Deciding Which Type of Hair Extension to Get

So, you’ve decided to do a hair extension? Great! But, which type should you go with? Deciding which kind is the best for you is not that easy. The reason is that each hair extension type has its own pros and cons, so the final decision depends on your preferences.

For instance, if you would like to experiment with different hairstyles from time to time, temporary hair extension methods are the ones you should be interested in. Clip-in extensions might be exactly what you’re looking for.

However, if you want a long-term solution, one of the permanent methods is the right for you. These hair extension methods can give your hair volume and improve its overall quality.

Before you decide which hair extension method to use, you better learn more about each one of them. If that’s what you’d like to do, you’re at the right place!

Pros & Cons of Most Popular Hair Extension Methods

Now we’re going to talk about each of the three most popular hair extension methods, discussing their advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s start with temporary methods.

Temporary Hair Extension Methods

Hair extension methods that belong in this category include wefts and weaves, as well as clip-in pieces. They’re designed to be used temporarily, meaning that you need to put them on and take them off on a daily basis.


  • Great for getting creative with your hairstyles
  • If you don’t like it, you can easily take it off
  • It’s pretty cheap


  • Some think it’s annoying to put the extension on and off every day

Semi-Permanent Hair Extension Methods

If you decide on one of these methods, you will be able to keep the hair extensions on for up to two months. These methods include small clip-ins and invisible tape extensions, and they’re usually used by those who need extensions until their own hair grows back.


  • Can last to up to two months
  • Practically invisible


  • Not easy to take off

Permanent Hair Extension Methods

These are strand-by-strand methods like micro bonds or micro rings in which a huge number of small attachments is added. Most of these methods can last for several months without any need for adjustment.


  • Long-lasting hair extension solution
  • Very difficult to spot


  • Difficult to take off
  • Usually more expensive than the other two methods

Synthetic vs Natural Hair Extensions?

Once you decide for how long you want your hair extensions to last, it’s time to make another decision. Are you going to pick synthetic hair extension or 100% natural?

As most hair stylist would tell you, there’s no better solution than getting real human hair. Although it’s more expensive than its synthetic alternatives, it looks and feels much better. The thing about synthetic alternatives is that they are unnaturally shiny, so people might notice it’s fake.

Another problem with synthetic hair extensions is that they’re not too great when it comes to styling. Some of them simply refuse to be tamed. So, instead of making a bob cut, you might end up looking like a glam rock singer from the 1980s.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all types of synthetic hair extensions are bad. Actually, they do have some advantages over real hair. The most obvious one is that they’re way cheaper. So, if you’re looking to buy hair extensions just to have fun and experiment with new crazy hairstyles, you shouldn’t spend too much on real-hair extensions. Instead, some affordable synthetic ones would do the job.

Apart from being cheaper, some synthetic hair extensions are actually more durable than real hair. Human hair is fragile and it can break, especially if not treated the right way. To keep it healthy and beautiful, you need to use quality hair care products. That’s not the case with synthetic hair extensions, which will look beautiful on their own for a long time.

Tips on How to Get the Perfect Hair Extensions

Probably the best advice we can give you is to find an expert hair salon like EH Hair Extensions for example. Why? Because they will know how to do a good job. But, that’s not all, people working at hair salons have experience and knowledge necessary to give you a good piece of advice on what kind of hair extension you need. So, if you’re not yet certain about which type of extension to go with, simply ask them for advice!

Another important thing to remember is to try it out before actually doing going with the procedure. Doing hair extensions takes time (and money), so you need to make sure you’re going to like the final result. Not to mention that certain hair extension types take ages to take off.

Other stuff you need to pay attention to include the color of the extension, which should be as similar to your natural hair color as possible in order not to stick out. The hair type and quality need to match the quality and type of your hair. It’s not because it would stand out in a bad way, it’s because people would be able to tell the difference. And the chances are that you don’t wish your hair to look unnatural.

How Much Money is Too Much for Hair Extension?

Beauty comes at a price. You can’t expect to look your best unless you invest some money in your looks. So, if you wish the very best hair extensions, you need to be ready to pay a little bit more. After all, human hair doesn’t grow on trees. It takes a lot of time to grow it, as well as a lot of money and energy to make it healthy and nice.

Of course, all this doesn’t mean you should get a top-quality hair extension and get yourself bankrupt. The thing is that there are many excellent hair salons out there, some of which offer superb service at very reasonable rates. The only problem is how to find them.

In order to do it, you will have to invest a little bit of your time. You’ll have to do research online, but probably also give some salons a call to learn more details.