The Style Is the Reflection of a Personality

Psychologists confirm that the way a person dresses can tell a lot about her personality.  It is not only about convenience. Of course, it is much more convenient to wear jeans and sweaters. But there is something different that makes you buy and wear it.

Even how you choose baby trending clothing tells a lot about you. Having an excellent online shop with free shipping in the USA allows just to look at baby clothes and order. However, what you choose for your baby is your choice. Shopping habits always have a certain internal trigger, motivation. It can be memories, emotions, and specific experience. How does it work?

Your Clothes = Your Inner World

  • It is not a secret that clothing reflects a person’s mood and traits of character. Just look at some of your friends, who prefer only solid colors. You will hardly see them wearing stripped clothes. People with such preferences tend to be direct. They tell what they really think. This kind of people are not fans of “exaggerated” politeness. They want others to be direct too.
  • Let’s be honest, people know that clothing projects a specific image. Branded clothing is usually used as a tool to look successful and wealthy. You can buy expensive clothes to make an impression of a very wealthy person. Most people instantly get this image in their heads. If you are wealthy, you are successful. But is it really like that? Not always. First, happiness and success are not defined by the brands you wear. Second, there are many billionaires, who prefer simple clothing in solid colors to something bright and expensive. Just think of Steve Jobs.
  • No expensive suits and no wasting money on clothes. At the same time, he was an impressively creative person. Branded clothing is believed to be a shield used by people with weak self-esteem. They choose expensive clothes to show that they belong to a certain social group. It is a desire to make others believe that you are better and more successful.
  • Clothing creates an image. History and classics have done everything for us. Specific items of clothes create corresponding images in our heads. Little black dress is associated with good taste and style. It is elegant and attractive. Jeans tell us about comfort. You assume that people wearing jeans are open and easy-going. A woman wearing business style dress and high heels is perceived as strict and demanding. In some way, it can be true. However, people frequently choose certain images to make others believe they are different. It is also a way to fit into the certain social group. For instance, one should a suit to an interview, if he wants to get a job in a company with a strong corporate culture.
  • There are people, who do not care much about clothing. Some of them have simply do not have any taste. They combine various items of clothes and colors Others prefer to wear the same items all the time. The way people dress shows how they treat themselves. Buying good clothes tells about good self-esteem, which is important. It has nothing to do with being obsessed with smart and expensive clothes, which is a different extreme. Hiring a fashion stylist to change a style can be a successful part in a psychological program aimed at improving self-esteem. You have probably seen numerous TV shows having the same purpose – improve someone’s style. Agree that the mood and behavior of people change dramatically once they start perceiving themselves in a different way. In many ways, it is because of changing their style into a different one.
  • Psychologists recommend wearing nice clothing all the time. It helps to create a good mood no matter what is happening in your life at the moment. Various researches have proven the impact of colors. You have to dress not how you feel but how you want to feel. Dark and dull colors stimulate bottling up emotions. Bright colors, on the contrary, bring energy and motivation.
  • Shoes can also tell a lot about someone. They, actually, can show whether a person has a taste or not. A jacket should not be impressive but a pair of good shoes significantly changes the overall look.
  • Your style reflects your attitude to many things in life, and life in general. People, who wear casual or semi-casual clothing, are not concentrated on the way they look. It does not mean they do not have good taste. They give preference to comfort. Some of these people can be successful business owners, who are not restricted by corporate culture. People, wearing official clothes, usually are by-the-book kind of person. They are all about rules and following the rules.

Have a look at your wardrobe. You might want to change something.