washable beauty products are made using high water content for easy removal. They are more flexible on your eyelashes and keep you relaxed. Experts believe washables are better for your eyelash health.

By contrast, waterproof mascaras bind your eyelashes together and may not produce the expected results. If they are stiff, they strain your lashes and may pull off some of them. The upside-not all waterproofs are bad, In fact, the best mascaras are waterproof. They have a moderate amount of water content to keep your lashes healthy.

Curling Mascara

Washable and waterproof mascaras are designed for several purposes. To curl your eyelashes is one of them. Besides having the right product, you need a special type of wand to produce the desired curls. Depending on the type of your eyelashes, you may need a very good type of mascara.

People with stiff eyelashes are the most likely to benefit from this type of mascara. If your lashes are naturally curly, you probably need a different mascara type.


Most mascara types either curl or lengthen your lashes. If you have short eyelashes, you probably want a mascara that makes them look longer before curling them for a stylish look. How do they work? The products are made with a mixture of oils, waxes, and fibers.

When you apply the product to your lashes using a wand, they make them look longer than usual. As you’ve probably noticed, mascaras also come in a variety of hues. You can find one that matches the color of your lashes or choose any color. Whichever the case, the products have pigments that give them those colors.

Lengthening mascaras often have the disadvantage of clumping. If you don’t apply them correctly, they will often come out looking strange. Always apply the makeup in front of a well-lit mirror to ensure you get everything right.

Also, buy good mascaras to not only make your lashes look realistically lengthy but also keep them moisturized. For a start, check out Tarte mascaras, The company has numerous products you can check out, read reviews and choose what to buy.

Mascara Primer

Makeup works best when you apply a primer first. The same case applies for mascara, where you can find primers sold alongside the main product. A good primer provides a foundation coat to ensure the mascara lasts longer. It also enhances the lashes’ thickness. It nourishes them and prepares them for the real product.

Some women don’t apply mascara primer and may look good. With the best products, the primer is a luxury rather than a necessity. However, consider buying the foundation when using a washable you’ve never tried again. As already mentioned, washables come off easily but they can last longer when a primer is involved.

Volumizing Mascara

Are you the kind of lady that admires thick, long, and fuller lashes? All you need is a volumizing product and you’ll get the exact same lashes. Obviously, there are many brands that claim to enlarge your lashes but barely give you the desired result.

A good volumizing mascara should not only thicken your lashes but they should also provide a natural, flirty look. A brand that provides both a primer and the volumizing mascara at a good price should be your ideal product. You’ll need the primer for the foundation and the mascara for the great, seductive, thick eyelashes.

Smudge-Proof Mascaras

These mascaras are designed to provide a middle-ground between washables and waterproofs. They keep your lashes hydrated but also don’t smear all over your face when you sweat. In reality, most smudge-proof mascaras are just like their waterproof counterparts.

They are difficult to remove, they can be clumpy and disappointing. When buying the products, make sure you read their reviews. Look out for products that don’t create a mess if you come into contact with them. They should also be resistant to water but good looking all the same.

Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascara is regular mascara with a lot of fibers in it. They are designed to lengthen or add volume to your lashes. Like voluminizing mascaras, these products use nylon or silk as the basic ingredients. There are no downsides to the products but you have to pick the right brand to plump your lashes correctly.

Tips for Picking the Right Mascara Wand

Mascaras are applied using wands. And depending on the wands you have, you can get great or bad results. Hopefully, your goal is to curl, length or plump your lashes and take lots of selfies afterward. If that’s the case, here is your guide to picking a good wand.

  • Pick a short wand with thick bristles if your lashes are short. It’s easier to control and the bristles spread the mascara evenly to your lashes
  • A curled brush is a must when using curling mascaras. Using any other type of wand may not produce the expected results.
  • If you have naturally big lashes, pick a wand with evenly spaced bristles
  • Lengthening wands are long and have bristles that resemble combs
  • If you have sparse lashes, pick a wand with densely spaced bristles

To Conclude

It’s hard to find a woman who loves makeup and doesn’t use mascara. Even when the product clumps or smears off, beauty-loving ladies tend to keep looking for the right product. Don’t stop the hunt for good mascaras. There are multiple types out there. Decide what look you want to give your lashes, and pick the right products.