Top 10 April Fool’s Day Pranks

April fool’s day is one day which gives everybody a chance to have fun. The day when everybody can freak out, have fun. One day when it is ok to pick on people. The best pranks are the ones which can make people laugh. One also has to be e vigilant while bringing the idea on floor.  Simple ideas which are effectively played can be a lot of fun. Another very important factor to be considered is in your choice of the victim.  The victim chosen should have a sense of humor and a certain level of maturity, so that he can take the jokes sportingly.

1. Food pranks


Food is something that everyone loves, no one can actually say no to a well presented, yummy looking dish. This makes for a very nice trap. Food can be moulded to look like something but taste something entirely different. Confused? Well here are some ideas for sweet surprises. Take a scoop of vanilla or yoghurt; top it up with caramel sauce or butter-scotch sauce, the result will be convincing enough to be faked as mashed potatoes. It will be a sight when somebody expecting a mashed potato eats ice-cream. Then you can also trick your target with a yummy looking cupcake which actually is meat with potato frosting on top. How you do it? Well here is how. Bake the muffins tin cups and then fill the cups with properly mixed ground beef, ketchup, bread crumbs, an egg and some cheese, with salt and pepper to add.  Now after that is done top it up with mashed potatoes which have been nicely mixed with some food colouring. You may add whichever colour you might like; but the faces of people who eat tangy meat instead of sweet cupcakes will be the sight to look out for.  These pranks are best played on children, or the unassuming dad who takes his lunch to office.

2. Oh my! Don’t you just look amazing today!!


There can be other food tricks also where the poor victim can be made to eat toffees or candies which have a colouring pigment in them which gives make their mouths colourful. Act like nothing has happened when you are at home and when they are out in the sun, get people looking at him. Convince the victim that nothing has happened and that people were actually looking at him just because he was looking amazing. The best reactions come out of a person when the victim is self confident and conscious of his good looks. When they come home make him look at the mirror. Mind it; this trick might earn you a few kicks, besides a great memory to cherish with your friends.

3. Sorry! Your new car has a scratch

car scratch

So, your best friend has just bought the car of his dreams. He spends every thinkable, possible moment inside his car. It is his favourite thing on the earth. Oops you just scratched it. No, not to worry you do not have to actually scratch it. What you can do is, try taking the car away from him for a ride. Attach a sticker which looks like a scratch. These are easily available in the market. Come back home with a  fake a stupid expression, meek puppy eyes tell him that you actually were very careful, but due to a stupid silly miscalculation of yours, there was a scratch on his car. Watch your friend go red with rage. It is not very difficult to get all worked up when you r favourite thing is at stake. Just when he gets too aggressive, pull off the sticker and look at the expression. The idea might sound like a cliché but it works. A little knack is required though in your part to act all silly

4. Weren’t you on TV last night?

You were on tv

Now this one needs a lot of people and a lot of things at place. What you can do is find a victim who is an attention seeker; somebody who loves to be in the limelight. Get a few of your friends with you to help you with the plan. What you and the group of friends have to do is convince the victim that they had seen him on TV last night, that a local channel had documented the recent upheavals in his life and that they were full of praise for him is not anything else.  Care has to be taken that everybody has to play along and act convincingly. The victim goes home runs a check, even calls up the local news channels about a show like that, finds none. The look on the victim’s face the next day will be worth a million bucks.

5. I am coming to get you.

It is April fool’s day; you are alone and have nothing to do. Well not to worry. There is an interesting prank that you can play on completely unassuming people you don’t even know! Well here is what has to be done. Head to the nearest coffee shop or any other place that draws a lot of crowd, that is step one. Now get a good place to sit where you can be easily heard. Fake a call and talk loudly, as if you are having a fight with someone you have not met. Let the verbal scuffle lead to a brawl, ask the imaginary person you are talking on the phone, to meet you and you will settle it out then. Now the fun starts. Since you have never seen the guy, you have to tell him how you look, you set on describing yourself, but you describe not yourself but you poor victim sitting beside you. Describe his clothes, his built, the people he is with, ask the imaginary person on the other side of the phone to meet you and then walk out. You cannot imagine how fast the person will run for his life.

