3 Reasons Women Should Know Their Computer’s IP Address and How To Hide It

Do you know your IP address? Better yet, do you know what an IP address is? This is something that you should know because an IP address can provide a lot of information about you to others. As a woman online, you owe it to yourself to protect your information from falling into the wrong hands.Understand what your IP address, what type of information is stored on a IP address and most importantly how to protect yourself and your IP address is very important and should be overlooked.

What Is an IP Address?

First, it’s important to know what an IP address is. Basically, every machine that has access to a home network has a unique identifier, including your home computer and gaming consoles. This unique identifier allows for people to find your location and a bunch of varises different things.

The IP address works similar to how a real address works. You need an address if you want to send a letter, and a computer needs a unique identifier to send and receive data on a network. This unique identifier is your computer’s IP address. To Make things simple, look at your IP address has either you gaming console, computer and portable devices  street advicess, without your devices would be ost and unable to content to different types of networks or other computers.

From learning how to avoid hackers when shopping online to protecting an IP address, knowing how to stay safe online is all part of the experience. Below are three reasons women should know their IP addresses.

Your IP Address Might Give Away Your Location

One reason you need to know your computer’s IP address is that it might be giving away your location. There are geolocating services online that determine where you are. Thankfully, they typically locate only the endpoint.

In short, this means that the closest thing they will get to your location is where your internet service provider is. However, this place might be right next door to you or miles away. Knowing your computer’s IP address allows you to check it yourself so that you can see the location that other people see. This could be the reason your protected and others are not, this seems very simple but many people fail to understand the important of what their IP address is and why it’s so important. If You are looking to protect yourself and stay safe from hackers, make sure you research and find your IP address.

Protect Yourself From the Misuse of Your Information

When you visit a website, that website attempts to learn more about you. The information that it receives includes your browsing habits, how long that you stay on a specific page and what you normally click on. It obtains this information from an IP addresses. As a result, others can potentially learn a lot about your online internet usage when they view IP addresses.

You have more than likely seen the information that websites gather from you in action. Have you ever visited a website and seen an advertisement for the exact thing you were just searching for? The ad appeared because of the information that the website collected from an IP address.

Download What You Want, When You Want

Using an IP address, others can see what you have personally downloaded. If you want to keep what you download private, hiding your computer’s IP address is a good idea. This will allow you to keep private all the things you do on your own time. To some this is not important but if you worry about for example someone getting pdf of bank statement and etc, you should protect your IP address

How to Hide an IP Address

The best ways to hide your computer’s IP address are to set up a proxy server and a virtual private network. While both options work, connecting to a VPN is typically faster and more reliable. On the other hand, you usually have to pay a fee to use a VPN.

When you connect via a VPN, your information is encrypted. This means that anyone who intercepts your data can’t read it. When you connect to a proxy server, you’re connecting to another server that has free space. Then, someone who tries to read a computer’s IP address gets a fake location depending on the proxy service that you use.

Stay Safe Online

There are many ways that you can stay safe online. Get started with hiding your IP address to protect your information.