Top 10 Tips to be Stylish on a Budget

When it comes to maintaining your individual sense of style and fashion, who says that you have to spend a fortune every month? There are plenty of ways to upkeep the fashionista in you and still have plenty of money to handle the rest of your priorities at the very same time! For example, how much do you really know about bargain resources such as Jabong Discount Zone or the infamous eBay? Despite what many skeptics may think, companies like these have plenty of high quality products for up to 90% off the retail price. Although some may think that these items are so cheap because they are damaged or knock-off productions, but in all actuality, there are plenty of valid reasons for the discounts! Think of it logically, how many duplicate gifts did you get for your Sweet 16, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party or wedding? We’re in a rough economy, if you hadn’t noticed! Plenty of retail businesses are being forced to close, leaving them with an absurd amount of inventory to liquidate! It is situations like these and the people that take advantage of them that enable you to obtain high quality items for a mere fraction of their true value! Hence – giving you ample opportunity to keep your stylish fashion sense and maintain your budget! Try out some of these great tips to help you save money on each aspect of your daily life without sacrificing style or quality!


Top 5 Tips for Fashionistas on a Budget

  1. Change Your Perspective on Fashion and Savings – being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean spending money frugally. It means accurately rationing your money according to your expenses. By changing your perspective on the way you spend money, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars each month buying the exact same items that you purchase now – just with better bargains!
  2. Scout Out All Resources – A smart fashionista will have at least five different resources to obtain the same great product just to ensure the best deals. This includes clothing, household items, groceries, personal items and of course household rents and utilities.
  3. Shop Online – There are plenty of online resources to help you maintain your budget and get great new stuff! Between the online auction sites, wholesale or discount sites, affiliate programs – you’re bound to find the same items you are spending your hard-earned cash on now for a fraction of the price. These savings are in addition to the online discount prices that most stores already offer. (Tip: Be sure that you are always calculating your shipping costs, if any, into your final price. Sometimes shipping rates can negate the discount you’re getting, making the purchase less than feasible.)
  4. Use Coupons – Coupons and coupon codes will become your best friend as nearly every company offers them on either or regular or seasonal basis. This can be advantageous to you to get familiar with which stores you shop at that offer coupons and their coupon policy. It is a tricky business sometimes but many companies will allow you to use one of their store coupons AND one manufacturer’s coupon on the same purchase – increasing your savings substantially!
  5. Subscribe to Newsletters – The only way to get the inside scoop on your favorite products and brands is to make sure you put yourself on the automated front line! We know you have your favorite stores bookmarked on your computer and mobile devices, why not just subscribe to their email newsletters and get the updates sent directly to you AUTOMATICALLY? No more searching for the best deals, they get delivered right to you as they happen.


Top 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Favorite Brand Names

The more you know about your favorite brand names, such as where to find them, the more chances you have to increase your savings. Companies such as Nike, Puma, Converse, Guess, DKNY are not only sold in department stores. You can just as easily find these brands in retail stores and online discount sites at a fraction of the cost. So, why aren’t you reaping the bargain benefits? Check out these awesome tips on where to find the best deals and the best times.

1.   Jabong Discount Zone offers amazing deals on the hottest brand names each and every day.  Plenty of fashionistas just like yourself actively find their max savings here. Be sure to bookmark your favorites as you’ll access additional discounts for sharing!
2.   Get familiar with the terms and policies of each resource. Especially when shopping online, there are plenty of top name brands that offer exclusive discounts for shopping with certain retailers.
3.  Be bold – Shop Bulk. If you are anything like us, when you find something good, especially a product that you know you’ll use often, just buy it in bulk if you find a good deal. Comparing the normal retail price with the amount of times you purchase that item within a 3-6 month period will help you determine the accurate savings you can expect.
4.   Register for your own shipping accounts. Some shipping companies such as Fed-Ex and UPS offer individual accounts for those that receive excessive packages. Having your own account can reduce the shipping costs on some online purchases, again increasing your overall savings.
5.   Use Your Membership Perks. Sign up and maintain membership accounts at the stores and sites that you shop at the most frequently. This will help you truly optimize your savings by giving you exclusive discounts and rewards such as cash back offers that you can use to get free items, reduce your next purchase and most importantly – save you serious cash!


You see, it is not hard to maximize your savings and continue being the super fashionista that you are while maintaining an effective budget. Knowing and utilizing all of the resources available to you will make a world of difference!