6. I am so sorry, but you failed.

You failed exam

There is nothing worse than waking up a Sunday morning with a perfect day planned ahead, and find out that you failed the exam that you appeared some for days back.  This is a prank that will jolt your friends out of their sleep. Call up a friend you have planned the entire day with, and who is very positive about the exam that he/she has given. A little creativity and Photoshop skills are all that is required. What you can do is call up your friend after midnight and say that the results are out. He will check the results on the internet for sure, here is where your Photoshop skills will come to use, and say the results have not been made public and individuals have been informed via emails. Forward the email because your victim will have not received the mail for sure. Make sure the victim does not get an attack.  Another lovely twist to this can be calling up a friend who has nice job, and saying “i am sorry to hear that you lost your job”, then act surprised that he did not know it yet. You might also want to involve a few of his colleagues to add the more necessary spice and authenticity to the prank.

7. Your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Your girlfriend is cheating

Your friend is in love.  It new love puppy love. His girlfriend is the doll.  How much will it shock him if he finds out his girlfriend is hosting a dinner of a new guy she just met. This prank needs the girlfriend of the victim to be a party to it. You might need two other common friends, of the girl and the boy who would help you back up the story. Build up the tension through the day. Say things to infuriate, play in excesses. Most importantly keep both of them separate, don’t let them meet or talk. See the tension ease and the relief overwhelm your friend when, by the end of the evening he finds out that it was all a hoax.  Just make sure that things do not go out of hand. Well the prank excellently both ways. If your friend is a girl then the boyfriend can make it all the more difficult for her.

8. Where is all my stuff?

Where are my stuffs ?

This can be done to a friend in the office. Move out all the stuff into another cubicle; make someone else sit there, in an entirely new decor with new stuff. The stuff has to be moved to another place where your victim cannot find his stuff. What can add to the fun is that you might completely be indifferent to him like you don’t know him at all, like he never worked there. This prank needs a lot of support of the entire floor where both you and your friend work. This can be a very funny prank with a lasting effect. A proper preparation and self-control and awesome acting is what you need. Catch him unawares, watch him fret but do not give in.

9. The scary house

The scary house

Okay this is a good one and needs the most time and preparation amongst all the pranks that have been discussed above. A scary house freaks the shit out of most of the people however strong they might claim to be. For this to be executed neatly a good plot line has to be in place and a solid bunch of people who the victim does not know about and who have a certain level of acting skills.  You can start out by saying that there is a new friend of yours who lives out of town. The ideal thing to do will be to Plan a slumber party at his or her place on the 31st of March, ‘coz most of the action in the haunted house where the friend lives in takes place in the midnight. Make the situation look as normal as possible throughout the evening, have fun and party around, come night creepy sounds and ghosts out of nowhere suddenly crop up and the poor victim is unawares, interestingly what happens is the only person affected by them is the victim and none of you, you just do not seem to notice the creepy actions. This prank can be prolonged till the situation is well under control. If you friend gets a little hyper, call quits. But the fear in the face and the subsequent relief after the victim finds out that it was a fool’s day prank is something that you will not forget in the entire lifetime.

10. Miscellaneous pranks: small tricks but extremely effective

Acid Smile


There are many small tricks can that can be played throughout the day on just about anybody you meet.
An interesting trick you can play in your office is by covering the mouse sensors of a few of the computers with paper which says April fool. Make sure that the paper covers only the sensor part and nicely concealed.
Then if you are a team leader with a few people working under you can make up some words and ask people to search for their meanings, or ask them to get certain things from the market which actually do not exist, say for example a slate pencil or a graphite pen. When asked about it say, “the boss is always right”
Walk around in the college with a black eye, use kohl or graphite for effect, when asked about it say the head of the department hit you because you did not submit the paper on time. Watch your friends look at you with frenzy, some even anticipating their fates.
Walk around in your area and tell people on the streets who ply cycles that there has been a new rule that they have to ensure that the cycle does not cause pollution, for that a certain test is being conducted in the garages, and that there is a fine if people fail to provide the certificate when asked. Watch everybody making a beeline to the garages.
Happy fooling around people!