Famous men in makeup

More and more men today are not shy about being fashionable, styling their hair, whitening their teeth, plucking their eyebrows, or even wearing makeup. It’s no surprise that with modern society’s emphasis on youth, perfection, and looking good, women aren’t the only ones who want to accentuate their best facial features. In fact, makeup for the man on the street is now becoming increasingly popular for that groomed shaved handsome look of male models. There are even make up ranges designed specifically for men.

I have to admit that some men put women to shame with their superb application of make up – they must be experts at it! With perfectly applied lip gloss and pencilled eye brows, they’d be well placed to give us women a few make up tips. Let’s face it, actors and musicians have always been “made up” for television and film appearances so that’s nothing new. Over the years, however, seeing men in make up has become more commonplace, with some famous celebs almost making a living out of it.

Here are a few of the more famous celebs who are renowned for wearing make up:

Eddie Izzard – an English stand-up comedian, actor and voice-over artist. His comedy style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime. He also is a well known transvestite.

eddie-izzard-7David Bowie – an English rock musician and singer who has also worked as an actor, record producer and arranger. He was also very partial to fluorescent make up in his hey day!

The 80s spawned many a pop group who dabbled in make up – Duran Duran were one such band.

Spandau Ballet were of a similar era and ilk:

A more recent celeb who has often indulged in cosmetic wizardry is Russell Brand, who is an English comedian, actor, columnist, singer, author and presenter of radio and television.

Brandon Flowers, of rock band The Killers, often beautifies himself for live shows

Brandon FlowersBoy George is perhaps the most renowned famous bloke for embracing a full face of make up –

boy_georgerosiePretty boy television host Alex Zane is another fan of black eyeliner

alex-zaneThe style of Robert Smith, frontman of the rock band The Cure, was wild hair, smudged lipstick and moody eyes


And who can forget the legendary Adam Ant – quite possibly the most famous make-up wearing pop star ever