The Most Romantic & High Tech Marriage Proposals Ever Made!

Have you pictured the day that someone proposes to you? Or do you have the constant fear and sweaty brow of how you should propose to your loved one? I personally always pictured it happening on a ferry to france or whilst on one of my day trips to france (can you tell I like france!) but to be honest I think I will be pretty happy getting a proposal full stop! But then I don’t think I am like the generation of tomorrow. They have grown up with advanced technological systems all around them and have never had to put a pen to paper to tell someone how their day has been. So does that mean that traditional romance is dead?

Forget making aeroplane banners, glasses of bubbly or a ring hidden in a cake – that is so the last decade when it comes to a marriage proposals and today’s generation. They want to be asked by someone they love if they will spend the rest of their life with them in a familiar manner to them. One things for sure, the pressure is certainly on for all the proposer’s out there. What made it before as acceptable will cut it no more so be warned! Here are how some of today’s men have successfully proposed to their girlfriends via 21st century means…..

1. Marriage Proposal – there’s an app for that!


IT took three years, thousands of dollars and a custom-built iPhone app, but Sahba Idelkhani finally got to propose the way he wanted to.  In what looks to be the country’s most hi-tech marriage proposal, Mr Idelkhani led his lover on a 200km scavenger hunt controlled by a custom-made iPhone app. It ended with a catered dinner in a hotel penthouse and a surprise three years in the making.

2. My Fair Maiden – Hacking a video game

This computer science student proposed to his girlfriend by hacking her old Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger.

3. Is this tweeting romantic?


This Twitter user decided to propose on the “Twitter-universe” to his girlfriend through a Tweet. Could have been embarrassing if she had simply replied ‘No’ having to keep within 140 characters and all!

4. Old School yet still high tech!

This lovestruck nerd collaborated with a jeweler and the vinyl record manufacturer Dubstudios to create an engagement ring etched with a 20 second recording of his proposal. Aaw that’s quite cute.

5. Game Invasion

This computer geek reprogrammed his girlfriend’s favorite video game (Bejeweled) so that the screen went clear and a ring a dropped down when she reached a certain score.

6. Right up your street?

A Google employee thought his first proposal (“Proposal 1.0″) lacked in “pizazz”. So he did what “any Silicon Valley geek would do:” proposed to his girlfriend over Google Street View by holding up a sign reading “Proposal 2.0: Marry me Leslie! ” when the camera car drove by his office.

7. For 1 day only….



A Cincinnati man by the name of Greg offered to marry his girlfriend, Dana, for the low price of $1. Well, marriage has historically been a financial transaction! But the text of his commercial offer adds a dash of traditional tenderness: “I have told you many times that I was the luckiest man ever,” he writes. “I want the amazing times to continue by spending the rest of my life with you — the sweetest, most beautiful, and smartest woman in the entire world.”

8. To Like or Not to Like!

James , 35, fell in love with his childhood sweetheart Cathy, 33, after she befriended him on the social networking site earlier this year. The pair, who had not seen each other for 15 years, got on so well they met in real life and James proposed just three months later.

9. Foursquare – rate this proposal!

Alex Marsh used Foursquare, the mobile location-based game, to propose to his girlfriend, Susan Wilkison, during dinner at Raleigh Times Bar. In case you’re unfamiliar with Foursquare, once you check in at a location, your friends receive an instant notification of your check-in and any accompanying text that you’ve added to the check-in. Using this to his advantage, Marsh decided to check in at dinner with his then girlfriend, now fiancée, and wrote “popping the question!” in the text field. Wilkison got the notification immediately and said “Yes,” via Foursquare of course.