100 Fabulous Time Quotes To Give You An Instant Motivation!

Are you the one who is constantly feeling the time is never enough for you? There are many of us who feel this. Time is never enough, no matter how hard you try. This is nothing more than being lazy. Well, this is a universal problem. Those who succeed are more active and spending their time only in the right way. Time quotes are something you need to charge yourself.

If you are looking for some interesting time quotes that you can read while having tea on your leisure, or want to motivate yourself even at midnight, you can check this article. This article consists of amazing time quotes, which will surely bring a smile on your face. You will realize where you have been failing and what changes are required on you.

So, give yourself a Monday boost to go to work by going through these amazing time quotes. You will surely like these and find them all being related to your life. Let’s stop being lazy, let’s stop regretting on the time that was wasted before, let’s stop worrying about future and past, and utilize time in the best way.

If you are looking for some creative time quotes to boost your mood or to caption your Instagram or Facebook picture, go through these amazing time quotes. You can use them either in the form of postcard or in the form of text.

We often look at shortcuts with a hope to save time, but in fact, we are losing precious time in creating the shortcuts.

The contents of this article about time quotes vary from one genre to another. You can relate the quotes if you are a traveler, an employee, a parent, a student, a sportsman, a sad person, a happy person, or anything in general.

There are several quotes relating to time. And it is everyone’s personal experience. You will be so connected to go through these quotes that you will start thinking it is all written for you.

If you want to shape yourself, you need to boost yourself. At least make a habit of reading one quote relating time every day after waking up or before going to bed. This will help you utilize your day in a productive way. Make the maximum use of the day.

I am made of time. It sweeps me along with it because it is a river. It makes me the river. When it tries to destroy me by being a tiger, I become a tiger too. When it tries to destroy me by being a fire, I become a fire too.

People define time as a combination of four things. They are mystery, incomprehension, destruction, and illusory phenomenon.Your result depends on how you wish to utilize your time.

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There is a unique similarity between the present time and the passing water in the river.

The thing about time is, it is slow as well as swift, but depends on who waits and fears.

If someone complains of having lack of time, the same person makes is making the worst use of it.

The tragedy of past, present, and future is, all are under the control of one.

No matter how hard a man tries, he still fails to enjoy the fullest of life.
A parent would wish to have the part of the trouble that the child ought to receive. One who has been on the calendar cannot be on time.

Well, making the letter shorter would require time which I did not have!

If a fruit can fly like a banana, then the time can fly like an arrow!

If there is enough time, you can reach everywhere on hike.

Well, it is not just Italy where people have trouble with time wastage, it is everywhere in the world!

No matter how prepared one is, the last minute always counts!

If the deadline is not tomorrow, why hurry it instead of keeping it for the day after tomorrow?You can even fool the good if you pretend till your last breath!

The best thing about birds is, they always know the right time to leave their nest in the morning.

No matter how tough is the job, I will wait until it is deadline just to enjoy the whooshing sound!

When judgments of a corrector are wrong, time will tell!

The fascinating thing about time is, you do not realize being late!

Nobody has been able to find out the exit of time!

If you have nothing to do, you do not have time for that.

Be fortunate to enjoy the shade of a tree, someone planted a tree long ago for you.

It is not a moment you remain idle. It is the moment, you plan for a new moment.

Ten minutes might feel less, but with correct plans, it can be the most important resource.

People throw away what they have called time. They can do so much and produce a lot with whatever time they have.

First of all, make sure you know what are the most important things you need, then make a good use of your time. 

You should not wait for a perfect time to do what you love because present is the perfect time.

One can lengthen an hour if it can lodge in the queer element of the human spirit. You can stretch it as much as you like.

You need to match the swiftness of tie with your speed. You should try to finish the rapid stream by drinking it all if it was possible.

We know time well and we will act responsibly if time and reason are functions to one another. And we should be one of the kinds of time. 

Well, do not always wait for the signal. Sometimes you need to risk everything.

Physical time travel is not possible and it is a sad thing. Let’s be happy about the possibility of mental time travel at least.

If you have lost a day in your past, that means you have lost sunrise and sunset along with diamond minutes and golden hours that will never come back to you.

Keep doing things and never complain about time. If you complain about it, you are losing more than you were losing initially. This is how to stop being idle.

You should not give up on anything because it is just another phase that will pass after a while.

Stop thinking about the thing and better start working on it. You are losing plenty of time.

Starting late is better than never starting it.

You can lessen the burden for tomorrow if you utilize today well.

If there is something a man should think well before spending, it is time.

With time, everything passes, everything heals.

Stop crying about the loss you had in your past, stop worrying about the loss that will happen in future. Work for present, that’s all.

The only thing that makes time more valuable than money is: you cannot get the lost time back.

The only common thing that the poorest and the richest has is time.

Stop wasting the time in following reasons: anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. You cannot be happy in your life like this.

It is not the distance that is the longest between two destinations, it is the time.

It does not matter who you are, where you have come from, and where you are going. You will reach the future at the rate of sixty seconds a minute.

If you use your time as a coach and not as a tool, you will waste it.

If you are crying for a time that is gone, then you will have to cry again because this time is wasted again.

Just look at the moments and stop looking at the years that are yet to come.

Losing money is nothing, but losing time means losing some part of your life.

Time is just like wind, but yet no one can measure its mystery and design.

If you never stay idle, you will not have any time to complain about anything. You will utilize the time in the best way then.

Do not shed tears for the past because you have no control over it. But you can work hard and think of the present. This will make your future better.

Do not worry about your death. Enjoy life while you are alive.

The life we have, is not long, but it is deep. Do not make a mechanical measurement of life; it should be spiritual one.

We all tried to rush through the time which we are trying to find now. Do not rush in life because the time once gone, is gone forever.

If you have spoken something false, time will bring that out someday.

The root to every anxiety is fixation on moments that asks one to accept every form of life.

Every secret gets revealed with passing time.

A good holiday is the result of spending time well with proper intentions and plans.

Time can be everything. It always has a tremendous potential.

If you are not sure of the right chance in life, this is it. 

If time is precious, truth is more precious than time.

If you try to measure time just like you can measure money, you shall fail. Every Pesos are same, but every day is different.

Do not look forward to receive pleasures or make a rush for it. This will spoil when it comes at its own rate. You will enjoy it only if you have patience.

If you have not tried to make someone smile today, do it now!

Time is the only element with independent speed. You cannot influence its speed. It is one imponderable gift everyone gets.

Life is for living. Stop persuading people about anything as it happens faster than you think.

You make the plan about your evening during  the day and vice versa. You are losing both your day and night.

The problem with everyone is trying to make tomorrow better and losing present time.

Be fortunate for the best thing that everyone gets in life; it is time. It does not cost any money and is the most valuable resources one can have.

Time touches eternity only on your current time.

The fact of our life is, we are living in a constant rush and wasting our lives.

The only one who can play the beautiful game of time is a child.

We are all trapped at the moment. There is no way one can escape.

If you try to seek time to do things, they will never get done. Make time to do the things and you can get them done.

While worrying about yesterday, you are losing your today and tomorrow.

If you can master your time, you can lead your life. If you waster your time, you will waste your life.

If time is money, invest it; do not spend it.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”

An individual can use time in his own way, but time will be same for everyone. 

Time is not a theoretical element, instead, it is a practical element. 

One cannot slow or speed up the time. But one can hold it to the past securely and predict the future well.

The only way to shape the destiny by one’s will is by learning more and more.

We always try to control the dimension we live in. The extraordinary feature of this dimension is uncontrollable. The time will try to confuse us, then warp and entertain us. But one has to learn the capacities just like this.

You know how clever the time is! It can play as a teacher after giving the test!

You cannot waste the time with a privilege to have run out of it! 

If you are busy with your life, and improving it; you will merely find the time to point wrong at others.

The stupidest people are those who guard their personal property but waste time not realizing the most important property of all is time itself. 

The poor and the rich both have a priceless element called time. One can have it, but cannot keep it for tomorrow or switch it with yesterday. Even if you do not spend it, it is gone and the identical one never comes back!

Do not worry about wasting time if that can be used as a wise experience.

Do not add more suffering and emotions to the things you want to do desperately. This will make things lose their value.

The one thing that we shall regret tomorrow is not being able to tight fist the time we had. After all, time is the most valuable currency one can have.

The wisest cover their annoyance because of the time they have valued.

What strength and passion fail to do can be done with patience and time.

Keep one thing on mind: do not take time for granted.

People believe copper and steel are the best workers in stone. But one fails to notice air and water that have made the stone look like that without much but continuous efforts.

The creator of time unknown. It is the feature that the creature has introduced.

Reality is present time. Everyone seeks it in the future but it is inaccessible in the future.

The only dictator that has no fixed address is time. Nobody knows if it is alive or dead. Nobody can touch it or feel it.

There is not a thing that one knows more intimately than fleetingness of time; everything else is out of control.

Just like wind, time comes with newness. Every minute is different, and every hour is new. But its measurement is impossible. It is mysterious.
Looking at the past, you regret it. But looking it the future, you can make it better. For that, one has to use time well in the present.

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